Administration -- Division of Gaming

Administration -- Facilities

Administration -- General Agency Provisions

Administration -- Housing and Energy

Administration -- Transfers

Board on Aging and Long-Term Care

Budget Management and Compensation Reserves

Corrections -- Adult Correctional Institutions

Corrections -- Community Corrections

Corrections -- Departmentwide

Educational Communications Board

Elections Commission

Employee Trust Funds

Environmental Improvement Fund

Ethics Commission

Financial Institutions

Health Services -- Care and Treatment Services

Health Services -- Departmentwide and Quality Assurance

Health Services -- Medicaid Services Administration

Health Services -- Public Health

Higher Educational Aids Board

Historical Society

Lieutenant Governor

Medical College of Wisconsin

Military Affairs

Public Instruction -- Administration and Other Funding

Public Instruction -- Categorical Aids

Public Instruction -- Choice, Charter, and Open Enrollment

Public Instruction -- General School Aids and Revenue Limits

Revenue -- Lottery Administration

Safety and Professional Services

Shared Revenue and Tax Relief -- Direct Aid Payments

Shared Revenue and Tax Relief -- Property Tax Credits

Shared Revenue and Tax Relief - Property Taxation

State Fair Park


Transportation -- Departmentwide

Transportation -- Motor Vehicles

Transportation -- State Patrol

Wisconsin Technical College System

Workforce Development -- Employment and Training