2013-2014 Wisconsin Legislature

Assembly Joint Resolution 97

Relating to: the life of Gordon Lyle Hinkley.

Status: Enrolled

Important Actions (newest first)

Date / House Action Journal
6/9/2014 Asm.Not published. Enrolled Joint Resolution 28842


Date / House Action Journal
2/17/2014 Asm.Introduced by Representatives J. Ott and Jagler;
cosponsored by Senator Erpenbach
2/17/2014 Asm.Read and referred to Committee on Rules644
2/18/2014 Asm.Placed on calendar 2-20-2014 by Committee on Rules 
2/20/2014 Asm.Adopted685
2/20/2014 Asm.Representatives Richards and Krug added as coauthors685
2/20/2014 Asm.Ordered immediately messaged685
2/21/2014 Sen.Received from Assembly706
2/24/2014 Sen.Read and referred to committee on Senate Organization709
2/24/2014 Sen.Available for scheduling 
3/14/2014 Sen.Placed on calendar 3-18-2014 pursuant to Senate Rule 18(1)779
3/18/2014 Sen.Concurred in787
3/18/2014 Sen.Ordered immediately messaged787
3/18/2014 Asm.Received from Senate concurred in749
3/24/2014 Asm.Report correctly enrolled on 3-24-2014807
6/9/2014 Asm.Deposited in the office of the Secretary of State on 6-6-2014842
6/9/2014 Asm.Not published. Enrolled Joint Resolution 28842
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