115.28(17)(c) (c) Promulgate rules which further define “American Indian" under s. 115.71 (2) (d).
115.28(17)(d) (d) Develop a curriculum for grades 4 to 12 on the Chippewa Indians' treaty-based, off-reservation rights to hunt, fish and gather.
115.28(18) (18) Pupil membership audits. Annually require at least 25 percent of school boards to audit the number of pupils reported for membership purposes under s. 120.14 (1).
115.28(19) (19) Federal discretionary funds. Ensure that federal aid received under 20 USC 1411 (c) (1) (A) is not used to supplant or replace funding available from other sources.
115.28(20) (20) Council for Milwaukee public schools grant programs. Appoint a council under s. 15.04 (1) (c) composed of residents of the school district established under ch. 119 who are selected to reflect the pluralistic nature of the school district. The council shall:
115.28(20)(a) (a) Advise the state superintendent on funding criteria and evaluation plans for grant programs for the school district operating under ch. 119.
115.28(20)(b) (b) Advise the state superintendent on the programs that meet or do not meet the funding criteria.
115.28(20)(c) (c) Assist the state superintendent in monitoring the progress of funded programs.
115.28(20)(d) (d) Recommend to the state superintendent needed changes in statutes or rules relating to grant programs.
115.28(20)(e) (e) Submit to the state superintendent an annual report detailing the council's activities, accomplishments and projected needs.
115.28(20)(f) (f) Assist in ensuring that various grant programs operate compatibly.
115.28(22) (22) Information for tax bills. By November 1, provide to the department of revenue the information about school aids distributed to each school district that will enable that department to furnish to taxation districts the information required under s. 73.03 (31).
115.28(23) (23) Wisconsin educational opportunity programs. Administer Wisconsin educational opportunity programs on a statewide basis to assist minority and economically disadvantaged youth and adults in pursuing higher education opportunities. The statewide programs shall consist of all of the following:
115.28(23)(a) (a) A talent search program which shall provide information to youths and adults about postsecondary education and counseling to aid pupils in defining educational goals, applying and enrolling in postsecondary institutions and obtaining financial aid.
115.28(23)(b) (b) A talent incentive program which shall provide supplemental aid to financially needy pupils to promote attendance at postsecondary institutions.
115.28(23)(c) (c) An early identification program which shall provide services to pupils under s. 115.44.
115.28(23)(d) (d) The precollege scholarship program under s. 115.43.
115.28(24) (24) Priority in awarding grants. Give priority in awarding grants to school boards under s. 115.36, and in awarding grants from federal funds received under 20 USC 2301 to 2471, 20 USC 4601 to 4665 and 29 USC 2862 (b) (1) (B), to programs that provide more than one of the educational services specified under s. 115.36, 115.915, 118.01 (2) (d) 7. or 8. or 118.153 or 20 USC 2301 to 2471, 20 USC 4601 to 4665 or 29 USC 2862 (b) (1) (B).
115.28(25) (25) School technology resource grants. Consult with the department of administration before awarding school technology resource grants under 20 USC 6842.
115.28(26) (26) Periodical and reference information databases. Contract with one or more persons to provide statewide access, through the Internet, to periodical and reference information databases.
115.28(27) (27) WISElearn. Develop and maintain an online resource, called WISElearn, to provide educational resources for parents, teachers, and pupils; offer online learning opportunities; provide regional technical support centers; provide professional development for teachers; and enable video conferencing.
115.28(28) (28) Recollection Wisconsin. Annually distribute the amount appropriated under s. 20.255 (3) (s) to Wisconsin Library Services, Inc., to support the digitization of historic materials in public libraries throughout the state.
115.28(30) (30) Career and technical student organizations.
115.28(30)(a) (a) Give priority to assisting school boards to operate career and technical student organizations and related career and technical education programs.
115.28(30)(b) (b) Provide in the department administrative leadership for career and technical student organizations and the following career and technical student organization educational consultants:
115.28(30)(b)1. 1. One full-time consultant in agriculture education.
115.28(30)(b)2. 2. One full-time consultant in business education.
115.28(30)(b)3. 3. One full-time consultant in technology education.
