Career executive, Ch. ER 30, Ch. ER-MRS 30
Classification plan, Ch. ER 2
Ethics code, Ch. ER-MRS 24
Layoff procedure, Ch. ER-MRS 22
Limited term appointments, Ch. ER 10, Ch. ER-MRS 10
Resignations, Ch. ER 21
Unemployment insurance, see Unemployment Insurance
collection agencies COLLECTION AGENCIES
Accounts, cancellation or return, DFI-Bkg 74.10
Alias or pseudonym prohibited, DFI-Bkg 74.14
Collect wires or telephone calls to debtors, DFI-Bkg 74.16
Data processing, use, DFI-Bkg 74.17
Deceptive forms or procedures prohibited, DFI-Bkg 74.16
Definitions, DFI-Bkg 74.01
Fair collection practice notice, DFI-Bkg 74.13
Form of agreement with creditor, DFI-Bkg 74.04
Interest and charges, computation, DFI-Bkg 74.11
Office hours, DFI-Bkg 74.02
Office space sharing, DFI-Bkg 74.02
Oppressive and deceptive practices, DFI-Bkg 74.16
Records to be maintained, DFI-Bkg 74.07
Remittance statement to creditor, DFI-Bkg 74.05
Report of licensee, annual, DFI-Bkg 74.12
Report to creditor on written request, DFI-Bkg 74.09
Trust fund, DFI-Bkg 74.06
Unauthorized practice of law, DFI-Bkg 74.15
colleges and universities COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES
Employment of students, minimum wage, DWD 272.085
commercial building code COMMERCIAL BUILDING CODE
Administration and enforcement:
Certified municipalities and agents, SPS 361.60, 361.61
Definitions, SPS 361.04
International building code adopted, SPS 361.05
Plan review, SPS 361.30 to 361.39
Coordination with municipalities, SPS 361.295
Product and standard review and approval, SPS 361.50, 361.51
Responsibilities, appeals, petitions and penalties, SPS 361.20 to 361.23
Scope and application, SPS 361.01 to 361.03
Supervision and inspections, SPS 361.40, 361.41
Buildings and structures, Ch. SPS 362
Energy conservation, Ch. SPS 363
Erosion and sediment control, Ch. SPS 360
Existing buildings, Ch. SPS 366
Fuel gas appliances, Ch. SPS 365
Heating, ventilating and air conditioning, Ch. SPS 364
commercial fishing COMMERCIAL FISHING
common carriers COMMON CARRIERS
communicable diseases COMMUNICABLE DISEASES
Animal diseases, Ch. ATCP 10
General, DHS 145.01 to 145.07
Sexually transmitted, DHS 145.14 to 145.22
Tuberculosis, DHS 145.08 to 145.13
community_based residential facilities COMMUNITY-BASED RESIDENTIAL FACILITIES
Admission, retention, and discharge, DHS 83.27 to 83.31
Construction standards, DHS 83.52 to 83.64, Ch. SPS 362
Developmentally disabled, facilities for, Ch. DHS 134
General provisions, DHS 83.01 to 83.03
Hardship exceptions to funding limits, DHS 73.10
Licensing, DHS 83.04 to 83.13
Personnel, DHS 83.14 to 83.18
Orientation and training, DHS 83.19 to 83.26
Physical environment and safety, DHS 83.43 to 83.51
Care and services, DHS 83.35 to 83.42
Rights, DHS 83.32 to 83.34
community mental health COMMUNITY MENTAL HEALTH
Community service, Ch. DHS 61
compressed natural gas COMPRESSED NATURAL GAS
Generally, SPS 340.70 to 340.71
conservation CONSERVATION
Accounting standards, etc. for license transactions:
County clerk, duties, NR 8.01
Forms, NR 8.04
Aircraft, use of, in spotting and hunting game on ground, NR 10.07
Amphibians and reptiles, native, possession and sale, NR 19.26
Endangered list, Ch. NR 27
Protected, NR 10.02
Unprotected, NR 10.04
Guns and ammunition, NR 10.09
Hunting hours, NR 10.06
Hunting methods prohibited, NR 10.10, 10.101
Open and closed seasons, NR 10.01
Beaver, open season, NR 10.01