1995 Assembly Resolution 1
Relating to: notifying the senate and the governor that the 1995-96 assembly is organized.
Resolved by the assembly, That:
AR1, s. 1 Section 1. Officers of the 1995-96 assembly listed. The following persons are the officers of the 1995-96 assembly, as elected by the assembly or as previously designated by the respective party caucuses:
Speaker — Representative David T. Prosser, Jr.
Speaker pro tempore — Representative Stephen J. Freese
Majority party officers:
Leader — Representative Scott R. Jensen
Assistant leader — Representative Judith A. Klusman
Caucus chairperson — Representative Mark A. Green
Caucus vice chairperson — Representative Daniel P. Vrakas
Caucus secretary — Representative Bonnie L. Ladwig
Caucus sergeant at arms — Representative Dean R. Kaufert
Minority party officers:
Leader — Representative Walter J. Kunicki
Assistant leader — Representative Marlin D. Schneider
Caucus chairperson — Representative Rosemary Potter
Caucus vice chairperson — Representative Judith Robson
Caucus secretary — Representative John La Fave
Caucus sergeant at arms — Representative Spencer Black
Caucus sergeant at arms — Representative G. Spencer Coggs
Chief clerk — Honorable Thomas T. Melvin
Sergeant at arms — Honorable John Scocos
AR1, s. 2 Section 2. Transmittal to senate and governor. Immediately upon the adoption of this resolution, the chief clerk shall transmit copies thereof to the senate and to the governor, notifying both that the 1995-96 assembly is organized for the conduct of its business.