Plastic containers, labeling for recycling, Ch. ATCP 137
Poison, ATCP 139.07
Manufactured home communities, Ch. ATCP 125
Motor fuel:
Gasoline, prohibited practices, Ch. ATCP 113
Pricing, ATCP 102.21 to 102.23
Motor vehicle repair, Ch. ATCP 132
Motor vehicle trade practices, Ch. Trans 139
Price comparison advertising, Ch. ATCP 124
Real estate advertising, advance fees, Ch. ATCP 114
Referral selling plans, Ch. ATCP 121
Residential rental practices, Ch. ATCP 134
Sales by weight, measure and count, Ch. ATCP 91
Restaurants, retail food establishments, Ch. ATCP 75
Securities, see Securities
Soda water beverage industry, price discrimination, ATCP 102.11 to 102.16
Toys, banned, ATCP 139.05
Television, telecommunication, and internet services, Ch. ATCP 123
Underground tanks; flammable, combustible and hazardous liquids, Ch. ATCP 93
Unfair sales(below cost), Ch. ATCP 105
Universities and colleges, for-profit Ch. SPS 405
Vegetable procurement trade practices, Ch. ATCP 101
Weighing and measuring devices, Ch. ATCP 92
Work recruitment schemes, Ch. ATCP 116
traffic control TRAFFIC CONTROL
State parks, NR 45.05
State treatment institutions, Ch. DHS 60
Wisconsin Veterans Home, VA 6.03
transportation TRANSPORTATION
Airbags, safety belts, installed and operational, Trans 305.27
Airport improvement, conditions of state aid, Ch. Trans 55
Airport siting, standards, Ch. Trans 57
Airports, land acquisition loan program, Ch. Trans 54
Alcohol breath testing, Ch. Trans 311
Ambulance inspection:
General provisions, Trans 309.01 to 309.08
Medical and surgical equipment, Trans 309.21 to 309.25
Vehicle standards, Trans 309.09 to 309.20
Anhydrous ammonia, Ch. SPS 343
Auction dealers, Trans 138.05
Automated partnership processing system, Ch. Trans 156
Backhaul permits, Ch. Trans 262
Bridge inspection standards, Ch. Trans 212
Bridges, design and construction, Ch. Trans 207
Buses, see Motor Carriers
Child restraint standards, Ch. Trans 310
Combination trucks, designated highways for operation, Ch. Trans 276
Commercial operator licensing:
Alcohol use restrictions, Ch. Trans 119
Employer notification program, Ch. Trans 118
Occupational driver's license, Ch. Trans 117
Third party testing, Ch. Trans 115
Time, routes or area limitations, Trans 117.09
Construction site erosion control, storm water management, Ch. Trans 401
Contractors, debarment, suspension and ineligibility, Ch. Trans 504
Converters, issuance of; manufacturer's or wholesaler's license, Ch. Trans 137
Counter service and fees, Trans 196.03
County trunk highway standards, Ch. Trans 205
Bonds, claims against, Trans 140.20 to 140.28
Business sign, Trans 138.06
Electronic processing of titles and registrations, Ch. Trans 141
Facility, Trans 138.03
Licensing, financial eligibility requirements, Ch. Trans 140
Records kept, Trans 138.04
Temporary sales locations, Trans 138.08
Designated highway for vehicle length and combination, Ch. Trans 276
Division of land abutting a state trunk highway or connecting highway, Ch. Trans 233
Driver's license, Ch. Trans 102
Copying, Trans 102.205
Point system, Ch. Trans 101
Requirements for examination, Ch. Trans 104
Suspension or revocation, Trans 101.04, 101.06
Driver licensing of persons with chemical abuse or dependency problems, Ch. Trans 107
Elderly and disabled transportation program, Ch. Trans 2
Electronic processing of titles and registrations by dealers, Ch. Trans 141
Environmental policy act procedures for department actions, Ch. Trans 400
Escort vehicles:
Conditions, general, Trans 252.03
Equipment requirements, Trans 252.05
Operator qualifications and duties, Trans 252.04
Police escorts, exempted, Trans 252.06
Farm service commercial driver license, Trans 102.20
Federal public transit assistance, allocation to urbanized areas under 200,000 population, Ch. Trans 8
Fees, convenience fees, Ch. Trans 198
Forest and agricultural products, Ch. Trans 259
Garbage or refuse transportation permit, Ch. Trans 269