35.35(1)(b) (b) The department may contract to sell, at a price equal to the cost of composition, camera-ready copy of the laws to any commercial publisher.
35.35(2) (2)Every state agency required by law to publish legal notices in a newspaper shall furnish printer's copy to the department with a requisition therefor.
35.35(3) (3)All such printing shall be in the English language.
35.35 History History: 1977 c. 29; 1981 c. 372; 2011 a. 228.
35.36 35.36 Fees; state legal notices.
35.36(1)(1)The compensation to the official state newspaper and other papers for all legal notices required to be published at the expense of the state may not exceed the rates specified in s. 985.08 (1), (2) and (3). All expenditures incidental to such printing shall be absorbed by the newspaper doing the publishing. Whenever the state elects to provide camera-ready copy for the publication of its facsimile ballots or other legal notices the maximum chargeable rates shall be adjusted as provided in s. 985.08 (2) (b).
35.36(2) (2)The costs of publication of legal notices shall, unless otherwise provided by law, be charged to the appropriation of the agency on whose order such publication is made.
35.36 History History: 1977 c. 418; 1981 c. 372.
35.43 35.43 Printing for out-of-Madison state agencies. Whenever it becomes advantageous to do so, the department of administration may establish blanket printing contracts in out-of-Madison metropolitan areas. Such contracts shall whenever practical follow the basic patterns established for classes 1 to 4.
35.44 35.44 Specialty printing and book printing excluded from class 3. Specialty printing and book printing excluded from class 3 in s. 35.01 (3) shall be procured on individual competitive bids and by official state printing order according to specifications determined by the department.
35.50 35.50 Specifications.
35.50(1)(1)Specifications for state printing except class 1, including type style and size, page size, titles, paper, form, quality, quantity, binding, and method, or optical disc manufacturing specifications whenever reproduction in optical disc format is authorized, shall be as determined by the department unless specified by statute. Any state agency that objects to the department's determination may appeal the decision to the governor.
35.50(2) (2)Unless otherwise required by law, each edition of the Blue Book and the reports specified in ss. 35.26 and 35.27, and reprints thereof, shall be substantially the same in printing and binding as the previous edition of the same publication. Unless otherwise determined by the chief of the legislative reference bureau, each edition of the Laws of Wisconsin shall be substantially the same in format, printing, and binding as the previous edition of the same publication. Unless otherwise determined by the legislative reference bureau, each edition of the biennial Wisconsin statutes printed under s. 35.18 (1) (a) shall be substantially the same in format, printing, and binding as the previous edition of the same publication. Unless otherwise determined by the legislative reference bureau, each electronic publication of the Wisconsin statutes under s. 35.18 (1) (b), the Wisconsin administrative code under s. 35.93 (2), and the Wisconsin administrative register under s. 35.93 (3) shall be in substantially the same format as the previous edition or version of the same publication.
35.50(3) (3)Specifications for class 1 state printing shall be determined by the department with the advice and approval of the joint committee on legislative organization, except as otherwise provided for the Laws of Wisconsin under sub. (2).
35.50(4) (4)Whenever possible, state publications printed on paper, other than printing of classes 4 and 5, shall be restricted to finished outside dimensions which shall not exceed 9 by 14 inches and shall not be less than 3 1/2 by 7 inches.
35.51 35.51 Proofs; where received. Contract printers shall submit proof sheets of all public printing done by them and when requested, revised proof sheets thereof, to the department, regardless of the format to be used for reproduction. When requested by the chief clerk of either house proof sheets of printing of the first class shall be delivered to them.
35.51 History History: 2005 a. 25.
35.52 35.52 Authority for printing; increase, and diminution of editions and pages. The department may not order any printing not authorized by law nor any quantity in excess of the legal limitation thereof. If experience demonstrates that the number of copies specified in this chapter for the editions of the Blue Book or Laws of Wisconsin exceeds the actual lawful demand therefor, the number of volumes or pages thereafter to be printed shall be reduced to such number as will supply such demand and no more. In like manner, any specification as to quantity in any requisition for printing which is required to be distributed shall be reduced to the actual probable demand therefor, as determined from previous experience in such distribution.
