757.001   Definitions.
757.01   Powers of courts.
757.02   Justices and judges and municipal judges; oath of office; ineligibility to other office; salary; conservators of peace.
757.025   Judge to file affidavit as to work done to receive salary.
757.05   Penalty surcharge.
757.08   Vacancy in judgeship not to affect suits.
757.10   Failure to adjourn.
757.12   Adjournment to another location.
757.13   Continuances; legislative privilege.
757.14   Sittings, public.
757.15   Holding court, effect of holidays.
757.18   Process, etc., to be in English.
757.19   Disqualification of judge.
757.22   Judge not to act as attorney, etc.; attorneys not to have office with judge.
757.23   Court commissioner, when disqualified.
757.24   Liability of judicial officers.
757.25   Money in court, how deposited.
757.26   Court officers, liability of to arrest.
757.293   Trust accounts required.
757.295   Barratry.
757.30   Penalty for practicing without license.
757.34   Attorney not to be bail, etc.
757.35   Blank process to attorneys.
757.36   Lien on proceeds of action to enforce cause of action.
757.37   When action settled by parties, what proof to enforce lien.
757.38   Consent of attorney in settlement of actions for personal injuries.
757.39   Judges may direct calendars to be printed.
757.40   Law library.
757.41   Law library; Milwaukee County.
757.45   Sharing of compensation by attorneys prohibited.
757.46   Court reporter not to take statements of injured persons.
757.47   Taxes of this state enforced in other states.
757.48   Guardian ad litem must be an attorney.
757.52   Guardian ad litem for persons not in being or unascertainable.
757.54   Retention and disposal of court records.
757.55   Reporting testimony.
757.57   Transcripts.
757.60   Judicial administrative districts.
757.66   Recovery of legal fees paid for indigent defendants.
757.67   Testimony of judge of kin to attorney.
757.675   Supplemental court commissioners.
757.68   Circuit court commissioners.
757.69   Powers and duties of circuit court commissioners.
757.70   Hearings before court commissioners.
757.81   Definitions.
757.83   Judicial commission.
757.85   Investigation; prosecution.
757.87   Request for jury; panel.
757.89   Hearing.
757.91   Supreme court; disposition.
757.93   Confidentiality of proceedings.
757.94   Privilege; immunity.
757.95   Temporary suspension by supreme court.
757.97   Annual report.
757.99   Attorney fees.
757.001 757.001 Definitions. In this chapter:
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