83.001   Definition.
83.01   County highway commissioner.
83.013   County traffic safety commissions.
83.015   County highway committee.
83.016   Traffic patrol officers, appointment, duties, bond.
83.018   Road supplies; committee may sell to municipalities.
83.02   County aid highways.
83.025   County trunk highways.
83.026   Federal aid secondary highways.
83.027   Controlled-access highways.
83.03   County aid; local levy; donations.
83.035   Streets and highways, construction.
83.04   Highway construction by county; noncontract work; payments.
83.05   Improving streets over 18 feet wide.
83.06   Maintenance of county aid highways.
83.065   County road and bridge fund; tax levy.
83.07   Acquisition of lands, quarries, gravel pits; relocation; eminent domain.
83.08   Acquisition of lands and interest therein.
83.09   Emergency repairs of county trunk highways.
83.11   Marking section and quarter section corners in highways.
83.12   Cattle passes.
83.13   Guideboards.
83.14   County aid on town and village initiative.
83.15   Aid by county for state line bridge or highway.
83.16   County may contract with foreign county.
83.17   County may assume compensation liability; agreements with localities.
83.18   Entry on lands.
83.19   Temporary highways and detours.
83.20   Highways, lighting.
83.42   Rustic roads system.
83.001 83.001 Definition. In this chapter, “department" means the department of transportation.
83.001 History History: 1985 a. 223.
83.01 83.01 County highway commissioner.
83.01(1)(1)Election or appointment.
83.01(1)(a)(a) Except as provided under pars. (b) and (c), the county board shall elect a county highway commissioner. If the county board fails to elect a county highway commissioner, the county shall not participate in state allotments for highways.
83.01(1)(b) (b) In counties having a population of 750,000 or more, the county highway commissioner shall also be the director of public works. The person holding the position of county highway commissioner and director of public works, under the classified service, on June 16, 1974, shall continue in that capacity under civil service status until death, resignation or removal from such position. Thereafter the county executive shall appoint as successor a director of transportation who shall assume the duties of county highway commissioner and director of public works and is subject to confirmation by the county board, as provided in s. 59.17 (2) (bm).
83.01(1)(c) (c) Except as provided under par. (b), in any county with a county executive or a county administrator, the county executive or county administrator shall appoint and supervise the county highway commissioner. The appointment is subject to confirmation by the county board unless the county board, by ordinance, elects to waive confirmation or unless the appointment is made under a civil service system competitive examination procedure established under s. 59.52 (8) or ch. 63. Notwithstanding s. 83.01 (7) (a) and (b), the highway commissioner is subject only to the supervision of the county executive or county administrator.
83.01(2) (2) Term.
83.01(2)(a)(a) Unless the county board establishes a different term of service by ordinance, the county highway commissioner shall serve for a term of 2 years, except as provided in par. (b).
83.01(2)(b) (b) Unless the county board establishes a different term of service under par. (a), upon his or her first election or appointment the county highway commissioner shall serve until the first Monday in January of the 2nd year succeeding the year of the election or appointment.
83.01(3) (3) Salary. The salary of the county highway commissioner shall be as determined under s. 59.22.
83.01(4) (4) Office and assistants. The county board shall provide the county highway commissioner with suitable offices and such assistants as are necessary for the proper performance of the commissioner's duties.
83.01(5) (5) Bond. The county highway commissioner shall give bond in such sum as the county board shall from time to time require.
83.01(6) (6) Payment of salaries. The salaries, expenses of maintaining an office and the necessary traveling expenses of the county highway commissioner, assistants and special highway patrolmen in counties having such patrolmen may be paid monthly out of the general fund after being audited and approved by the county highway committee. All such expenditures out of the general fund shall be reimbursed out of moneys received under s. 86.30.
83.01(7) (7) Duties.
83.01(7)(a)(a) Except as provided under s. 83.015 (2) (b), the county highway commissioner shall have charge, under the direction of the county highway committee, of the construction of highways built with county aid and of the maintenance of all highways maintained by the county.
83.01(7)(b) (b) Except as provided under s. 83.015 (2) (b), the county highway commissioner shall perform all duties required by the county board and by the county highway committee and shall do or cause to be done all necessary engineering and make all necessary examinations for the establishment, construction, improvement and maintenance of highways. The county highway commissioner shall establish such grades and make such surveys and maps or cause the same to be made as the commissioner considers proper, and examine the highways and report as to the condition of roads, bridges and culverts, and make estimates of the cost of the improvement thereof, and of the cost of any relocation when required to do so or when the commissioner considers the same reasonably necessary.
83.01(7)(c) (c) The county highway commissioner shall have charge of all county road machinery and tools, and shall be responsible to the county board for their proper maintenance, repair and storage, and shall in the annual report required under par. (d) make a complete inventory of the same, which inventory shall show the date of purchase, the location and condition of such machinery and tools, and the cost and present value thereof.
83.01(7)(d) (d) The county highway commissioner shall make an annual report to the department and to the county board at its annual meeting containing an itemized statement of all expenditures made from the county road and bridge fund during the year ending November 1. The commissioner shall include in the report an itemized estimate of the amount needed to properly maintain the county trunk highways in the county for the succeeding year and shall make such recommendations as deemed advisable.
83.01(7)(e) (e) The county highway commissioner and the commissioner's employees may enter private lands for the purpose of making surveys or inspections.
83.01(7)(f) (f) Whenever any fence encroaches upon any highway on the county trunk or state trunk system, the county highway commissioner may issue an order requiring the owner or occupant of the land to which such fence is appurtenant to remove the fence from the highway within 30 days. The order shall be served personally or by registered mail. If the fence is not sooner removed the commissioner shall, after the expiration of 30 days, remove the fence. The commissioner shall keep an accurate account of the expense thereof which shall be paid by the county. The expense shall be charged to the town in which such lands are situated and shall be added to its tax roll as a special tax against such lands, and shall be collected and accounted for as other county taxes are. If the claim of encroachment is disputed, the dispute shall be decided in the manner prescribed by s. 86.04 (3).
83.01(7)(g) (g) The county commissioner shall compile and maintain a record of the laying out, alteration, or discontinuance of all highways in the county outside the limits of cities and villages. The record shall be known as the county highway register and be kept in the manner or form prescribed by the department. The county highway commissioner or agents shall have access to the records of town clerks and may have temporary custody of such as are necessary for the purpose of making accurate and appropriate copies thereof. The department shall assist in the compilation of the records and shall furnish to the county highway commissioner such information as the department deems appropriate relative to the laying out of military, territorial, and such other roads as have been authorized by the legislature. The information contained in the county highway register shall be kept together in a location within the county that provides a safe repository for records as determined by the county board and shall be accessible to the public. Such county highway register may be supplemented from time to time by the county highway commissioner and such supplemental information is to be treated in the same fashion as the original county highway register all of which shall be admissible in evidence.
83.01 Annotation Counties are without the power to furnish equipment or supplies or to contract to do repair work on private roads and driveways. 61 Atty. Gen. 304.
83.01 Annotation County highway commissioners are appointed by the county board. Their salary is to be fixed, and may be changed during their term, under s. 59.15 (2) [now s. 59.22 (2)]. 63 Atty. Gen. 286.
83.01 Annotation A county board may provide for an indefinite term of office for a highway commissioner. 80 Atty. Gen. 46.
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