Corrections positions, affirmative action, Subch. I of ch. ER-MRS 8
Employment registers, Ch. ER-MRS 11
Entry professional program, Subch. II of ch. ER-MRS 8
Exceptional methods and kinds of employment, Ch. ER-MRS 27
Force and effect of rules, Ch. ER-MRS 1
Layoff procedure, Ch. ER-MRS 22
Limited term appointment, Ch. ER-MRS 10
Probationary periods, Ch. ER-MRS 13
Project appointments, Ch. ER-MRS 34
Recruitment and examination, Ch. ER-MRS 6
Unskilled labor and service classes, appointing procedure, Ch. ER-MRS 7
Insurance, see Employee Trust Funds
Position classification:
Actions, Ch. ER 3
Plan, Ch. ER 2
Project employment, Ch. ER 34
Promotion, Ch. ER-MRS 14
Reinstatement and restoration, Ch. ER-MRS 16
Resignations, Ch. ER 21
Retirement, see Employee Trust Funds
Rules, force and effect, Ch. ER 1
Safety and health standards, Ch. SPS 332
Transfers, Ch. ER-MRS 15
Unemployment insurance, see Unemployment Insurance
Worker's compensation, hazardous duty injury pay, Ch. ER 28
collection agencies COLLECTION AGENCIES
Generally, Ch. DFI-Bkg 74
colleges and universities COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES
commercial building code COMMERCIAL BUILDING CODE
commercial fishing COMMERCIAL FISHING
common carriers COMMON CARRIERS
communicable diseases COMMUNICABLE DISEASES
Animal diseases, Ch. ATCP 10
General, Subch. I of ch. DHS 145
Sexually transmitted, Subch. III of ch. DHS 145
Tuberculosis, Subch. II of ch. DHS 145
community_based residential facilities COMMUNITY-BASED RESIDENTIAL FACILITIES
Generally, Ch. DHS 83
Developmentally disabled, facilities for, Ch. DHS 134
Hardship exceptions to funding limits, DHS 73.10
community mental health COMMUNITY MENTAL HEALTH
Community service, Ch. DHS 61
conservation and outdoor activities CONSERVATION AND OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES
All-terrain vehicles, Ch. NR 64
Animals, see Wildlife, under this head
Boats and boating, See Boat Registration and Regulation
Camping in state parks and forests, Ch. NR 45
Clams and commercial clamming, Ch. NR 24
Collector's permit, scientific, NR 19.11
Deer, see Hunting and trapping, under this head, and Deer
Endangered species, Ch. NR 27
Exhibits, wildlife, NR 16.35
Falconry, Ch. NR 18
Fish and fishing:
Generally, Ch. NR 20
Bait dealers, licensure, NR 19.057
Minnow collection restrictions, NR 20.14
Boundary waters:
Wisconsin-Iowa, Ch. NR 22
Wisconsin-Michigan, Ch. NR 23
Wisconsin-Minnesota, Ch. NR 21
Chippewa treaty rights, Subch. II of ch. NR 13
Clams and commercial clamming, Ch. NR 24
Commercial fishing-outlying waters, Ch. NR 25
Commercial fishing studies, NR 19.07
Farms, Subch. VIII of ch. ATCP 10, Subch. III of ch. NR 19
Fishing rafts in navigable waters, Ch. NR 324
Great Lakes fishery management policy, NR 1.04
Indian reservations, tagging fish taken on, NR 19.12
Nets and traps, taking of fish held for commercial; scientific or biological purposes prohibited, NR 19.06
Outlying waters, sport trolling; wire cutter required, NR 19.058
Refuges, Ch. NR 26
Release, importation, and transportation, NR 19.05
County forest withdrawal, Ch. NR 48
Crop taxation, Ch. NR 46
Managed forest land, Subch. III of ch. NR 46
Natural resources board policy:
Acquisition of land, NR 1.42
Coniferous plantation, establishment, NR 1.22
Disposition of land, NR 1.45
Private, NR 1.21
Pest infestation, Ch. NR 35
Protection districts, Ch. NR 30
State, use, Ch. NR 45