750.01   Administration of oaths.
750.02   Process and rules.
750.01 750.01 Administration of oaths. The president and chief clerk of the senate are respectively authorized to administer to any member or officer of the senate any oath or affirmation as a member or officer of the court for the trial of impeachments, and to administer any oath or affirmation to any other person in any proceeding before such court.
750.01 History History: 1977 c. 187 s. 72; Stats. 1977 s. 750.01.
750.02 750.02 Process and rules. The court for the trial of impeachments is authorized to issue, and enforce obedience to, any summons, subpoena or other process necessary to the exercise of its powers and authority; to provide in what form the same shall be issued, by whom and in what manner it shall be signed and attested, by whom it shall be executed and in what form return thereof shall be made; and make such further provisions and rules as may be necessary or convenient for the discharge of its functions or duties.
750.02 History History: 1977 c. 187 s. 72; Stats. 1977 s. 750.02.
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