2020 Symposia Series on Workforce Housing

Legislative Council Staff

Scott Grosz

Ethan Lauer

Parker Conover

Hearing Notices


  • The Symposia Series on Workforce Housing will present information on the affordability of workforce housing in Wisconsin. The symposia will explore underlying issues, such as the cost of building materials and regulations under current law that affect the cost of construction of new, or rehabilitation of existing, affordable workforce housing. Further, the symposia will survey how other states have incentivized or reduced barriers to the development of affordable workforce housing by utilizing tax policy, zoning, and land use regulations. The symposia will consider how other states’ solutions might be tailored to Wisconsin to create affordable housing in both rural and urban parts of the state.

Week 1 - Overview of Workforce Housing in Wisconsin [ Notice ]

Week 2 - The Building Blocks of Workforce Housing [ Notice ]

Week 3 - The Cost of Workforce Housing Development [ Notice ]

Week 4 - Survey of Other States' Approaches to Workforce Housing [ Notice ]