885.01   Subpoenas, who may issue.
885.02   Form of subpoena.
885.03   Service of subpoena.
885.04   Municipal judge; subpoena served in state.
885.05   Witness and interpreter fees.
885.06   Witness' fees, prepayment.
885.07   State witnesses in civil actions and municipal witnesses in forfeiture actions, how paid.
885.08   State witnesses in criminal cases, how paid.
885.09   Compensation of nonresident or indigent witness.
885.10   Witness for indigent respondent or defendant.
885.11   Disobedient witness.
885.12   Coercing witnesses before officers and boards.
885.14   Disclosure of information and sources by news person.
885.15   Immunity.
885.205   Privileged communications.
885.23   Genetic tests in civil actions.
885.235   Chemical tests for intoxication.
885.237   Presumptions as to operation and registration of motor vehicle.
885.24   Actions for public moneys, immunity.
885.25   State actions vs. corporations or limited liability companies.
885.285   Settlement and advance payment of claim for damages.
885.365   Recorded telephone conversation.
885.37   Interpreters in municipal courts and administrative agency contested cases.
885.38   Interpreters in circuit and appellate courts.
885.40   Applicability.
885.41   Definitions.
885.42   When available.
885.43   Notice of videotape deposition.
885.44   Videotape deposition procedure.
885.45   Videotape costs; depositions and trials.
885.46   Videotape custody and preservation.
885.47   Videotape playback equipment.
885.50   Statement of intent.
885.52   Definitions.
885.54   Technical and operational standards.
885.56   Criteria for exercise of court's discretion.
885.58   Use in civil cases and special proceedings.
885.60   Use in criminal cases and proceedings under chapters 48, 51, 55, 938, and 980.
885.62   Waivers and stipulations.
885.64   Applicability.
subch. I of ch. 885 SUBCHAPTER I
885.01 885.01 Subpoenas, who may issue. The subpoena need not be sealed, and may be signed and issued as follows:
885.01(1) (1)By any judge or clerk of a court or court commissioner or municipal judge, within the territory in which the officer or the court of which he or she is the officer has jurisdiction, to require the attendance of witnesses and their production of lawful instruments of evidence in any action, matter or proceeding pending or to be examined into before any court, magistrate, officer, arbitrator, board, committee or other person authorized to take testimony in the state.
885.01(2) (2)By the attorney general or any district attorney or person acting in his or her stead, to require the attendance of witnesses, in behalf of the state, in any court or before any magistrate and from any part of the state.
885.01(3) (3)By the chairperson of any committee of any county board, town board, common council or village board to investigate the affairs of the county, town, city or village, or the official conduct or affairs of any officer thereof.
885.01(4) (4)By any arbitrator, coroner, medical examiner, board, commission, commissioner, examiner, committee or other person authorized to take testimony, or by any member of a board, commission, authority or committee which is authorized to take testimony, within their jurisdictions, to require the attendance of witnesses, and their production of documentary evidence before them, respectively, in any matter, proceeding or examination authorized by law; and likewise by the secretary of revenue and by any agent of the department of agriculture, trade and consumer protection.
885.01(5) (5)By the department of children and families or a county child support agency under s. 59.53 (5) in the administration of ss. 49.145, 49.19, 49.22, 49.46, 49.47, and 49.471 and programs carrying out the purposes of 7 USC 2011 to 2029.
885.01 Cross-reference Cross-reference: See s. 805.07 concerning issuance of subpoenas by attorneys of record.
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