Community aids and state public assistance: DHFS and DWD funding revisions [Sec. 41, 9223 (16), (17), 9258 (10), (11)] -  Act 109
Community youth grant to Wisconsin chapters of the Boys and Girls Clubs of America: appropriation increased [Sec. 119k, 1160q, 9258 (13c)] -  Act 109
General relief for counties other than Milwaukee county: reimbursement formula [Sec. 1656d-dL] -  Act 16
Public assistance revisions re child care, TANF, community reinvestment, MA, community aids, and other allocations [Sec. 255p, 390d, 732d, m, 737e, 741, 742, 760r, 961r, 1484m, 1494m- 1495m, 1553t, 1554d, 1559t, 1560d, 1568m, 1574p, 1656trg-trs, tym, 1659g, 1660b, 1661b, 1664, 1676n, 1679b-1714, 1715-1718x, 1730f, 1838u, 1971p, r, 2074, 4046g, 4060d, 9158 (8x), (8y), 9258 (2w), 9458 (1), (2w)] [961r, 1700b, 1716m, 9158 (8x) — partial veto; 255p, 1716o-v, 1718 — vetoed] -  Act 16
Social worker, marriage and family therapists, professional counselor, and art, music, and dance therapist: regulations revised -  Act 80
Substance abuse grants for services to TANF-eligible persons throughout the state; unencumbered moneys transferred to DWD for W-2 and other assistance programs [Sec. 725]  -  Act 16
TANF assistance from DWD: expiration date eliminated [Sec. 912, 4045, 4046, 4060, 9121 (1)] -  Act 16
TANF funding transfer [Sec. 64g, 9258 (14d)] [vetoed] -  Jr2 AB-1
TANF temporary transfer for earned income tax credit [Sec. 119m, 9258 (12q), 9259 (9q)] -  Act 109
public broadcastingPublic broadcasting, see Television
Building projects proposed for enumeration: DOA to provide anticipated operating costs and other information [Sec. 104m, 227m] [vetoed] -  SB-55
Horse boarding and training facilities exempt from public building codes in certain cases [Sec. 2446r-2447db, 9410 (3z)] -  Act 16
Horse boarding and training facilities re 2001 WisAct 16 revised [Sec. 267m, q] [vetoed] -  Jr2 AB-1
Local exposition district taxes retained for administrative purposes: amount revised [Sec. 917, 934]  -  Act 16
Residual state property: sale of [Sec. 107m-pm, 983m, mn, 2307jn, jp, 9459 (5s)] [vetoed] -  SB-55
State building program: DOA to provide JCF with Building commission's recommendations re revision of enumerated projects [Sec. 9101 (20z)] [vetoed] -  SB-55
public debtPublic debt, see Debt, Public
public defenderPublic defender
Appropriations for transcripts, discovery, and interpreters [Sec. 915, 916, 4003] -  Act 16
GPR appropriation for program administration: board funding decreased [Sec. 9239 (1)] -  Act 109
Misdemeanor diversion program to be developed by Public defender board, Director of state courts, and Wisconsin District Attorneys Association; passive review by JCF; community justice center grants [Sec. 9101 (13), (21j), 9139 (1)] [9101 (21j) — vetoed] -  Act 16
Pre-custody and pre-charging representation by SPD: prohibitions eliminated [Sec. 4030, 4031]  -  Act 16
Theft threshold re felony penalties revised; public defender GPR lapse; report to JCF re savings [Sec. 3938u-w, 3939b-s, 3966r, 4018f, h, 9139 (2q), 9239 (1q), 9359 (11r)] [9139 (2q) — vetoed] -  Act 16
public documentPublic document
Printed publications by executive branch agencies: certain state publications eliminated; report required [Sec. 9101 (8z)] [vetoed] -  Jr2 AB-1
public employeePublic employee, see also Civil service
Catastrophic leave program expanded to all state employees [Sec. 3079e, r] -  Act 16
Election officials: provision re local government employee service [Sec. 87f, m, 2615v, 9315 (1y)]  -  Act 16
Layoffs of state employees: state agency required to layoff unclassified civil service employees first [Sec. 9156 (1q)] [vetoed] -  Jr2 AB-1
