155.05 155.05 Power of attorney for health care.
155.05(1)(1)An individual who is of sound mind and has attained age 18 may voluntarily execute a power of attorney for health care. An individual for whom an adjudication of incompetence and appointment of a guardian of the person is in effect in this state is presumed not to be of sound mind for purposes of this subsection executing a power of attorney for health care.
155.05(2) (2)Unless otherwise specified in the power of attorney for health care instrument, an individual's power of attorney for health care takes effect upon a finding of incapacity by 2 physicians, as defined in s. 448.01 (5), or one physician and one licensed advanced practice clinician, who personally examine the principal and sign a statement specifying that the principal has incapacity. Mere old age, eccentricity or physical disability, either singly or together, are insufficient to make a finding of incapacity. Neither of the individuals who make a finding of incapacity may be a relative of the principal or have knowledge that he or she is entitled to or has a claim on any portion of the principal's estate. A copy of the statement, if made, shall be appended to the power of attorney for health care instrument.
155.05(3) (3)No health care provider for an individual, employee of that health care provider or employee of a health care facility in which an individual is a patient or resides, or a spouse of any of those providers or employees, may be designated by the individual as a health care agent unless the health care provider, employee or spouse of the provider or employee is a relative of the individual.
155.05(4) (4)The desires of a principal who does not have incapacity supersede the effect of his or her power of attorney for health care at all times.
155.05(5) (5)A principal may designate an alternate individual to serve as his or her health care agent in the event that the health care agent first designated is unable or unwilling to do so.
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