145.07(11) (11)An application for registration as a pipelayer shall be made to the department with the fees required by the department under s. 145.08 (1) (q). The department shall approve the registration of any person as a pipelayer if the person is employed by a utility contractor and if the person is engaged in the practical installation, within public or private premises, of piping which conveys sewage, rain water or other liquid wastes to a legal point of disposal or engages in the practical installation of water service piping from the street main to the immediate inside building perimeter.
145.07(12) (12)An applicant for registration as a cross-connection control tester shall submit an application and registration fee to the department as prescribed by the rules promulgated under s. 145.02 (4) (b).
145.08 145.08 Fees; expiration of license; registration.
145.08(1)(1)The department shall establish fees by rule for the examinations, licenses, and registrations specified in this section. The fees established by the department shall as closely as possible equal the cost of providing the following services:
145.08(1)(a) (a) Administering a master plumber's examination.
145.08(1)(b) (b) Issuing a master plumber's license.
145.08(1)(c) (c) Administering a journeyman plumber's examination.
145.08(1)(d) (d) Issuing a journeyman plumber's license.
145.08(1)(e) (e) Issuing a temporary permit pending examination and issuance of a license for master plumber or journeyman plumber.
145.08(1)(f) (f) Administering a master plumber's (restricted) examination.
145.08(1)(g) (g) Issuing a master plumber's license (restricted).
145.08(1)(h) (h) Administering a journeyman plumber's (restricted) examination.
145.08(1)(i) (i) Issuing a journeyman plumber's license (restricted).
145.08(1)(k) (k) Administering an automatic fire sprinkler contractor's examination.
145.08(1)(L) (L) Issuing an automatic fire sprinkler contractor's license.
145.08(1)(Lm) (Lm) Issuing an automatic fire sprinkler — maintenance only registration.
145.08(1)(m) (m) Administering a journeyman automatic fire sprinkler fitter's examination.
145.08(1)(n) (n) Issuing a journeyman automatic fire sprinkler fitter's license.
145.08(1)(nm) (nm) Issuing an automatic fire sprinkler fitter — maintenance only registration certificate.
145.08(1)(o) (o) Issuing a utility contractor's license.
145.08(1)(q) (q) Issuing a pipelayer's registration.
145.08(1g) (1g)The department may not charge a plumbing supervisor employed by the department in accord with s. 145.02 (3) (a) a fee for the appropriate 4-year license for which the plumbing supervisor has previously qualified.
145.08(2) (2)No license or registration may be issued for longer than 4 years. Any license or registration may be renewed upon application made prior to the date of expiration. The department may renew licenses or registrations upon application made after the date of expiration if it is satisfied that the applicant has good cause for not applying for renewal prior to the date of expiration and upon payment of the renewal and additional fees prescribed.
145.08(3) (3)To establish a record of beginning an apprenticeship, as a plumber, as an automatic fire sprinkler system apprentice, or as a plumber learner (restricted), every plumbing and automatic fire sprinkler system apprentice and every plumbing learner (restricted) shall within 30 days after beginning an apprenticeship or learnership register with the department. A fee established by the department by rule shall be paid at the time of registration and before January 1 of each subsequent calendar year during which the apprentice is engaged in the apprenticeship or learnership.
145.09 145.09 State comity.
145.09(1m)(1m)Any person may be accepted for examination for the appropriate classification of license without submitting evidence required under s. 145.07, if:
145.09(1m)(a) (a) The person holds a current license under the laws of any other state, or under the ordinances of any city, town or village, having license provisions governing plumbers that the department determines are equivalent to the requirements of this chapter; or
145.09(1m)(b) (b) The person has practical experience in plumbing in another state that the department determines is equivalent to the experience required under this chapter.
145.09(2m) (2m)The department shall accept for a journeyman plumber's examination a person to whom all of the following apply:
145.09(2m)(a) (a) The person completed a plumbing apprenticeship under s. 106.025 or under the laws of any other state.
145.09(2m)(b) (b) The person passed a journeyman plumber's examination in any other state.
145.09(2m)(c) (c) The person has practiced for at least 5 years under a journeyman plumber's license or equivalent license issued by another state having licensure provisions governing plumbers that the department determines are substantially similar to the requirements under this chapter and the rules promulgated under this chapter, and the person has not been the subject of any disciplinary actions related to that license or any other equivalent license.
145.09 History History: 1981 c. 60; 2017 a. 59.
145.10 145.10 Investigations, hearings; suspension, revocation.
