646.01   Scope and purposes.
646.03   Definitions.
646.11   Organization and administration of fund.
646.12   Administration of the fund.
646.13   Special duties and powers of the fund related to loss claims.
646.15   Proceedings involving insurers.
646.16   Payment of deposits made for benefit of creditors.
646.21   Custody and investment of assets.
646.31   Eligible claims.
646.32   Appeal and review.
646.325   Recovery of amounts paid to 3rd parties.
646.33   Subrogation and cooperation.
646.35   Continuation of coverage.
646.41   Tax exemption.
646.51   Assessments.
646.60   Claims by security funds.
646.61   Disposal and transfer of assets.
Ch. 646 Cross-reference Cross-reference: See definitions in ss. 600.03 and 628.02.
Ch. 646 Note NOTE: Chapter 109, laws of 1979, which repealed and recreated this chapter, contained notes explaining the revision.
subch. I of ch. 646 SUBCHAPTER I
646.01 646.01 Scope and purposes.
646.01(1)(a)(a) General. This chapter applies to:
646.01(1)(a)1. 1. All kinds and lines of direct insurance, except as provided in par. (b).
646.01(1)(a)2. 2. All insurers authorized to do business in this state except:
646.01(1)(a)2.a. a. Fraternals that are not health maintenance organization insurers.
646.01(1)(a)2.b. b. Assessable mutuals, including town mutuals.
646.01(1)(a)2.c. c. Mutual municipal insurers under s. 611.11 (4).
646.01(1)(a)2.e. e. Limited service health organization insurers.
646.01(1)(a)2.f. f. Miscellaneous insurers and motor clubs under ch. 616.
646.01(1)(a)2.g. g. State insurance funds under chs. 604 to 607.
646.01(1)(a)2.h. h. Risk retention groups.
646.01(1)(a)2.i. i. Service insurance corporations that offer only dental or vision care.
646.01(1)(a)2.j. j. Nondomestic insurers that have not obtained a certificate of authority to do business in this state and that are doing business under s. 618.41 or 618.42.
646.01(1)(a)2.k. k. Risk-sharing plans under ch. 619.
646.01(1)(a)2.L. L. The patients compensation fund under s. 655.27.
646.01(1)(b) (b) Exceptions. This chapter does not apply to any of the following:
646.01(1)(b)1. 1. Any portion of a life insurance policy or annuity contract that is not guaranteed by the insurer or under which the risk is borne by the policy or policyholder.
646.01(1)(b)2. 2. Title insurance.
646.01(1)(b)3. 3. Surety bonds, fidelity bonds and any other bonding obligations.
646.01(1)(b)4. 4. Bail bonds.
646.01(1)(b)5. 5. Mortgage guaranty, financial guaranty and other forms of insurance offering protection against investment risks.
646.01(1)(b)6. 6. Ocean marine insurance.
646.01(1)(b)7. 7. Credit insurance.
646.01(1)(b)8. 8. Product liability or completed operations liability insurance, and comprehensive general liability including either of these coverages, provided to a risk purchasing group or a member of a risk purchasing group.
646.01(1)(b)9. 9. Any self-funded, self-insured, or partially or wholly uninsured plan of an employer or other person to provide life insurance, annuity, or disability benefits to its employees or members to the extent that the plan is self-funded, self-insured, or uninsured.
646.01(1)(b)10. 10. Any liability for dividends or experience rating credits payable after the date of entry of the order of liquidation under an insurance or annuity contract, and any fees or allowances due any person, including the policyholder, in connection with service to or administration of the contract.
646.01(1)(b)11. 11. Any warranty or service contract.
646.01(1)(b)11m. 11m. Any contractual liability policy that is issued to a warrantor, warranty plan, warranty plan administrator, or service contract provider and that provides coverage of any liability or performance arising out of or in connection with a warranty or service contract.
646.01(1)(b)12. 12. Municipal bond insurance.
646.01(1)(b)13. 13. Any transaction or combination of transactions between a person, including affiliates of such person, and an insurer, including affiliates of such insurer, which involves the transfer of investment or credit risk unaccompanied by transfer of insurance risk.
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