motor vehicle _ parkingMotor vehicle — Parking
City parking lot: 1st class city may operate -  Act 56
Parking spaces for disabled persons: parking in adjacent access aisle prohibited; report of violation to traffic officer revised -  Act 92
Parking vehicles on highways adjacent to schoolhouses: exception re business at schools on U.W. system property  -  Act 159
Unpaid parking tickets: setoff of [Sec. 2342g-r] -  Act 27
motor vehicle _ publicly_ownedMotor vehicle — Publicly-owned
Country of origin for state vehicles [Sec. 117s, 9301 (1m)] [vetoed] -  AB-100
Emission inspection revision; fleet vehicle defined [Sec. 2691g, m, 3606pm, 9149 (2mm)] [2691g, m, 9149 (2mm) — vetoed] -  Act 27
Emissions inspection of motor vehicles: provisions created for transfer of ownership to surviving spouse  -  Act 46
Farm truck exemption from vehicle emission inspections and maintenance: sunset eliminated [Sec. 3607]  -  Act 27
Golf cart operation on roadway: travel route designation [Sec. 3964m, 4177m, 4187m] -  Act 27
Motor vehicle operating privileges: laws revised re operating while suspended or after revocation and proof of financial responsibility or deposit of security after an accident  -  Act 84
Passing vehicles on left: audible signal requirement eliminated  -  Act 32
Railroad crossing: forfeiture for traffic violation revised; improvement assessment created [Sec. 38f, 59n, 275p, r, 527e, f-x, 9348 (1k)] -  Act 237
Records of motor vehicle operators, accidents and traffic citations: sunset re DOT sale to contractors repealed; report to JCF modified [Sec. 5504-5506, 9349 (9gz)] [5505 — partial veto; 5505g-5506 — vetoed] -  Act 27
Rental vehicle fee created [Sec. 852h, 2410t, 9443 (15k)] -  Act 27
Rental vehicle fee exemptions [Sec. 315p, 9442 (4d)] -  Act 237
Traffic law enforcement, Council on, eliminated [Sec. 84e, 2465hm, 2691mm] -  Act 27
Traffic regulation ordinances that conform with DOT rules: local authorities may enact -  Act 190
Utility work area: penalty doubled for certain traffic violations committed in -  Act 277
Vehicles failing to stop at railroad crossings: new category of reckless driving; fund for signals and protection devices; railroad crossing improvement assessment  -  Act 135
motor vehicle _ regulation _ speedMotor vehicle — Regulation — Speed
Boating laws revised re registration, titling, intoxicated boating, absolute sobriety, safety course and certificate, capacity plate and slow-no-wake area -  Act 198
School zone speeding violations: forfeiture doubled -  Act 325
Alternative TVRP pilot program in Milwaukee [Sec. 512f, 527em, ep] -  Act 237
Automobile registration fee increased [Sec. 4000r] -  Act 27
Local vehicle registration fee: municipality or county may use only for transportation related purposes [Sec. 4022m, 9349 (3m)] -  Act 27
New motor vehicle registration: environmental impact fee created; sunset provided [Sec. 849, 899, 4044, 9449 (7mg)] -  Act 27
Registration and license renewal late fees [Sec. 4003t, 4093mg, 9449 (8e)] -  Act 27
Registration of certain semitrailers used with farm truck tractor and distinctive design plates for driver education vehicles: law revised [Sec. 4007, 4010, 9149 (1)]  -  Act 27
Registration plates for certain vehicles: issuance of new and redesigned plates [Sec. 512fm, fp, 9148 (1d)] [partial veto] -  Act 237
Special distinguishing registration plates: DOT to designate; current enumeration of special groups retained  -  Act 255
Special distinguishing registration plates re ``children first" program [Sec. 852d, 908g, m, 1733m, 1734m, 3987g, 3988g, 3989j-p, 4000e, 9449 (1t)] -  Act 27
Special plates held by individual not maintaining membership in specific groups: requirements modified [Sec. 3990mm]  -  Act 27
Temporary operation plates for automobiles and station wagons revised, includes motor trucks under 8,000 pounds; local police departments to issue; DOT duties expanded [Sec. 3961m- 3962m, 3971g-3973jm, 4036g, 5212g-k, 9349 (9sm), 9449 (8nm)] [3961p, 3971g-hb, 4036g, 9349 (9sm), 9449 (8nm) — partial veto; 3972jm — vetoed]  -  Act 27
Vehicle registration fees based on vehicle value or horsepower: DOT to study [Sec. 9149 (3gh)] [partial veto]  -  Act 27