LTE positions at U.W. Madison; fringe benefit and report provisions [Sec. 9156 (3c), (3e)] [9156 (3e) — vetoed]  -  Act 16
LTEs made eligible for deferred compensation program [Sec. 3072h] -  Act 16
National guard tuition grant appropriation increased; lapse of certain program revenue moneys to general fund  -  Act 25
Recruitment of Corr.Dept employees: use of billboards or similar structures prohibited [Sec. 3352n]  -  Act 16
State employee hiring cap [Sec. 18e, r] [18r — partial veto; 18e — vetoed] -  Act 109
Town officer compensation re service as town employee; formula for maximum spending on bridges and roads, referenda provision; disposal of property [Sec. 2003pc-pe, sc, se, sg, 2022td, 2294p, pc, 9352 (5k)] -  Act 16
Vacant positions in executive branch eliminated; DOA secretary to notify JCF of all actions [Sec. 9101 (26n)] [partial veto] -  Act 16
Voluntary state employee furlough [Sec. 9159 (4z), 9259 (6z)] -  Act 109
public employee _ group insurancePublic employee — Group insurance, see also Insurance — State
Employer contributions for state employee accumulated sick leave conversion and the supplemental health insurance credit program suspended for certain time period; exception for DETF and Investment board [Sec. 9159 (3x)]  -  Act 109
Health insurance payments for certain retired state employees [Sec. 910m, 1398m] -  Act 16
Joint self-insured health care plans for officers and employees of political subdivisions authorized [Sec. 2001q, 2003r, 2014m, n, 3143m, 3733r, 3761r, 9359(3mk)]  -  Act 16
Sick leave conversion program for public employees: JSCRS study re conversion of accumulated unused leave for certain retired employees not eligible for immediate WRS annuity; report and proposed legislation requirement [Sec. 9132 (3xx)] -  Act 16
WRS annuitants' health insurance: enrollment period for [Sec. 1398s-u, 3095r] -  Act 16
public employee _ hours of laborPublic employee — Hours of labor
Voluntary state employee furlough [Sec. 9159 (4z), 9259 (6z)] -  Act 109
public employee _ salaryPublic employee — Salary
Compensation and fringe benefit supplement for state agencies [Sec. 946-948, 950-952, 954-957, 959, 960, 9459 (4)]  -  Act 16
Length-of-service payments for classified state employees from supplemental appropriations eliminated; compensation reserve estimate reduced [Sec. 9101 (8y), 9259 (8y)]  -  Act 109
TCS director and executive assistant salaries revised; Wisconsin TCS senior executive salary system established  -  Act 29
Veterans benefits for armed forces in Operation Enduring Freedom; professional or occupational license renewal, salary paid to certain public employees, and withdrawal from college process provisions re national guard or armed forces member called into active duty -  Act 22
public employee _ travel provisionsPublic employee — Travel provisions
LTE positions at U.W. Madison; fringe benefit and report provisions [Sec. 9156 (3c), (3e)] [9156 (3e) — vetoed]  -  Act 16
Qualified transportation fringe benefit plan for state employees created [Sec. 1388, 1389, 1396-1398, 1399, 1400]  -  Act 16
public healthPublic health, see also Disease; Vaccination
Bioterrorism response and preparedness: plan and funding; provisions re staffing, public health emergencies, vaccination, disposal of human remains, and reporting deaths of public health concern [for section numbers and vetoes, see entry under ``Public safety"] -  Act 109
City-county health department revisions; collective bargaining and WRS provisions [Sec. 1398w, 1563d, 2021n, 2609j, 3128pd-ps] -  Act 16
Community health centers: study on federal funding for [Sec. 9123 (3f)] [vetoed] -  Jr2 AB-1
Milwaukee health clinics: grants to specific health centers [Sec. 9123 (14e)] -  Act 16
