563.93(3i) (3i)An organization conducting a raffle under a Class A license may not sell equal shares of a ticket unless all of the following apply:
563.93(3i)(a) (a) The organization does not sell more than 4 equal shares of one ticket.
563.93(3i)(b) (b) The organization does not offer a price discount to the purchaser of more than one share of a ticket.
563.93(3i)(c) (c) Each share of a ticket is identical in form to other shares and includes the organization's portion and the purchaser's portion.
563.93(3i)(d) (d) Each purchaser's portion of a share of a ticket includes all of the information required under subs. (1m) (a), (b), (c), (e), and (f) and (2g) (e).
563.93(3i)(e) (e) Each organization's portion of a share of a ticket includes the ticket identification number, an identification letter for each share of the ticket, and a place for the purchaser to enter the purchaser's name and address next to the share identification letter.
563.93(3i)(f) (f) Each prize is in the form of cash or a number of items that is equally divisible by the maximum allowable number of shares of a ticket.
563.93(3i)(g) (g) The organization directly delivers to each holder of a share of a winning ticket his or her share of the prize.
563.93(3i)(h) (h) The organization purchases, prior to the date on which a drawing is held, any unsold shares of tickets of which one or more shares have been sold.
563.93(3m) (3m)An organization that conducts a calendar raffle may not do any of the following:
563.93(3m)(a) (a) Sell any calendars after holding the first drawing.
563.93(3m)(b) (b) Change the dates of any drawings or the amounts of any prizes designated on the calendar after the first calendar is sold.
563.935 563.935 The conduct of raffles under a Class B license. All of the following shall apply to the conduct of a raffle under a Class B license:
563.935(1) (1)All tickets shall be identical in form.
563.935(1m) (1m)The organization conducting the raffle shall prominently display, at each place where tickets may be purchased, a notice describing any state or federal law that imposes an age restriction on who may possess a prize that will be awarded in the raffle.
563.935(2) (2)The tickets need not be numbered consecutively.
563.935(4) (4)No person may sell a ticket unless authorized by an organization with a Class B license.
563.935(5) (5)All drawings shall be held in public.
563.935(6) (6)
563.935(6)(a)(a) Except as provided in pars. (b) and (c), the purchaser of a ticket must be present at the drawing to win a prize.
563.935(6)(b) (b) Any organization conducting a raffle may, according to procedures determined by the organization, allow the purchaser of a ticket not to be present at the drawing to win a prize.
563.935(6)(c) (c) The purchaser of a ticket may give the ticket to another person who may claim the prize on behalf of the purchaser, but only if that other person is present at the drawing.
563.935(7) (7)All prizes shall be awarded.
563.935(8) (8)The date, time, and place of each drawing, the prizes to be awarded, and the prize amount or the methodology used to determine the prize amount shall be posted or announced before each drawing.
563.935(9) (9)If a drawing is canceled, the organization shall refund the receipts to the ticket purchasers.
563.94 563.94 Profits. All profits from raffles shall be used by the organization conducting the raffles to further the organization's purpose for existence and no salaries, fees, or profit shall be paid to any other organization or individual in connection with the operation of a raffle. This section does not prohibit the printing of tickets or calendars or the purchase of equipment or prizes for a raffle.
563.94 History History: 1977 c. 426; 1983 a. 222; 1989 a. 147; 1991 a. 269 s. 782nh; Stats. 1991 s. 563.94; 2015 a. 6.
563.95 563.95 Denial of application; hearing. Within 30 days after receiving written notification of a denial by the department of a license to conduct a raffle, an applicant may demand in writing a hearing before the department upon the applicant's qualifications and the merit of the application. If, after the hearing, the department enters an order denying the application, the order shall set forth in detail the reasons for the denial. Upon entry of such an order or upon expiration of the 30-day period during which a hearing may be demanded, the applicant's license fee shall be refunded. If the department approves the application, the department shall issue the license within 14 days after approval.
563.95 History History: 1977 c. 426; 1979 c. 34; 1989 a. 147; 1991 a. 269 s. 782np; Stats. 1991 s. 563.95; 1995 a. 27 s. 9123 (6pp); 1997 a. 27; 2015 a. 6.
563.97 563.97 Records.
563.97(1)(1)Each organization licensed to conduct raffles shall maintain a list of the names and addresses of all persons winning prizes with a fair market value of $600 or more, and the prizes won, for at least 12 months after each raffle is conducted. The list shall be available at reasonable times for public examination and shall be provided to the department upon request.
563.97(2) (2)An organization licensed to conduct raffles shall keep an electronic or paper copy of its license that is available for any person to inspect upon request at the event during which a drawing is held.
563.97 History History: 1983 a. 222; 1991 a. 269 s. 782nt; Stats. 1991 s. 563.97; 1995 a. 27 s. 9123 (6pp); 1997 a. 27; 2015 a. 6.
563.98 563.98 Annual financial reports; renewals.
563.98(1)(1)Each organization licensed under this subchapter shall, on or before the last day of the 12th month beginning after the date on which the license is issued and on or before that same date in each subsequent year, prepare and make available for inspection a report containing the following information in writing regarding the raffles that it has conducted during the previous 12 months:
563.98(1)(a) (a) The number and dates of raffles conducted.
563.98(1)(b) (b) The receipts.
563.98(1)(c) (c) The amount of prizes paid.
563.98(1)(d) (d) The net profit or loss.
563.98(1)(f) (f) For raffles with drawings of the types described in s. 563.03 (5r) (b), an accounting of all sold and unsold tickets for each raffle.
563.98(1e) (1e)The department shall request a copy of a report prepared under sub. (1) only upon the receipt of a complaint regarding the conduct of a raffle.
563.98(1g) (1g)An organization licensed under this subchapter may renew the license by submitting a $25 renewal fee. All moneys received under this subsection shall be credited to the appropriation account under s. 20.505 (8) (j).
563.98(2) (2)If the fee specified in sub. (1g) is not paid, the department may refuse to renew a license or may suspend a license until the fee is paid.
563.99 563.99 Penalties.
563.99(1)(1)Any person who violates this subchapter shall be fined not more than $1,000 or imprisoned not more than 30 days or both.
563.99(2) (2)The district attorney of a county of an actual or potential violation may commence an action in circuit court in the name of the state to restrain any violation of this subchapter. The court may, prior to entry of final judgment, make such an order or judgment as necessary to restore to any person any pecuniary loss suffered because of the acts or practices involved in the violation.
563.99 History History: 1977 c. 426; 1979 c. 34; 1991 a. 269 s. 782ph; Stats. 1991 s. 563.99.
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