2006 Special Committee on Charter Schools

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  • The special committee is directed to study current state laws relating to charter schools and to develop proposed legislation for new charter schools to be created and to improve the ability of charter schools to serve pupils. The committee may examine funding of charter schools, including providing funding for technology in charter schools and financing of charter school facilities; accountability for charter school pupil performance; transportation of pupils to charter schools; the types of entities that may establish or contract for the establishment of charter schools; the types of entities with which a chartering entity may contract to operate a charter school; benefits provided to charter school employees; the process by which charter schools are established or a contract is renewed or terminated; benef

September 26, 2016 Meeting [ Agenda | Minutes ]

October 17, 2006 Meeting [ Agenda ]

November 28, 2006 Meeting [ Agenda | Minutes ]

December 19, 2006 Meeting [ Agenda ]

April 9, 2007 Meeting (Canceled)

June 12, 2007 Joint Legislative Council Meeting

June 25, 2007 Meeting (no quorum)

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