195.001   Definitions.
195.02   Definitions, scope of chapter, application of statute.
195.03   Office; powers and duties, general enumeration.
195.04   Complaints, investigation, hearings, notice.
195.041   Separate rate hearings; absence of direct damage.
195.042   Summary investigations.
195.043   Procedure after summary investigation.
195.044   Witness fees and mileage.
195.045   Depositions.
195.046   Record.
195.047   Transcripts as evidence.
195.048   Incriminating evidence.
195.05   Office; water carrier rates, regulations, service, procedure.
195.055   Judicial review.
195.06   Office orders prima facie lawful.
195.07   Law enforcement.
195.08   Water carrier rates, schedules, service.
195.09   Commodity rates.
195.10   Emergency rates.
195.11   Discriminations prohibited.
195.12   Preference by water carriers prohibited.
195.13   Rebates and concessions, unlawful to accept.
195.14   Free transportation; reduced rates, passes, limitations.
195.15   Transportation contracts, filed.
195.16   Pass lists.
195.19   Relocation of facilities.
195.20   Joint use of railroad property.
195.21   Warehouses.
195.25   Medical supplies on trains.
195.26   Safety devices; block system.
195.27   Safe tracks and bridges.
195.28   Protecting grade crossings.
195.285   Exempt railroad crossings.
195.286   Highway crossings, advance warning signs.
195.29   Railroad highway crossings.
195.30   Railroad crossings; grade separation, safety devices.
195.307   Snowmobile rail crossings.
195.31   Bridges made safe.
195.32   Safety gates on drawbridges.
195.34   Reports of accidents, investigation.
195.35   Treble damages.
195.36   General penalty upon railroads and water carriers.
195.37   Water carrier freight charges; collection, refund.
195.38   Water carrier freight bills; examination; refunds.
195.45   Common carriers of passengers or property by water; certificate required.
195.50   Information, papers and accounting.
195.60   Payment of office expenses by railroads and water carriers.
Ch. 195 Cross-reference Cross-reference: See also RR, Wis. adm. code.
195.001 195.001 Definitions. In this chapter:
195.001(1m) (1m)“Department" means the department of transportation.
195.001(2) (2)“Office" means the office of the commissioner of railroads.
195.001(2m) (2m)“Railroad historical society" means a nonprofit historical society that operates railroad locomotives and rolling stock on railroad tracks for the purpose of historic preservation and is not a common carrier.
195.001(3) (3)“Railroad track equipment" means a device that is operated on rails and used primarily for the maintenance of railroads.
195.02 195.02 Definitions, scope of chapter, application of statute.
195.02(1)(1)In this chapter, unless a different meaning is manifest: “Railroad" means and embraces all corporations, companies, individuals, associations, their lessees, trustees or receivers that own, operate, manage or control any railroad or part of a railroad as a common carrier in this state, or cars, or other equipment used thereon, or bridges, terminals or sidetracks, used in connection therewith, whether owned by such railroad or otherwise.
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