631.01   Application of statutes.
631.02   Definition.
631.03   Insurance in mutuals.
631.05   Oral contracts of insurance and binders.
631.07   Insurable interest and consent.
631.08   Mistakes in contracts.
631.09   Knowledge and acts of agents.
631.11   Representations, warranties and conditions.
631.13   Incorporation by reference.
631.15   Contract rights under noncomplying policies.
631.17   Written reason for coverage denial.
631.20   Filing and approval of forms.
631.21   Explicit approval required.
631.22   Consumer insurance policy readability.
631.23   Authorized clauses for insurance forms.
631.24   Credit life and disability insurance.
631.27   Rules of law as provisions of contracts.
631.28   Notice of right to file complaint.
631.31   Clauses required to be on first page.
631.36   Termination of insurance contracts by insurers.
631.37   Special cancellation provisions.
631.39   Renewals in affiliates.
631.41   Policies jointly issued.
631.43   Other insurance provisions.
631.45   Limitations on loss to be borne by insurer.
631.48   Nonwaiver clause.
631.51   Dividends on policies.
631.61   Group and blanket insurance.
631.64   Corporate name.
631.65   Assessable policies.
631.69   Insurance written in connection with finance plans.
631.81   Notice and proof of loss.
631.83   Limitation of actions.
631.85   Appraisal or arbitration.
631.89   Restrictions on use of genetic test results.
631.90   Restrictions on use of tests for HIV.
631.93   Prohibited provisions concerning HIV infection.
631.95   Restrictions on insurance practices; domestic abuse.
Ch. 631 Cross-reference Cross-reference: See definitions in ss. 600.03 and 628.02.
Ch. 631 Note NOTE: Chapter 375, laws of 1975, which repealed and recreated this chapter, contains explanatory notes.
subch. I of ch. 631 SUBCHAPTER I
631.01 631.01 Application of statutes.
631.01(1)(1)General. This chapter and ch. 632 apply to all insurance policies and group certificates delivered or issued for delivery in this state, on property ordinarily located in this state, on persons residing in this state when the policy or group certificate is issued, or on business operations in this state, except:
631.01(1)(a) (a) As provided in ss. 600.01 and 618.42;
631.01(1)(b) (b) On business operations in this state if the contract is negotiated outside this state and if the operations in this state are incidental or subordinate to operations outside this state, unless the contract is for a policy of insurance to cover a warranty, as defined in s. 100.205 (1) (g), in which case the provisions set forth in sub. (4m) apply; and
631.01(1)(c) (c) As otherwise provided in the statutes.
631.01(2) (2)Reinsurance. Sections 631.05, 631.15 (1), 631.41, 631.45 and 631.81 apply to contracts used in reinsurance; the commissioner may specify by rule that reinsurance contracts are subject to other provisions of this chapter and ch. 632 upon a finding that the interests of Wisconsin insureds, of ceding insurers domiciled in this state or of the public in this state so require.
631.01(3) (3)Ocean marine insurance. Sections 631.03 to 631.09, 631.15 (1) and (4), 631.20 (1), 631.27, 631.41 to 631.51, 631.64 to 631.81 and 631.85 apply to ocean marine insurance; the commissioner may specify by rule that ocean marine contracts are subject to other provisions of this chapter upon a finding that the interests of Wisconsin insureds or creditors or of the public in this state so require.
631.01(4) (4)Annuities and group policies for eleemosynary institutions. This chapter and ch. 632 do not apply to annuities or group policies that are provided on a basis as uniform nationally as state statutes permit to educational, scientific research, religious or charitable institutions organized without profit to any person, for the benefit of employees of such institutions. The commissioner may by order subject such contracts issued by a particular insurer to this chapter or ch. 632 or any portion of those provisions upon a finding, after a hearing, that the interests of Wisconsin insureds or creditors or the public of this state so require.
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