pollution discharge elimination
283.001 Statement of policy and purpose.
283.01 Definitions.
283.11 State and federal standards.
283.13 Effluent limitations.
283.15 Variances to water quality standard.
283.17 Thermal effluent limitations.
283.19 Standards of performance.
283.21 Toxic and pretreatment effluent standards.
283.31 Water pollutant discharge elimination system; permits, terms and conditions.
283.33 Storm water discharge permits.
283.35 General permits.
283.37 Applications for permit.
283.39 Public notice.
283.41 Notice to other government agencies.
283.43 Public access to information.
283.45 Fact sheets.
283.47 Requests for information by permittee.
283.49 Public hearing.
283.51 Mining hearing.
283.53 Permit duration, modification, revocation and reissuance.
283.55 Monitoring and reporting; access to premises.
283.57 Waste treatment service charges.
283.59 Reporting of new discharges.
283.61 Exemption for certain alcohol fuel production systems.
283.62 Exemption for certain fruit and vegetable washing facilities.
283.63 Review of permits, decisions, terms and conditions.
283.81 Waiver.
283.83 Continuing planning process.
283.84 Trading of water pollution credits.
283.85 Design of publicly owned treatment facilities.
283.87 Liability for water pollution.
283.89 Enforcement.
283.91 Civil and criminal remedies.
283.93 Environmental pollution.
283.95 Savings clause.
Ch. 283 Note Note: 1995 Wis. Act 227 renumbered the provisions of chs. 144, 147, 159 and 162, Stats. 1993-94, to be chs. 280-299, Stats. 1995-96. For a table tracing former section numbers see the Addenda & Errata at the end of Volume 5.
subch. I of ch. 283 SUBCHAPTER I
283.001 283.001 Statement of policy and purpose.
283.001(1) (1) Although in recent years intensive efforts have been made toward the abatement of pollution of the waters of this state, pollution of these waters continues. Unabated pollution of the waters of this state continues to arouse widespread public concern. It continues to endanger public health; to threaten fish and aquatic life, scenic and ecological values; and to limit the domestic, municipal, recreational, industrial, agricultural and other uses of water. It is the policy of this state to restore and maintain the chemical, physical, and biological integrity of its waters to protect public health, safeguard fish and aquatic life and scenic and ecological values, and to enhance the domestic, municipal, recreational, industrial, agricultural, and other uses of water. In order to achieve this policy, the legislature declares that:
283.001(1)(a) (a) It is the goal of the state of Wisconsin to eliminate the discharge of pollutants into the waters of the state by 1985;
283.001(1)(b) (b) It is also the goal of the state of Wisconsin that, wherever attainable, an interim goal of water quality which provides for the protection and propagation of fish, shellfish, and wildlife and provides for recreation in and on the water be achieved by 1983;
283.001(1)(c) (c) It is also the policy of the state of Wisconsin that the discharge of toxic pollutants in toxic amounts be prohibited.
283.001(2) (2) The purpose of this chapter is to grant to the department of natural resources all authority necessary to establish, administer and maintain a state pollutant discharge elimination system to effectuate the policy set forth under sub. (1) and consistent with all the requirements of the federal water pollution control act amendments of 1972, P.L. 92-500; 86 Stat. 816.
283.001 History History: 1973 c. 74; 1995 a. 227 s. 846; Stats. 1995 s. 283.001.
subch. II of ch. 283 SUBCHAPTER II
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