Child sex offenses: court may impose lesser sentence than required or place person on probation if person is no more than 48 months older than the victim -  Act 272
GPS tracking by Corr.Dept for restraining order or injunction violation conviction: court may order; surcharge, costs, notification, and penalty provisions; JRCCP report  -  Act 266
Sentencing adjustment: 2009 WisAct 28 changes returned to pre-Act law and Parole Commission restored; positive adjustment time, risk reduction sentences, and ERRC eliminated; extended supervision provisions; court to modify period of probation and notifying victims -  Act 38
patient_s compensation fundPatient's compensation fund, see Medical malpractice
payday loan providerPayday loan provider, see Small loan
pedestrianPedestrian, see Street
per diemPer diem, see specific subject
permitPermit, see specific subject
personal propertyPersonal property
Landlord-tenant relations: laws revised re disposal of tenant's personal property, security deposit, standardized check-in sheet, disclosure of uncorrected building code violations, repair or maintenance requests, voiding a rental agreement, damages for tenant's failure to vacate, and eviction for nonpayment of rent; local governments prohibited from enacting or enforcing an ordinance placing a moratorium on evictions  -  Act 143
Birth to 3 Program and disabled children's long-term support program: DHS to utilize a private entity to administer; county costs set [Sec. 658, 1271, 1313-1316]  -  Act 32
Family Care, Family Care Partnership, PACE, and IRIS: revisions to 2011 WisAct 32 re enrollment cap, expansion, and certain funding allocation; JCF review of contracts required -  Act 127
Homecraft services for persons with severe disabilities: requirement removed [Sec. 1317-1320] -  Act 32
Hunting, trapping, and fishing: laws revised re encouraging activities and outdoor recreation, Stewardship Program, approval fees, high school credit re certain education programs, Class D hunting permits issued to certain disabled persons, additional fishing special event weekend, state parks, and annual disabled veteran recreation cards; Sporting Heritage Council created, study required -  Act 168
Instructional materials for students with disabilities in institutions of higher education: publishers required to provide in alternate formats upon request, exceptions for members of certain nationwide exchange network and if alternate format is commercially available; conditions specified  -  Act 124
Paratransit aids: supplemental funding, urban mass transit provision [Sec. 605t, 2255m] -  Act 32
Restriction on use of the term ``college": EAB may make an exception for certain residential facility in the Village of Union Grove [Sec. 1105n] -  Act 32
Special ID card issued by DOT re parking privileges for persons with disabilities: penalties for misuse revised  -  Act 98
Wheelchair repairs re individuals enrolled in MA: prior authorization requirement prohibited, conditions set [Sec. 1437h] -  Act 32
pesticidePesticide, see Pests
DATCP revisions re confidentiality of exemptions from requirement to register livestock premises, county land conservation committee membership, vehicle scale operators, and reporting requirement for pesticide sales (remedial legislation)  -  Act 263
DATCP's pest abatement authority not limited to agricultural lands -  Act 254
peterson, richardPeterson, Richard
Life, public service, and military service commended [AJR-68]  -  JR-9
DRL name changed to Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS) and some Comm.Dept functions transferred; certain unfair trade practice rules transferred from DATCP; administration of laws re erosion control at commercial building construction sites transferred from DNR; technical assistance for American Indian economic development; manufactured housing rehabilitation and recycling program transferred from Comm.Dept; DOA provisions [for section numbers and vetoes, see entry under ``Reorganization of state government"] -  Act 32
Oil absorbent materials that contain waste oil: disposal in solid waste disposal facility prohibited unless certain conditions are met, free-flowing oil provision -  Act 152
Petroleum inspection fund transfer to transportation fund [Sec. 9210 (1)] -  Act 32
petsPets, see Animal
Health care benefits provided to certain assistance program recipients: modifications to third parties required to provide information to DHS and from which DHS may recover payments; pharmacy benefits manager provision  -  Act 189
Pharmacy management services at state treatment facilities: request for proposals requirement eliminated [Sec. 1663] -  Act 32
Vaccination administered by a pharmacist: minimum age lowered [Sec. 3212q] -  Act 32
Electronic prescription of schedule II controlled substances permitted in non-emergency cases -  Act 159
Patient health care records: DHS to set fees a health care provider may charge for copies [Sec. 2649x-2664, 3509, 9321 (4)]  -  Act 32
Physician assistants: medically related actions authority expanded; nurse practitioner and advanced nurse prescriber provision -  Act 161
Tort reform: actions against manufacturers, distributors, sellers, and promoters of a product; strict liability; noneconomic damages limited; punitive damages; frivolous claims; health care service reviews confidentiality; use of health care reports or employee statements; hospital quality indicators reporting; expert and lay witness testimony; crimes of abuse, homicide, or negligence re health care providers and treatment or residential care facilities in specified cases  -  Act 2
Voluntary and informed consent to an abortion revisions; restrictions on the use of abortion-inducing drugs; repeal of certain abortion prohibitions -  Act 217
Volunteer health care provider: expansion of services that may be offered re outpatient surgery [Sec. 2664f-j]  -  Act 32
physician assistantPhysician assistant, see Physician
pierPier, see Port
plantsPlants, see also Farm produce
DATCP's pest abatement authority not limited to agricultural lands -  Act 254
Vegetation obstructing view of outdoor advertising signs: DOT permit system for maintenance and removal of revised; signs attached to buildings near highway right-of-way provisions -  Act 230
Development moratorium ordinance: city, town, or village may enact under specified conditions including burden on public facilities and public safety or health threat  -  Act 144
