defibrillatorDefibrillator, see Medical service
Community Connections Free Clinic in Dodgeville: one-time funding for dental services to low-income residents [Sec. 403r, 9121 (8x)] -  Act 20
Dentist continuing education requirements revised -  Act 31
Public Defender Board appropriation increased for fiscal year 2006-07 re private bar and investigator reimbursement [Sec. 9236] -  Act 5
development finance boardDevelopment Finance Board
Wisconsin Development Fund: current grant and loan programs and administrative processes eliminated, more general program criteria and procedures established; DFB membership expanded [Sec. 37e-g, 195, 198, 199j, 2533, 2534, 3024, 3093, 3094, 3564, 3566m-3575, 3580, 3582-3634, 9308 (1), (2k)] [198 — partial veto] -  Act 20
diesel truckDiesel truck, see Bus and truck
diggers hotlineDiggers hotline, see Telephone
discrimination in employmentDiscrimination in employment
Employment discrimination because of military status revised and expanded; exception if the individual has been discharged under certain conditions -  Act 159
discrimination in housingDiscrimination in housing
Termination of tenancy by tenant or landlord for imminent threat of serious physical harm provisions created; rental agreement that restricts access to certain services because the tenant contacted law enforcement, health, or safety services is void; local governmental unit prohibited from imposing a fee for calls from an owner or occupant for law enforcement services re domestic abuse, sexual assault, or stalking  -  Act 184
Lung cancer research: one-time funding to Comprehensive Cancer Center; gifts and grants from private sources required [Sec. 9152 (3t)] -  Act 20
Physical health risk assessment and disease management re MA or Badger Care enrollees [Sec. 1559g, h, 1641d, e, 9121 (7j)] [1559g, 1641d — partial veto; 9121 (7j) — vetoed] -  Act 20
district attorneyDistrict attorney
Assistant DAs in Chippewa and St. Croix counties: OJA to fund [Sec. 9111 (4q), (4r)] -  Act 20
Deputy DA salary limitation provision changed -  Act 224
Deputy DA salary limitation provision changed -  Act 78
Human trafficking and trafficking of a child: crimes created; AG, DA, DHFS, OJA, and DOA duties specified  -  Act 116
Multijurisdictional enforcement group DA positions in Dane, Milwaukee, and St. Croix counties; federal Byrne Justice Assistant Grant funding [Sec. 9101 (6L), 9111 (1L)-(3L)]  -  Act 20
Musical performance: advertising or conducting using a false connection between the performing group and recording group prohibited; AG and DA enforcement authority  -  Act 15
Trempealeau County DA converted to full-time status [Sec. 3926p] -  Act 20
Trigger lead information re consumer reports: state law restrictions on dissemination and use of; DATCP, AG, DOJ, DA, civil action, and penalty provisions -  Act 76
Vernon County DA converted to full-time status [Sec. 3926p] -  Act 20
Parenting plan in actions affecting the family: clerk of court and mediator duties; deadline for filing when court waives mediation requirement or when mediator notifies the court there is no agreement modified -  Act 187
do not call listDo not call list, see Telephone
dockDock, see Port
dodge countyDodge County
Circuit court branches added in Barron, Chippewa, Dodge, Green, Monroe, and St. Croix counties; State Law Library provision -  Act 28
dodgeville, city ofDodgeville, City of, see Iowa County
Quarantine requirement for a dog that bites a person: exception for law enforcement dog under set conditions; examination by veterinarian requirement -  Act 37
domestic abuseDomestic abuse, see Women
double bottom trailerDouble bottom trailer, see Bus and truck
douglas countyDouglas County
Douglas County veterans health study; to include anticipated need for rehabilitative center, nursing home, or assisted living facility; LAB to specify scope and methodology [Sec. 9153 (2c)] -  Act 20
Drainage board public contract minimum bid requirements: amount increased -  Act 122
Drainage district loans from BCPL trust funds [Sec. 674d-w] -  Act 20
Drainage district: local governmental units required to consider relationship with re comprehensive plans, notification provisions; DATCP to develop educational pamphlet; annual report requirements modified; disclosure that property is in a special purpose district required on the real estate condition report -  Act 121
dredgingDredging, see Lakes
drivers_ educationDrivers' education
Driver education course, driver school, and DOT knowledge examination: additional information required  -  Act 68
drug abuseDrug abuse, see Drugs
Clean sweep program: funding from recycling fund; grants re unwanted prescription drugs permitted [Sec. 2594g, i, 9103 (1k)] -  Act 20
Drug Abuse Program surcharge allocated to DHFS and OJA [Sec. 3866, 9407 (1)] -  Act 20
Drugs to treat HIV infections: DHFS may use federal project aids moneys rather than federal project operations moneys to reimburse costs (remedial legislation)  -  Act 89
Family Care program expanded, districts renamed ``long-term care districts"; JCF authority revised; changes re county use of COP funds, Wisconsin Partnership Program operations, resource center governing boards and local and regional committees [for section numbers, see entry under ``Nursing homes and adult care"] -  Act 20
Federal Byrne Justice Assistance Grant funding for multijurisdictional enforcement groups (MEGs), Wisconsin CASA Association, and Dane County youth court coordinator [Sec. 9101 (6L), (6Lj), (7t)] -  Act 20
HIRSP Authority changes -  Act 39
HIRSP Authority changes [Sec. 213, 675, 679, 761, 2876-2878, 2885-2893, 9114 (2w)] -  Act 20
HIRSP pilot program for certain drugs for persons with HIV; DHFS report on modifying pilot program re purchase of drugs [Sec. 402, 1646, 2883, 2884, 3035r, s, 9121 (7p)]  -  Act 20
Medicare Part D re persons with HIV infections: restriction on DHFS subsidization of premiums revised [Sec. 3037, 3038] -  Act 20