Vehicle registration period revisions [Sec. 3976m, 3998q, 4000g, j, 4010c-p, 4011q, 4012q, 4046m, 4060f, 9449 (8mm)] -  Act 27
Weight-based vehicle registration fees [Sec. 4003g, m, 4006m, 4007m, 9449 (8m)] -  Act 27
Wood harvesting slasher exempt from vehicle registration; DOT to define -  Act 269
motor vehicle _ theftMotor vehicle — Theft
VIN numbers altered or obliterated: seizure of vehicle or parts by law enforcement officer revised  -  Act 33
motor vehicle salvage dealerMotor vehicle salvage dealer, see Junkyard
motorcycleMotorcycle, see also Moped
VIN numbers altered or obliterated: seizure of vehicle or parts by law enforcement officer revised  -  Act 33
motorcycle _ equipmentMotorcycle — Equipment
VIN numbers altered or obliterated: seizure of vehicle or parts by law enforcement officer revised  -  Act 33
motorcycle _ taxation or registrationMotorcycle — Taxation or registration
Antique motorcycles: special registration plates created [Sec. 3980m, 4007p, r, 9449 (5m)] -  Act 27
Registration and license renewal late fees [Sec. 4003t, 4093mg, 9449 (8e)] -  Act 27
Renewal period and fees increased [Sec. 4001, 4068, 4070, 4080, 4085-4093, 4103-4106, 9449 (8), (9)]  -  Act 27
Vehicle registration period revisions [Sec. 3976m, 3998q, 4000g, j, 4010c-p, 4011q, 4012q, 4046m, 4060f, 9449 (8mm)] -  Act 27
municipal lockup facilityMunicipal lockup facility, see Jail
municipalityMunicipality, see also Milwaukee — City; Town; Village; name of specific municipality
Clean water fund changes re notice of intent and applications for financial assistance; priority to small sanitary districts and projects serving more than one community; limit on assistance to certain community [Sec. 297, 3497e, 3509m-3512, 3514, 3528m, 9137 (7x)] [3497e, 3528m — vetoed]  -  Act 27
Mental health crisis intervention services under MA: city, village and town authority eliminated (remedial legislation) -  Act 114
Noxious weeds notice: publication by municipalities revised -  Act 287
TIF changes for certain cities [Sec. 278c-q] -  Act 237
TIF revisions re increment sharing for certain cities, project period increase and sunset for increment sharing; projects to include costs of certain municipal buildings destroyed by natural disaster [Sec. 2214b-u] -  Act 27
Time period to serve a responsive pleading or summons and complaint increased in certain cases  -  Act 187
municipality _ annexationMunicipality — Annexation
Plat and boundary review functions transferred from Comm.Dept to DOA [Sec. 199, 206, 2186-2188, 2190-2194, 2235, 2236, 3391-3393, 9110 (1)] -  Act 27
Stewardship funds use by municipalities [Sec. 766Lm, 9337 (8g)] -  Act 27
municipality _ councilMunicipality — Council
Common council or village board: acting member appointment procedure revised -  Act 257
Plan commission of cities, villages and certain towns: alderperson election procedure modified -  Act 246
municipality _ courtMunicipality — Court, see Court — Municipal
municipality _ financeMunicipality — Finance, see also Investment, Government fund
Community rehabilitation case services grant program; matching funds required [Sec. 1548m] [vetoed]  -  AB-100
Computers and related equipment: property tax exemption created; escrow fund created for aid payments; reporting requirements [Sec. 52, 59, 59m, 83d, 279-279bp, o, 307r, 312, 313, 317n-318, 368p, 369g, 725, 9242 (12), (13p), 9342 (5p), 9442 (2), (3)] -  Act 237
DNR owned land: payments in lieu of taxes [Sec. 2234b, c] -  Act 27
Local recycling program grants: eligibility and formula revised; sunset date set -  Act 41
Municipal service re garbage and trash disposal and collection [Sec. 2234m, 9343 (9m), 9443 (16p)] [vetoed]  -  AB-100
municipality _ fire departmentMunicipality — Fire department, see Fire department
municipality _ health departmentMunicipality — Health department, see Public health
municipality _ ordinanceMunicipality — Ordinance
Compulsory school attendance laws revised re age and penalties; habitual truancy definition, ordinance, court authority and parental notice provisions modified; truancy plan review and county truancy planning committees required; municipal truancy ordinance permitted -  Act 239
Hunting, fishing, trapping or managment of wild animals: local governmental unit ordinance authority; DNR provision  -  Act 170