115.28(30)(b)4. 4. One full-time consultant in family and consumer sciences education.
115.28(30)(b)5. 5. One full-time consultant in marketing education.
115.28(30)(b)6. 6. One half-time consultant in health science education.
115.28(30)(d) (d) Provide in the department a career and technical education and career and technical student organizations team consisting of those educational consultants specified in par. (b).
115.28(31) (31) Accommodation of religious beliefs. Promulgate rules providing for the reasonable accommodation of a pupil's sincerely held religious beliefs with regard to all examinations and other academic requirements.
115.28 Cross-reference Cross-reference: See also ch. PI 41, Wis. adm. code.
115.28(36) (36) Report on goals. Report to the governor and to the appropriate standing committees of the legislature under s. 13.172 (3) the progress made by school districts toward attaining state educational goals and the state vision for education.
115.28(39) (39) Alcohol and other drug abuse report. Biennially by July 1, evaluate the effectiveness of the programs under s. 115.36 and submit a report to the legislature under s. 13.172 (2).
115.28(40) (40) Milwaukee public museum. Annually distribute the amount appropriated under s. 20.255 (3) (eg) to the Milwaukee Public Museum to develop curricula and exhibits relating to African American history if the Milwaukee Public Museum provides an equal amount of money for that purpose.
115.28(41) (41) Elks and Easter Seals Center for Respite and Recreation. Annually distribute the amount appropriated under s. 20.255 (3) (d) to the Elks and Easter Seals Center for Respite and Recreation.
115.28(42) (42) Wisconsin geographic education program. Enter into an agreement with the National Geographic Society Education Foundation to establish a geographical education program in this state. The agreement shall require each of the following:
115.28(42)(a) (a) That the National Geographic Society Education Foundation shall establish and manage a trust fund consisting of any grant made under 2001 Wisconsin Act 16, section 9101 (10) (b), and $500,000 in matching funds provided by the Foundation.
115.28(42)(b) (b) That, from the trust fund established under par. (a) and any income thereon, the National Geographic Society Education Foundation shall award grants and support programs for improving geographical education in this state, with an emphasis on improving student use of geographic information systems technology.
115.28(42)(c) (c) That the National Geographic Society Education Foundation annually submit to the department an audited financial statement of the trust fund established under par. (a) that is prepared by an independent auditor and a report listing the names of grant recipients and the amounts and purposes of awards and other expenditures made from the trust fund.
115.28(42)(d) (d) That, if the trust fund established under par. (a) is dissolved, the National Geographic Society Education Foundation shall return to the department the grant made under 2001 Wisconsin Act 16, section 9101 (10) (b), and unexpended income thereon.
115.28(42)(e) (e) That the agreement is not effective unless the secretary of administration determines that the transfer between the appropriation accounts described under 2001 Wisconsin Act 16, section 9101 (10) (b), has occurred and that the National Geographic Society Education Foundation has provided the matching funds described in par. (a).
115.28(43) (43) School safety funding. With the department of justice, seek and apply for federal funds relating to school safety and reducing violence and disruption in schools, including funds for alternative schools or programs.
115.28(45) (45) Grants for bullying prevention. From the appropriation under s. 20.255 (3) (eb), award grants to a nonprofit organization, as defined in s. 108.02 (19), to provide training and an online bullying prevention curriculum for pupils in grades kindergarten to 8.
115.28(48) (48) Veterans. Encourage school boards to invite armed forces veterans to school to discuss their experiences as veterans.
115.28(49) (49) Charter school report. Annually report to the legislature, in the manner provided under s. 13.172 (2), on the status of existing charter schools, the number of petitions for new charter schools, and school board and departmental action on petitions for new charter schools.
115.28(50) (50) Transition services. In cooperation with the department of workforce development and the department of health services, establish a clearinghouse for information about the special education transition services and vocational opportunities available in each county. Each of the 3 departments shall post information about the clearinghouse on its Internet site.
115.28(51) (51) Funeral assistants. Encourage school boards to grant an excused absence to a pupil in grades 6 to 12 for the purpose of sounding “Taps" during a military honors funeral for a deceased veteran.