145.10(1)(1)The department may make investigations and conduct hearings and may, on its own or upon complaint in writing duly signed and verified by the complainant, and after providing not less than 10 days' notice to the licensee, suspend any master or journeyman plumber's license, cross-connection control tester's registration, utility contractor's license or temporary permit if it has reason to believe, and may revoke such license, registration or permit in the manner provided under this section if it finds, that the holder of such license, registration or permit has:
145.10(1)(a) (a) Made a material misstatement in the application for a license or registration or renewal thereof or for a temporary permit;
145.10(1)(am) (am) Committed gross negligence or misconduct or is incompetent in the practice covered by the person's license, registration or permit;
145.10(1)(b) (b) Failed to correct an installation for which he or she is responsible, at his or her own expense, within 30 days following notification by the department of a violation of any rule adopted under this chapter; or
145.10(1)(c) (c) Falsified information on an inspection form under s. 145.20 (5).
145.10(2) (2)A copy of the complaint with notice of the suspension of license, registration or permit shall be served on the person complained against, and the person's answer to the complaint shall be filed with the department and the complainant within 10 days after service. The department shall thereupon set the matter for hearing as promptly as possible and within 30 days after the date of filing the complaint. Either party may appear at the hearing in person or by attorney or agent. The department shall make its findings and determination within 90 days after the date that the hearing is concluded and send a copy to each interested party.
145.10(3) (3)No order revoking a license, registration or permit shall be made until after a public hearing to be held before the department at such place as the department designates. At least 10 days prior to the hearing the department shall send written notice of the time and place of the hearing to the licensee or permittee and to the person's attorney or agent of record by mailing the notice to the last-known address of such persons. The testimony presented and proceedings had at the hearing shall be recorded and preserved as the records of the department. The department shall as soon thereafter as possible make its findings and determination and send a copy to each interested party. One year after the date of revocation, application may be made for a new license or registration.
145.11 145.11 Advertising restrictions.
145.11(1)(1)No person offering plumbing services may do any of the following, unless the person is a licensed master plumber or employs a licensed master plumber:
145.11(1)(a) (a) Advertise as a plumbing contractor, master plumber or plumber.
145.11(1)(b) (b) Append his or her name to, or in connection with, the title “plumbing contractor", “master plumber" or “plumber".
145.11(1)(c) (c) Append his or her name to any other title or words that may tend to represent the person as a plumbing contractor, master plumber or plumber.
145.11(2) (2)No person other than a licensed master plumber shall use or display the title “Master Plumber" or append his or her name to or in connection with such title or any other title or words which represent or may tend to represent him or her as a licensed master plumber. Every holder of a master plumber's license shall promptly notify the department of any change of his or her business address.
145.11(3) (3)Any person who advertises as a master plumber through the use of printed material designed for public distribution shall include in the advertisement the number of his or her license as a master plumber. Any person who advertises as a plumbing contractor through the use of printed material designed for public distribution shall include in the advertisement the license number of the master plumber employed by the plumbing contractor.
145.11(4) (4)Subsection (1) does not apply to any person who advertises as providing services for which no license is required under s. 145.06, unless the person holds himself or herself out as providing services for which a license is required.
145.11 History History: 1983 a. 125; 1993 a. 482.
145.12 145.12 Prohibitions and penalties.
145.12(1)(1)Any person who engages in or follows the business or occupation of, or advertises or holds himself or herself out as or acts temporarily or otherwise as a master plumber, as an automatic fire sprinkler contractor or as a business establishment holding an automatic fire sprinkler-maintenance only registration certificate without first having secured the required license or certificate, or who otherwise violates any provisions of this chapter, shall be fined not less than $100 nor more than $500 or imprisoned for 30 days or both. Each day such violation continues shall be a separate offense.
145.12(2) (2)Any person violating this chapter or failing to obey a lawful order of the department, or a judgment or decree of a court in connection with this chapter, may be imprisoned for not more than 3 months or fined not more than $500.
145.12(3) (3)Any master plumber who shall employ an apprentice on plumbing representing the apprentice to be a journeyman, or who shall charge for an apprentice a journeyman's wage, shall be punished by a fine of not more than $25, or by imprisonment in the county jail for not more than 30 days. Each day of violation shall be a separate offense.
145.12(4) (4)Any person who violates any order under s. 145.02 (3) (f) or 145.20 (2) (f) or any rule or standard adopted under s. 145.02 shall forfeit not less than $10 nor more than $1,000 for each violation. Each violation of an order under s. 145.02 (3) (f) or 145.20 (2) (f) or a rule or standard under s. 145.02 constitutes a separate offense, and each day of continued violation is a separate offense.
145.12(5) (5)
145.12(5)(a)(a) In lieu of any other penalty under this section, the department may directly assess a forfeiture by issuing an order against any person who violates s. 145.06 or 145.20 (6). The department may not assess a forfeiture exceeding $2,000 for each violation.
145.12(5)(b) (b) The department shall promulgate rules specifying the procedures governing the assessment of forfeitures under this subsection including the following:
145.12(5)(b)1. 1. The procedure for issuing an order for an alleged violation.
