341.15   Display of registration plates.
341.16   Issuance of replacement plate.
341.17   Department to compile registration lists.
341.18   Evidence of registration to be displayed on vehicles registered under quarterly or consecutive monthly systems; operation without display of registration prohibited.
341.185   Application for quarterly or consecutive monthly registration.
341.19   Telephone authorization for quarterly and consecutive monthly registration.
341.195   Suspension for failure to pay fees for telephone authorization.
341.20   Alternative vehicle registration and title pilot projects.
341.21   Registration and title transactions by contractors.
341.25   Annual and biennial registration fees.
341.255   Special transaction fees.
341.26   Special registration fees for certain vehicles.
341.264   Permanent semitrailer registration.
341.265   Antique motor vehicles; registration, plates, use.
341.266   Special interest vehicles; registration, plates, use.
341.267   Driver education motor vehicles; registration and insurance.
341.268   Reconstructed, replica, street modified and homemade vehicles; registration, plates, use.
341.269   Historic military vehicles; registration, plates, use.
341.27   Registration periods for private automobiles and taxicabs.
341.28   When part-year fees payable for private automobiles; computation of part-year fees.
341.29   Registration for vehicles other than private automobiles and taxicabs.
341.295   Special registration period for vehicles other than private automobiles and taxicabs.
341.297   Biennial registration.
341.30   Quarterly registration.
341.305   Consecutive monthly registration.
341.307   Optional vehicle fleet registration.
341.308   Optional trailer fleet registration.
341.31   When part-period fees payable for vehicles other than automobiles; computation of part-period fees.
341.32   Vehicle to be reregistered if subject to a different fee.
341.33   When fees refundable.
341.335   Notice of change of address, name or vehicle color.
341.35   Municipal or county vehicle registration fee.
341.36   Fee to reinstate suspended or revoked registration.
341.40   Exemption of nonresidents and foreign-registered vehicles.
341.405   International registration plan.
341.409   Reciprocal registration exemption agreements for federally recognized Indian tribes or bands.
341.41   Reciprocity agreements authorized.
341.43   Audits and appeals.
341.45   Importation in vehicle tanks regulated; taxes; fee; permits.
341.47   When vehicles of dealers, distributors, manufacturers and transporters exempt from general registration requirements.
341.51   When department to register dealer, distributor, manufacturer or transporter; application.
341.52   Design of registration plates.
341.53   Expiration of registration; transferability of plates.
341.55   Penalty for misuse of plates.
341.57   Registration of finance companies and financial institutions.
341.60   Fraudulent application for registration or license.
341.605   Unlawful transfer of evidence of registration.
341.61   Improper use of evidence of registration.
341.615   Reproducing evidence of registration prohibited.
341.62   False evidence of registration.
341.625   Special registration plates.
341.63   When registration to be suspended.
341.64   Transfer of vehicle ownership while registration is suspended.
341.65   Unregistered motor vehicles prohibited; immobilization; removal; disposal.
subch. I of ch. 341 SUBCHAPTER I
341.01 341.01 Words and phrases defined.
341.01(1)(1)Words and phrases defined in s. 340.01 are used in the same sense in this chapter unless a different definition is specifically provided.
341.01(2) (2)In this chapter:
341.01(2)(af) (af) “Former military vehicle" means a vehicle, including a trailer but excluding a tracked vehicle, that was manufactured for use in any country's military forces.
341.01(2)(b) (b) Notwithstanding s. 340.01 (42), “owner" means, with respect to a vehicle that is leased to a lessee for a period of one year or more, the lessee of the vehicle for purposes of vehicle registration under this chapter.
341.01 History History: 1989 a. 105; 1997 a. 27; 2013 a. 103, 377.
341.03 341.03 Operating vehicle after suspension, revocation or cancellation of registration.
341.03(1)(1)Prohibition. No person may operate or knowingly permit the operation of a motor vehicle if the registration for that vehicle is suspended, revoked or canceled under s. 285.30 (6) (d) or 342.255, ch. 344 or this chapter, or if the registration for that vehicle is suspended, canceled or revoked under the law of another jurisdiction.
341.03(2) (2)Penalties.
341.03(2)(a) (a) Any person who violates sub. (1), where the vehicle used is an automobile or any other vehicle having a gross weight rating of 10,000 pounds or less, as determined by the manufacturer of the vehicle, may be required to forfeit not more than $200.
341.03(2)(b) (b) Any person who violates sub. (1), where the vehicle used is a vehicle not enumerated under par. (a), may be required to forfeit not more than $500.
341.03(3) (3)Defenses.
341.03(3)(a)1.1. It is a defense to a violation of sub. (1) that the person did not know, and had no reason to know, that the motor vehicle registration was suspended, revoked or canceled at the time of the violation.
341.03(3)(a)2. 2. Refusal to accept or failure to receive an order of suspension, revocation or cancellation mailed by the department to the person's last-known address shall not be a defense to a violation of sub. (1). If the person has changed his or her address and fails to notify the department as required in s. 343.22, then failure to receive notice of suspension, revocation or cancellation shall not be a defense to a violation of sub. (1).
341.03(3)(b) (b) This section does not apply if operating the motor vehicle was made necessary by a situation of emergency.
341.03 History History: 1995 a. 128; 1997 a. 35; 1999 a. 80.
341.04 341.04 Penalty for operating unregistered or improperly registered vehicle. Except during a state of emergency proclaimed under ch. 323:
341.04(1) (1)It is unlawful for any person to operate or for an owner to consent to being operated on any highway of this state any motor vehicle, recreational vehicle, trailer, or semitrailer, or any other vehicle for which a registration fee is specifically prescribed, unless at the time of operation the vehicle in question either is registered in this state, or, except for registration under s. 341.30 or 341.305, a complete application for registration, including evidence of any inspection under s. 110.20 when required, accompanied by the required fee has been delivered to the department, submitted to a dealer under s. 341.09 (2m) for transmittal to the department or deposited in the mail properly addressed with postage prepaid and, if the vehicle is an automobile or motor truck having a registered weight of 8,000 pounds or less, the vehicle displays a temporary operation plate issued for the vehicle unless the operator or owner of the vehicle produces proof that operation of the vehicle is within 2 business days of the vehicle's sale or transfer, or the vehicle in question is exempt from registration.
341.04(1)(a) (a) A vehicle may be operated by a private person after the date of purchase of such vehicle by such private person or after the date such person moved to this state if application for registration, except for registration under s. 341.30 or 341.305, and certificate of title has been made and the person otherwise complies with any applicable requirements of this section.
341.04(1)(b) (b) All vehicles subject to renewal of registration may be operated provided that application for reregistration, except for registration under s. 341.30 or 341.305, has been made.
341.04(1)(c) (c) Notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter, if a vehicle is owned by a lessor of vehicles and is leased to a lessee for a period of one year or more and the vehicle was registered in the name of the lessor before January 1, 1998, the department may renew the registration in the name of the lessor in lieu of registration of the vehicle by the lessee. This paragraph does not apply to any subsequent lease of the vehicle by a lessor.
341.04(2) (2)Unless application for reregistration has been made as required by s. 341.32, it is unlawful for any person to operate or for the owner to consent to being operated on any highway of this state any registered vehicle the construction or use of which has been changed so as to make the vehicle subject to a higher fee than the fee at which it currently is registered or which is carrying a greater load than that permitted under the current registration.
341.04(3) (3)
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