115.28(52) (52) Adult literacy grants. From the appropriation under s. 20.255 (3) (b), award grants to nonprofit organizations, as defined in s. 108.02 (19), to support programs that train community-based adult literacy staff and to establish new volunteer-based programs in areas of this state that have a demonstrated need for adult literacy services. No organization may receive more than one grant in any fiscal year.
115.28(53) (53) Online courses. Make online courses available for a reasonable fee, through a statewide web academy, to school districts, cooperative educational service agencies, and charter schools, private schools, and tribal schools located in this state.
115.28(54) (54) Collaborative content delivery and online instruction. Promote the delivery of digital content and collaborative instruction among schools within a school district and between 2 or more school districts, including through online courses. To accomplish the objectives of this subsection, the department may not promulgate a rule that requires a licensed teacher or instructional staff person, defined as required under s. 121.02 (1) (a) 2., to be physically present in a classroom in which the delivery of content or collaborative instruction is being provided in that classroom digitally or through an online course.
115.28(54m) (54m) Notice of educational options. Include on the home page of the department's Internet site a link to information about all of the educational options available to children in the state who are at least 3 years old but not yet 18 years old, including public schools, private schools participating in a parental choice program, charter schools, virtual schools, full-time or part-time open enrollment in a nonresident school district, the early college credit program, and options for pupils enrolled in a home-based private educational program.
115.28(55) (55) Social studies standards; organized labor. Incorporate the history of organized labor and the collective bargaining process into the model academic standards for social studies.
115.28(55m) (55m) The Holocaust and other genocides; model standards, curricula, and instructional materials.
115.28(55m)(a)(a) Incorporate the Holocaust, as defined in s. 121.02 (1) (L) 8. a., and other genocides into the model academic standards for social studies.
115.28(55m)(b) (b) Develop a model curriculum and related instructional materials for pupils in grades 5 to 8 on the Holocaust, as defined in s. 121.02 (1) (L) 8. a., and other genocides.
115.28(55m)(c) (c) Develop a model curriculum and related instructional materials for pupils in grades 9 to 12 on the Holocaust, as defined in s. 121.02 (1) (L) 8. a., and other genocides.
115.28(56) (56) Guidebook related to dyslexia and related conditions.
115.28(56)(a)(a) At least once every 3 school years, in consultation with the International Dyslexia Association – Wisconsin Branch, Inc., and the Wisconsin State Reading Association, Inc., review the guidebook related to dyslexia and related conditions developed under 2019 Wisconsin Act 86, section 3 (2), and, if appropriate, revise the guidebook.
115.28(56)(b) (b) Publish on the department's Internet site the guidebook related to dyslexia and related conditions developed under 2019 Wisconsin Act 86, section 3 (2), and any revisions under par. (a). The guidebook shall be published for informational purposes only.
115.28(58) (58) Assessment for interstate compact on educational opportunity for military children. Annually determine the amount of the assessment under s. 115.997 (14) (b). The amount shall be the lesser of $1,000 or the amount calculated by multiplying $1 by the number of children of military families, as defined in s. 115.997 (2) (b), who are enrolled in public schools in this state.
115.28(59) (59) Academic and career planning.
115.28(59)(a) (a) Ensure that, beginning in the 2017-18 school year, every school board is providing academic and career planning services to pupils enrolled in grades 6 to 12 in the school district.
115.28(59)(b) (b) Procure, install, and maintain information technology, including computer software, to be used statewide by school districts to provide academic and career planning services to pupils in grades 6 to 12.
115.28(59)(c) (c) Provide guidance, training, and technical assistance to school districts and school district staff, including teachers and counselors, on how to implement model academic and career plans, including training and technical assistance that is necessary to implement the information technology under par. (b).
115.28(59)(d) (d) Promulgate rules to implement this subsection.
115.28(61) (61) Whole grade sharing feasibility studies. Approve organizations to conduct feasibility studies under s. 118.50 (2) (c).
115.28(62) (62) Microsoft IT Academy coordinator. Designate one individual to serve as the coordinator of the Microsoft IT Academy program.
