Administration -- Division of Gaming

Administration -- Energy and Environment

Administration -- General Agency Provisions

Administration -- Housing and Homelessness

Administration -- Personnel Management

Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection -- Agricultural Assistance

Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection -- Departmentwide

Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection -- Environment

Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection -- Regulatory Programs

Board of Commissioners of Public Lands

Board on Aging and Long-Term Care

Budget Stabilization Fund

Building Program

Children and Families -- Child Welfare

Children and Families -- Departmentwide and Child Support Enforcement

Children and Families -- Juvenile Justice

Children and Families -- TANF and Economic Support

Compensation Reserves

Corrections -- Adult Institutions

Corrections -- Community Corrections

Corrections -- Departmentwide

Corrections -- Juvenile Corrections

District Attorneys

Elections Commission

Employee Trust Funds

Employment Relations Commission

Environmental Improvement Fund

Ethics Commission

Financial Institutions

General Fund Taxes -- Income and Franchise Taxes

General Fund Taxes -- Refundable Tax Credits and Other Payments

General Fund Taxes -- Sales and Use Taxes

Health Services -- Care and Treatment Facilities

Health Services -- Community Based Behavioral Health

Health Services -- Elder and Disability Services

Health Services -- Medical Assistance

Health Services -- Medical Assistance and FoodShare Administration

Health Services -- Public Health

Higher Educational Aids Board

Insurance -- Agency Operations and Current Programs


Military Affairs

Miscellaneous Appropriations

Multiple Agencies -- Other

Natural Resources -- Departmentwide

Natural Resources -- Fish and Wildlife

Natural Resources -- Forestry and Parks

Natural Resources -- Motorized Recreation

Natural Resources -- Stewardship

Natural Resources -- Waste, Remediation, and Air

Natural Resources -- Water Quality

Public Defender

Public Instruction -- Categorical Aids

Public Instruction -- General School Aids and Revenue Limits

Public Service Commission -- Broadband Provisions

Public Service Commission -- Departmentwide and Energy Programs


Revenue -- Lottery Administration

Safety and Professional Services

Shared Revenue and Tax Relief -- Direct Aid Payments


Transportation -- Departmentwide

Transportation -- Local Transportation Aid

Transportation -- Local Transportation Assistance

Transportation -- Motor Vehicles

Transportation -- State Highway Program

Transportation -- State Patrol

Transportation -- Transportation Finance

University of Wisconsin System

Veterans Affairs

Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation

Wisconsin Technical College System

Workforce Development -- Departmentwide and Worker's Compensation

Workforce Development -- Employment and Training

Workforce Development -- Equal Rights and Employment Regulation

Workforce Development -- Unemployment Insurance