Minority health program grants; funding from Indian gaming revenues [Sec. 720m, n, 881t, 2848r, s] [2848r — partial veto] -  Act 16
Oil overcharge restitution moneys re lead paint hazard reduction and allocation for energy programs: provision re 1999 WisAct 113 removed [Sec. 44d, 1158b] -  Act 109
Appropriations decreased [Sec. 9240 (1), (1q), (2)-(4)] -  Act 109
DLCL name changed to Division for libraries, technology, and community learning; ``minority group pupil" definition modified re Minority group pupil scholarship program (remedial legislation) -  Act 48
GPR expenditure limits; limitation exemption for certain agencies [Sec. 103, 9301 (1)] [103 — partial veto]  -  Act 16
Grants to persons licensed by DPI, employed as teachers, and certified by National Board for Professional Teaching Standards: residence requirements repealed [Sec. 2649-2655]  -  Act 16
Home Instruction for Preschool Youngsters: subgrant to the extent allowed by federal law [Sec. 9140 (2x)]  -  Act 109
Indian gaming receipts transferred to certain state agencies [Sec. 9201 (5mk), 9205 (1mk), 9210 (3mk), 9223 (5mk), 9224 (1mk), 9225 (1mk), 9231 (1mk), 9237 (4mk), 9240 (1mk), 9251 (1mk), 9256 (1mk), 9257 (2mk), 9258 (2mk)]  -  Act 16
Library grants re Ameritech Wisconsin settlement; provision re high-speed Internet data lines [Sec. 569g, m, 9140 (6mk), 9149 (3mk)] -  Act 16
Milwaukee parental choice program revisions re notification date, aid reduction and levy offset, and summer school payment [Sec. 2748i, 2752r, 2767h-Lm, 9340 (1k), 9440 (2m)]  -  Act 16
Minority group pupil scholarships: appropriation increased [Sec. 9240 (4f)] -  Act 109
Obsolete appropriations eliminated [Sec. 99, 234, 250, 546, 547, 548, 561, 2667, 2762, 2768, 2772, 2776, 2777, 2779, 2783-2785] [2779 — partial veto]  -  Act 16
Operations appropriation reduced; may submit request to JCF re reallocation [Sec. 9259 (7z)] -  Act 109
Pest management for schools: program created; report required [Sec. 426p, 582k, 1357k, 2395t] [2395t — partial veto; 426p, 582k, 1357k — vetoed] -  Act 16
Revenue limit agreement validation [Sec. 4034z] -  Act 16
School aid and revenue revisions [Sec. 31, 285, 286, 287, 288, 9340 (1), 9440 (1)] -  Act 109
School year commencement before September 1: opt out provision removed; DPI may grant exemption [Sec. 2673p, 2725m, 9440 (3f)] -  Act 16
TEACH board functions transferred to DPI [Sec. 13q, 20pm, se, tn, 23m, n, 32mm-om, 52j, Lb, 64L, 68m, n, 69g, m, 93g, 100L, ng-oy, 279m, 280m, 284d, 287d, 346c-r, rm, rt, 9140 (3q), 9240 (1r), 9440 (3q)] [vetoed] -  Jr2 AB-1
Uniforms for pupils: school boards authorized to adopt policy; exemption, discrimination, and economic assistance provisions; report required [Sec. 2673m]  -  Act 16
``Vocational" student organization changed to ``career and technical" student organization; consultant revisions [Sec. 2623g-r] -  Act 16
Wisconsin School for the Deaf name changed to Wisconsin Educational Services Program for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and service revision; Deaf and hard of hearing education council created; LAB audit required -  Act 57
Wisconsin School for the Deaf name changed to Wisconsin Educational Services Program for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and service revision; Deaf and hard of hearing education council created; LAB audit required [Sec. 181m, 371b, 541r, 542, 545d-L, 1381g, p, r, 1416, 1489m, 1789b-d, 2639m, 2660m-2662g, 2764c, 2779s, 3938s, 9140 (3q)] [vetoed]  -  SB-55
Youth Challenge program revisions; DPI duties and state aid adjustments [Sec. 43c, 72c, d, 284m, 285m, 288m, 9136 (1), 9436 (1)] -  Act 109
public landPublic land, see also State park