145.12(5)(b)2. 2. The amount of a forfeiture that the department may assess for an alleged violation, subject to the limit under par. (a).
145.12(5)(b)3. 3. The procedure for contesting an order issued for an alleged violation.
145.12(5)(b)4. 4. The procedure for contesting the assessment of a forfeiture for an alleged violation.
145.12(5)(c) (c) The department shall remit all forfeitures paid under this subsection to the secretary of administration for deposit in the school fund.
145.12(5)(d) (d) All forfeitures that are not paid as required under this subsection shall accrue interest at the rate of 12 percent per year.
145.12(5)(e) (e) The attorney general may bring an action in the name of the state to collect any forfeiture imposed, or interest accrued, under this subsection if the forfeiture or interest has not been paid after the exhaustion of all administrative and judicial reviews.
145.14 145.14 Plumbers license (restricted).
145.14(1)(a)(a) Persons licensed as master plumbers (restricted), journeyman plumbers (restricted) or registered learners shall be classified by the department under sub. (2) and shall be restricted to the type of work for which they have been classified and to the requirements indicated in this section.
145.14(1)(b) (b) Persons licensed as journeyman plumbers (restricted) or registered learners shall work under the supervision of a master plumber or a master plumber (restricted). A master plumber (restricted) may also work as a journeyman plumber (restricted). No journeyman plumber (restricted) or registered learner shall contract for work, advertise or do anything which would lead others to believe him to be qualified as a master plumber (restricted) in his classification.
145.14(1)(c) (c) All persons licensed as master plumbers (restricted), journeyman plumbers (restricted) or registered learners shall be subject to all laws and rules governing plumbers. If qualified, persons may be licensed under any number of classifications under sub. (2). Separate licenses shall be issued under sub. (2) (a) and (b), but licenses issued under sub. (2) (b) may extend to any number of items under that paragraph.
145.14(2) (2) Classifications. The classifications which the department shall use are a sewer services classification and an “appliances, equipment and devices" classification. Persons so classified may engage in the following types of work:
145.14(2)(a) (a) Systems or services. Persons classified under this paragraph may install septic tanks for private on-site wastewater treatment systems, may install drain fields designed to serve such septic tanks, and may install sewer service from the septic tank or sewer extensions from mains to the immediate inside or proposed inside foundation wall of the building. Such persons may also install water services, stormwater use systems, and reclaimed water systems if the services or systems are to be located outside the foundation wall of the building.
145.14(2)(b) (b) Appliances, equipment or devices. Under this paragraph persons installing a water treatment device, a water heater, or any other item in connection with a water distribution system, including a stormwater use or reclaimed water system, which does not require a direct connection to a drain system are limited to making connections to existing installations. There shall be no drilling, tapping, or direct connection made to any waste or drain pipe to serve items installed under this section. The maximum length of water piping permitted to be installed under this section shall be the minimum required to connect the item to the system.
145.14 History History: 2007 a. 147; 2009 a. 200; 2011 a. 146.
145.15 145.15 Licenses.
145.15(1)(1)No city, village, town or county may require the licensing of any person licensed or registered under ss. 145.15 to 145.18 for any activity regulated under ss. 145.15 to 145.18 or rules adopted thereunder.
145.15(2) (2)All licenses issued under ss. 145.15 to 145.18 shall be issued by the department. The department shall not restrict the work done by any licensed journeyman sprinkler system fitter of any automatic fire sprinkler contractor or apprentice to any geographical territory.
145.15(3) (3)Any person not licensed under this chapter prior to April 26, 1972, who was regularly engaged in the occupation of installing automatic fire sprinkler systems on or before March 1, 1967, shall be licensed under ss. 145.15 to 145.18 without being required to pass any written, oral or practical examination qualifying the person for a license under ss. 145.15 to 145.18. Any such person shall apply for the appropriate license and pay the appropriate license fee.
145.15(4) (4)No person may install automatic fire sprinkler systems unless licensed or registered to do so by the department. Licenses and registrations pertaining to automatic fire sprinkler systems are not transferable.
145.15 History History: 1971 c. 255; 1981 c. 20; 1993 a. 482.
145.15 Cross-reference Cross-reference: See also ss. SPS 305.50, 305.51, and 305.52, Wis. adm. code.
145.16 145.16 Fire sprinkler system apprentices, registration. Automatic fire sprinkler system apprentices may not be required to apply for any license but shall register with the department as an apprentice. The apprentices shall be enrolled in a qualified apprenticeship sprinkler fitters program recognized by the department.
145.16 History History: 1971 c. 255; 1979 c. 221.
145.16 Cross-reference Cross-reference: See also s. SPS 305.53, Wis. adm. code.
145.165 145.165 Automatic fire sprinkler fitter-maintenance only registration.
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