pleasant prairie, village ofPleasant Prairie, Village of, see Kenosha County
Administrative suspension of motor vehicle operating privileges: attending review hearing by telephone, video conference, or other remote communication mechanism permitted; review of arresting officer's record and written arguments also permitted; holding hearing in the county the offense took place not required under these options -  Act 242
Animals killed by vehicles: bear, wild turkey, and certain small game provisions created; law enforcement officer and hunting or trapping approval conditions -  Act 251
Authorized emergency vehicle: exemption from open door of a motor vehicle on a highway prohibition under certain conditions -  Act 184
Blood test fee: person in court on an OWI-related offense assessed costs associated with certain tests, alternative test exception [Sec. 3490g, r, 3552m, 9309 (1d)]  -  Act 32
Bodily substance thrown or expelled at a public safety officer: intent to cause bodily harm removed as an element to qualify as a felony; JRCCP report -  Act 72
Carrying a concealed weapon licensing provisions created, background check and training required; other provisions re electric weapons, transporting unloaded firearms and unstrung bow or crossbow, disorderly conduct, photo ID cards for former law enforcement officers, prohibited places and sign specifications, and out-of-state licensees and reciprocity; exemption from emergency rules and penalty provisions; DOJ duties and report required -  Act 35
Combined protective services departments: certain class cities and towns authorized to provide and limitation of villages removed [Sec. 1140, 1141, 1686-1690, 1697-1713, 1717, 1728, 3194, 3495-3498, 3539, 3562-3567]  -  Act 32
Electronic juvenile court records re Children's Code or Juvenile Justice Code proceedings made available to law enforcement, juvenile court, municipal court, court of criminal jurisdiction, and certain prosecutors, attorneys, and guardians ad litem; restrictions on information re physical and mental health and sensitive personal matters; Director of State Courts, CCAP, confidentiality, and forfeiture provisions  -  Act 270
Failure to report a missing child or the death of a child and hiding or moving the corpse of a child: prohibition and penalties created; JRCCP report -  Act 268
Law enforcement and fire fighting personnel: retirement, health care, and arbitration provisions revised for populous county and first class city; ``public safety employee" definition [Sec. 1139r, 1145s, 1684p, 1715p, 2406d, 2408cv, cx, 2409cy, it, iv, 2424hr, jp, 9332 (1r), (2r)] [2406d — partial veto]  -  Act 32
MERA and SELRA changes: collective bargaining limited to base wages, exception for certain public safety employees; referendum and consumer price index provisions  -  Act 10
Motor vehicle accident: reporting requirements and violation penalties modified, demerit point requirement added; requirements for rendering assistance or removing a damaged vehicle after a reportable accident revised, forfeiture provision -  Act 256
Obstructing a law enforcement officer by providing false information or evidence: convicted person may be assessed costs of the investigation; exceptions for recanting reports of or being a victim of abusive conduct or the report did not lead to criminal charges or a conviction -  Act 269
Penalty surcharge receipts: certain unencumbered balances transferred to re officer training [Sec. 523, 540, 626, 627, 686-692, 696, 722, 732, 735, 751] -  Act 32
Police and fire fighters in municipalities other than Milwaukee: disciplinary provisions revised [Sec. 2409cp, 9332 (1c)] -  Act 32
Public education law revisions re pupil expulsion, teacher evaluations, SAGE contracts, special education services, pupil transportation costs, school libraries, MPS teaching days, law enforcement records re conduct of a pupil, physical education credits, and tax levy -  Act 105
School district's use of a pupil's law enforcement and juvenile court records for athletic code disciplinary actions re 2011 WisAct 105 expanded; reductions in cost of compensation or fringe benefits to Milwaukee school districts without modifying existing collective bargaining agreements re 2011 WisAct 10 and 2011 WisAct 32 -  Act 165
Self-defense resulting in death or great bodily harm: court presumption criteria created, civil liability immunity provisions, and criminal activity by the actor and public safety worker exceptions -  Act 94
Sexual assault: procedures for evidence with DNA on it when no suspect has been identified [Sec. 2682m, 2704m]  -  Act 32
Sexually explicit conduct by a person under age 18: evidentiary recordings remain in possession of court or law enforcement agency, defense inspection provisions; attempt at specified sex crimes against children made a felony; victim in certain sex crimes against children can be an individual the perpetrator believed to be under 18; JRCCP report  -  Act 284
Soft tissue injury or great bodily harm to an officer while resisting or obstructing an officer made a felony; battery by prisoners expanded to include soft tissue injury; definition provision -  Act 74
Tobacco and nicotine products: prohibition on providing or purchasing cigarettes for minors expanded; definition and compliance investigations of retail outlets provisions  -  Act 249
Traffic stop information collection and analysis requirements, law enforcement training programs, and reports: 2009 WisAct 28 provisions repealed -  Act 29
Trafficking of a child prosecution time limit revised and TPR provision; knowingly accessing certain child pornography materials made a felony; restricting evidence about complaining witnesses expanded re specified sex crimes; crimes expanded re interception of communications by law enforcement with judicial approval; crime victim compensation re sex crimes against children; JRCCP report  -  Act 271
Family planning project for low income females between certain ages created, federal waiver required; family planning demonstration project repealed [Sec. 1439n, 1441b, 9421 (7)] [1439n, 1441b — partial veto; 9421 (7) — vetoed]  -  Act 32
Low-income assistance for weatherization and other energy conservation services funding [Sec. 325d-326m]  -  Act 32
Low-income dental clinic grants, federal funding provision [Sec. 634x, 2648L] -  Act 32