61.187   Dissolution.
61.188   Certain villages may become cities by charter ordinance.
61.189   Villages of 1,000 may become cities.
61.19   Annual elections; appointments.
61.191   Population, use of federal census.
61.193   Establishing and changing compensation for elective offices.
61.195   Discontinuance and change of term of offices.
61.197   Selection of officers.
61.20   Election of trustees; terms; number.
61.21   Clerk to notify officers-elect; oath of office.
61.22   Official bonds; officers not to be sureties.
61.23   Terms; temporary vacancy.
61.24   President.
61.25   Clerk.
61.26   Treasurer.
61.261   Deputy village treasurer.
61.27   Assessor.
61.28   Marshal.
61.29   Constable.
61.31   Peace officers, powers.
61.32   Village board; meeting; salaries.
61.325   Trustee may be appointed president.
61.327   Village trustees serving as employees.
61.34   Powers of village board.
61.342   Direct legislation.
61.345   Recycling or resource recovery facilities.
61.35   Village planning.
61.351   Zoning of wetlands in shorelands.
61.352   Required notice on certain approvals.
61.353   Zoning of annexed or incorporated shorelands.
61.354   Construction site erosion control and storm water management zoning.
61.36   Streets, sidewalks, sewers and watercourses.
61.39   Service pipes and sewers.
61.44   Railroads, dust prevention.
61.46   Village taxes.
61.47   Street and sidewalk improvement tax.
61.48   County aid for construction and repair of bridges and culverts.
61.50   Ordinances; contracts; other instruments; how executed.
61.51   Auditing accounts.
61.54   Public works.
61.57   Acquisition of facilities without bids.
61.61   Village orders; borrowing money.
61.64   Ambulance service.
61.65   Police and fire departments; pension funds.
61.66   Combined protective services.
61.71   Consolidated plats; numbering of buildings.
61.72   Pest and disease prevention.
61.73   Village housing authorities.
61.74   Detachment of farm lands from villages.
61.75   Rewards.
61.187 61.187 Dissolution.
61.187(1)(1)Procedure. Whenever a petition conforming to the requirements of s. 8.40, signed by at least one-third as many electors of any village as voted for village officers at the next preceding election for village officers in that village, shall be presented to the village board, and filed as provided in s. 8.37, praying for dissolution of the village, the village board shall submit to the electors of the village the question whether or not the village shall be dissolved. The question shall be determined by ballot, in substantially the manner provided by ss. 5.64 (2) and 10.02, at a general election or at a special election called by the village board for that purpose.
61.187(2) (2)Date of; property; claims; territory.
61.187(2)(a)(a) Subject to par. (c), if two-thirds of the ballots cast at the election under sub. (1) are in favor of dissolution, the village shall, at the expiration of 6 months from the date of the election, cease to be a village.
61.187(2)(c) (c) The territory included within the village at the time of its dissolution shall revert to and become a part of the town or towns from which it was taken or in which it is then located, except that if the town or towns from which all of the village territory was taken is no longer in existence, the village may not dissolve. The assets and liabilities of the village shall be apportioned under s. 66.0235 and, in accordance with that section, all assets and liabilities of the village shall become the assets and liabilities of the town or towns to which the village territory reverts.
61.187(2)(d) (d) If, in accordance with par. (a), the results of the election under sub. (1) provide for dissolution, the village clerk shall, within 10 days after the election, record the petition and determination of the village board of canvassers in the office of the register of deeds of the county or counties in which the village is located and file with the secretary of administration certified copies of the petition and the determination of inspectors of election. The village clerk shall also record in the office of the register of deeds a certificate by the village clerk showing the date on which the dissolution takes effect and file with the secretary of administration 4 copies of the certificate. These documents shall be recorded and indexed by the register of deeds. The index shall include the document number of the original documents and, if given on the original documents, the volume or reel and the page or image number where the original documents are filed or recorded. The secretary of administration shall forward 2 copies of the certificate to the department of transportation and one to the department of revenue.
2021-22 Wisconsin Statutes updated through 2023 Wis. Act 33 and through all Supreme Court and Controlled Substances Board Orders filed before and in effect on September 14, 2023. Published and certified under s. 35.18. Changes effective after September 14, 2023, are designated by NOTES. (Published 9-14-23)