115.28(63) (63) Mental health training program. Establish a mental health training support program under which the department provides training on all of the following evidence-based strategies related to addressing mental health issues in schools to school district staff and instructional staff of charter schools under s. 118.40 (2r) or (2x):
115.28(63)(a) (a) The screening, brief intervention, and referral to treatment program.
115.28(63)(b) (b) Trauma sensitive schools.
115.28(63)(c) (c) Youth mental health first aid.
115.28(64) (64) College Possible. Annually, from the appropriation under s. 20.255 (3) (fc), award a grant to College Possible, Inc., to work with pupils and college students in Milwaukee. The grant amount shall be determined on a matching basis, under which College Possible, Inc., provides matching funds in an amount equal to 20 percent of the grant amount.
115.28(65) (65) Wisconsin Reading Corps. Annually distribute the amounts appropriated under s. 20.255 (3) (fr) to Wisconsin Reading Corps to provide one-on-one tutoring if Wisconsin Reading Corps provides matching funds of $250,000 in each school year.
115.28 Note NOTE: 1993 Wis. Act 339, which created sub. (7) (e), contains explanatory notes.
115.28 Annotation The Department of Public Instruction may, if so authorized under s. 16.54, implement the school lunch program and special food service plan for children in secular and sectarian private schools and child-care institutions without violating the U.S. or Wisconsin Constitutions. 63 Atty. Gen. 473.
115.29 115.29 General powers. The state superintendent may:
115.29(1) (1) Designate representative. Designate the deputy state superintendent or another employee of the department as the state superintendent's representative on any body on which the state superintendent is required to serve, except the board of regents of the University of Wisconsin System.
115.29(2) (2) Educational meetings. Attend such educational meetings and make such investigations as the state superintendent deems important and as will acquaint the state superintendent with the different systems of public schools in the United States.
115.29(3) (3) Auxiliary instructional employees. By order, establish classes of auxiliary instructional employees and authorize their employment in the instructional program of the elementary and high schools for specific purposes and their reimbursement from the instructional budget. Auxiliary instructional employees shall not be covered as teachers as defined in s. 40.02 (55) or under s. 118.21, 118.22 or 121.006 (2) but shall be eligible under the public employee trust fund as participating employees as defined in s. 40.02 (46), if it is made applicable, other than through s. 40.21 (3), to the school district employing them.
115.29(4) (4) High school graduation equivalency.
115.29(4)(a) (a) Grant a declaration of equivalency of high school graduation to an individual if the individual has successfully completed the civics test required under s. 118.33 (1m) (a) and if, in the state superintendent's judgment, the individual has presented satisfactory evidence of having completed a recognized high school course of study or its equivalent. The state superintendent may establish the standards by which high school graduation equivalency is determined. Such standards may consist of evidence of high school courses completed in high schools recognized by the proper authorities as accredited, results of examinations given by or at the request of the state superintendent, successful completion of correspondence study courses given by acceptable correspondence study schools, a general educational development certificate of high school equivalency issued by an agency of the U.S. government, course credits received in schools meeting the approval of the state superintendent, or other standards established by the state superintendent.
115.29(4)(b) (b) Promulgate rules establishing fees for issuing a declaration of equivalency of high school graduation or a general educational development certificate under par. (a). The rules may provide exemptions from the fees based on financial need.
115.29 Cross-reference Cross-reference: See also ch. PI 5, Wis. adm. code.
115.29(5) (5) Teacher supply, information and analysis. Assist school boards, cooperative educational service agencies and county children with disabilities education boards to locate qualified professional school personnel, assist qualified professional school personnel to locate vacant positions and provide information and analysis of the professional school personnel supply.
115.29(6) (6) English language proficiency assessment system. Assist in the establishment of, and participate in, a consortium of state education agencies organized to obtain public and private funds to be used to purchase an English language proficiency assessment system.
2021-22 Wisconsin Statutes updated through 2023 Wis. Act 210 and through all Supreme Court and Controlled Substances Board Orders filed before and in effect on May 17, 2024. Published and certified under s. 35.18. Changes effective after May 17, 2024, are designated by NOTES. (Published 5-17-24)