2020 Legislative Council Study Committee on Public Disclosure and Oversight of Child Abuse and Neglect Incidents

Legislative Council Staff

Melissa Schmidt

Amber Otis


Representative Snyder (Chair)

Senator Bernier (Vice-Chair)

Diane Cable

Emily Coddington

Susan Conwell

Tim Easker

Senator Jacque

Senator Johnson

Jermaine Reed

Lisa Roberts

Representative Subeck

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  • The study committee is directed to examine the requirements created by 2009 Wisconsin Act 78, and analyze whether those requirements provide an effective mechanism for public disclosure and legislative oversight of certain egregious incidents of child abuse or neglect and certain reports of abuse of children placed in out-of-home care. The committee shall consider whether to modify the types of incidents prompting disclosure and reports, as well as the nature and timing of any required disclosures or reports. In addition, the committee shall consider modifying the manner in which the Legislature reviews the required disclosures and reports and consider whether to subject alternative or additional information to regular review by the Legislature.

August 27, 2020 Meeting 1:00 p.m. [ Agenda | Minutes ]

September 23, 2020 Meeting 1:00 p.m. [ Agenda | Minutes ]

November 18, 2020 Meeting 1:00 p.m. [ Agenda | Minutes ]

December 10, 2020 Meeting 9:00 a.m. [ Minutes | Agenda ]

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