Work and study release, Ch. DOC 324
Community residential confinement, Ch. DOC 327
Community supervision, Ch. DOC 328
Complaint procedures, Ch. DOC 310
Inmate secure work program, Ch. DOC 304
Intensive sanctions program, Ch. DOC 333
Jails, Ch. DOC 350
Municipal lockup facilities, Ch. DOC 349
Parole and extended supervision, procedure and policy, Ch. PAC 1
Probation, parole, or extended supervision revocation procedure, Ch. DOC 331
Temporary release, under supervision, Ch. DOC 325
Wisconsin corrections industries, Ch. DOC 313
Youth in custody:
Administrative confinement in type 1 secured facilities, Ch. DOC 374
Aftercare conduct and revocation, Ch. DOC 393
Assessment and case management, Ch. DOC 371
Child caring institutions, type 2, Ch. DOC 394
Complaint procedure in type 1 secured facilities, Ch. DOC 380
Conduct in type 1 secured facilities, Ch. DOC 373
Drug testing of youth on county supervision, type 2 status or aftercare, Ch. DOC 392
Furloughs, offgrounds leave and trial visits, Ch. DOC 381
Living conditions in type 1 secured facilities, Ch. DOC 379
Observation status in type 1 secured facilities, Ch. DOC 375
Psychotropic medication, use of, Ch. DOC 383
Secure detention, Ch. DOC 346
Secured facilities, type 2, Ch. DOC 396
Security in type 1 secured facilities, Ch. DOC 376
private detectives PRIVATE DETECTIVES
Generally, Chs. SPS 30 to 35
procedure, agency rules of PROCEDURE, AGENCY RULES OF
Agriculture, trade and consumer protection, department, Ch. ATCP 1
Banking review board, DFI-Bkg 10.01 to 10.11
Banks, commissioner of, DFI-Bkg 11.01 to 11.15
Credentialing boards, Ch. SPS 2
Credit union review board, Ch. DFI-CU 56
Division of Hearings and Appeals, HA 1 to 4
Employment peace act, Chs. ERC 1 to 9
Employment relations board, Ch. ERC 7
Equal opportunities, investigation, hearings, determinations, Ch. DWD 218, Ch. LIRC 4
Insurance, Ch. Ins 5
Labor and industry review commission, Chs. LIRC 1 to 4
Natural resources, Ch. NR 2
Occupational license, Ch. SPS 1
Private sector labor disputes, Chs. ERC 5 to 7
Public instruction, Ch. PI 1
Public service commission:
Agents of commission, PSC 1.01 to 1.05
Assessment of costs, Ch. PSC 5
Procedure and practice, Ch. PSC 2
Savings and loan commissioner, Ch. DFI-SL 2
Savings and loan review board, Ch. DFI-SL 20
Unemployment insurance, appeals, Ch. DWD 140, Ch. LIRC 2
Unfair labor practices, Ch. ERC 2
Wage determination, municipal contracts, exemption, DWD 290.09
Review of agency decision, DWD 290.10
When no contractual language for it exists, DWD 290.11
Wage determination request, municipal contracts, public works, DWD 290.08
Review of agency decision, DWD 290.08
Whistleblower protection, Ch. DWD 224
Wis. franchise investment law, Ch. DFI-Sec 36
Worker's compensation, Ch. DWD 80, Ch. LIRC 3
property tax PROPERTY TAX
See Taxation
prospecting PROSPECTING
psychologists PSYCHOLOGISTS
Authority and definitions, Ch. Psy 1
Continuing education, Ch. Psy 4
Examination and licensure requirements, Ch. Psy 2
License renewal, Ch. Psy 4
Professional conduct, Ch. Psy 5
School psychologists, license requirements, PI 34.061
School psychologists, private practice requirements, Ch. Psy 3
Temporary practice, Psy 2.14
public assistance PUBLIC ASSISTANCE
County relief programs, Ch. DHS 251
Fair hearings, Ch. HA 3
Food stamps, electronic benefit transfer, Ch. DHS 252
Nutrition program for women, infants and children (WIC), Ch. DHS 149
Tribal medical relief programs, Ch. DHS 250
Wisconsin works, see Wisconsin Works (W-2)
public defender board PUBLIC DEFENDER BOARD
Adversary representation, Ch. PD 5
Assignment procedure, Ch. PD 2
Certification, attorney, Ch. PD 1
Discovery payments, Ch. PD 8
Emergency assignment, PD 2.02
Indigency, criteria, Ch. PD 3