632.34   Defense of noncooperation.
632.35   Prohibited rejection, cancellation and nonrenewal.
632.36   Accident in the course of business or employment.
632.365   Use of emission inspection data in setting rates.
632.37   Motor vehicle glass repair practices; restriction on specifying vendor.
632.375   Motor vehicle repair practices; restriction on specifying vendor.
632.38   Nonoriginal manufacturer replacement parts.
632.41   Prohibited provisions in life insurance.
632.415   Funeral policies.
632.42   Trustee and deposit agreements in life insurance.
632.43   Standard nonforfeiture law for life insurance.
632.435   Standard nonforfeiture law for individual deferred annuities.
632.44   Required provisions in life insurance.
632.45   Contracts providing variable benefits.
632.46   Incontestability and misstated age.
632.47   Assignment of life insurance rights.
632.475   Life insurance policy loans.
632.48   Designation of beneficiary.
632.50   Estoppel from medical examination.
632.56   Required group life insurance provisions.
632.57   Conversion option in group and franchise life insurance.
632.60   Limitation on credit life insurance.
632.62   Participating and nonparticipating policies.
632.63   Unclaimed life insurance and annuities.
632.64   Certification of disability.
632.65   Annuities exempt from regulation.
632.66   Annuity contracts without life contingencies.
632.67   Effect of power of attorney for health care.
632.69   Life settlements.
632.695   Applicability of general transfers at death provisions.
632.697   Benefits subject to department's right to recover.
632.71   Estoppel from medical examination, assignability and change of beneficiary.
632.715   Reports of action against health care provider.
632.72   Medical benefits or assistance; assignment.
632.725   Standardization of health care billing and insurance claim forms.
632.726   Current procedural terminology code changes.
632.729   Prohibiting discrimination based on COVID-19.
632.73   Right to return policy.
632.74   Reinstatement of individual or franchise disability insurance policies.
632.745   Coverage requirements for group and individual health benefit plans; definitions.
632.746   Preexisting condition; portability; restrictions; and special enrollment periods.
632.747   Guaranteed acceptance.
632.748   Prohibiting discrimination.
632.749   Contract termination and renewability.
632.7495   Guaranteed renewability of individual health insurance coverage.
632.7497   Modifications at renewal.
632.75   Prohibited provisions for disability insurance.
632.755   Public assistance and early intervention services.
632.76   Incontestability for disability insurance.
632.77   Permitted provisions for disability insurance policies.
632.775   Effect of power of attorney for health care.
632.78   Required grace period for disability insurance policies.
632.79   Notice of termination of group hospital, surgical or medical expense insurance coverage due to cessation of business or default in payment of premiums.
632.793   Notice of loss of primary insurance coverage due to age.
632.795   Open enrollment upon liquidation.
632.797   Disclosure of group health claims experience.
632.798   Out-of-pocket costs.
632.80   Restrictions on medical payments insurance.
632.81   Minimum standards for certain disability policies.
632.82   Renewability of long-term care insurance policies.
632.825   Midterm termination of long-term care insurance policy by insured.
632.83   Internal grievance procedure.
632.835   Independent review of coverage denial determinations.
632.84   Benefit appeals under certain policies.
632.845   Prohibiting refusal to cover services because liability policy may cover.
632.85   Coverage without prior authorization for treatment of an emergency medical condition.
632.853   Coverage of drugs and devices.
632.855   Requirements if experimental treatment limited.
632.857   Explanation required for restriction or termination of coverage.
632.86   Restrictions on pharmaceutical services.
632.865   Pharmacy benefit managers.
632.866   Step therapy protocols.
632.867   Oral and injected chemotherapy.
632.87   Restrictions on health care services.
632.873   Restrictions relating to fees for dental services.
632.875   Independent evaluations relating to chiropractic treatment.
632.88   Policy extension for handicapped children.
632.885   Coverage of dependents.
632.89   Coverage of mental disorders, alcoholism, and other diseases.
632.895   Mandatory coverage.
632.896   Mandatory coverage of adopted children.
632.897   Hospital and medical coverage for persons insured under individual and group policies.
632.8985   Prohibiting abortion coverage.
632.899   Medical savings accounts study.
2017-18 Wisconsin Statutes updated through 2019 Wis. Act 186 and through all Supreme Court and Controlled Substances Board Orders filed before and in effect on October 1, 2020. Published and certified under s. 35.18. Changes effective after October 1, 2020, are designated by NOTES. (Published 10-1-20)