35.52 History History: 1991 a. 39.
35.53 35.53 State printing orders.
35.53(1)(1)No printer shall be paid for any printing not authorized by an official printing order. The department shall prescribe the form, contents, number, and disposition of printing requisitions and official printing orders.
35.53(2) (2)The governor may cause the withdrawal of any printing requisition if, in the governor's opinion, public policy demands it, or if the edition thereof seems excessive. In such cases, the governor shall hear the statement of the requisitioning officer, and shall communicate to such officer the action taken and reason therefor.
35.53 History History: 1991 a. 316.
35.54 35.54 Title pages; names of authors. Every requisitioning agency shall provide the necessary printer's copy for a suitable title page, containing the name of the author for every book and other document which requires a title page; but on no such publication shall there appear, nor shall there be attached thereto, the words “Compliments of" followed by the name of the author, nor any other words of similar purport.
35.54 History History: 2005 a. 25.
35.55 35.55 Editing printer's copy. Printer's copy must accompany every requisition. The editors of all state agencies may edit for themselves the matter and form of the contents of the printer's copy presented by them respectively to the department. All printer's copy that does not conform to accepted trade practices, and, in the opinion of the department is unsatisfactory, shall be returned to its author for revision and correction. An optical disc copy may be substituted if the document being published is authorized to be reproduced in optical disc format.
35.55 History History: 2005 a. 25; 2015 a. 196.
35.56 35.56 Base prices and specifications.
35.56(1)(1)As a basis for bids for public printing in classes 1, 2, 3 and 4, the department shall, before advertising for bids and after consultation with agencies, establish base prices and specifications for 2-year periods unless otherwise determined by the department, except that:
35.56(1)(a) (a) As a basis for printing the biennial Wisconsin statutes under s. 35.18 (1) (a), the department shall, before advertising for bids and after consultation with the legislative reference bureau, establish base prices for 2-year periods and establish specifications subject to approval by the legislative reference bureau for 2-year periods.
35.56(1)(b) (b) As a basis for printing of the Laws of Wisconsin, the department shall, before advertising for bids and after consultation with the chief of the legislative reference bureau, establish base prices for 2-year periods and establish specifications subject to approval by the chief for 2-year periods.
35.56(2) (2)The specifications shall include a provision that the contract price shall be adjusted as affected by an increase or decrease in the printers' wage scale, providing no adjustment will take effect before 3 months of a new contract period has elapsed.
35.56(3) (3)The specifications shall include normal production schedules for completion and delivery of each class; and shall provide penalties for failure to comply with production schedules or standards of quality.
35.56(4) (4)The specifications shall provide that all work will be performed within the plant of the contract printer unless excepted by the department.
35.56(5) (5)Notwithstanding subs. (1), (3) and (4), the legislative reference bureau shall approve specifications and production schedules for the printing and binding of the Wisconsin statutes.
35.57 35.57 Advertisement for bids. The department shall publish advertisements that sealed proposals for furnishing printing, during the next ensuing contract period, with all other material that the department requires, will be received any time prior to a specified day, when all proposals will be publicly opened and read. The advertisements shall be run as class 2 notices, under ch. 985, in the official state paper. Separate advertisements may be used for publications authorized to be published in optical disc format.
35.57 History History: 1977 c. 29; 2005 a. 25; 2015 a. 196.
35.59 35.59 Breach of printing contracts. If a successful bidder or contractor enters upon the performance of a printing contract, and thereafter at any time during the term thereof refuses or neglects to comply with its terms and conditions or with the law relating to public printing, the bidder or contractor is liable to the state in damages to the amount of the difference between the cost of public printing under the printing contract and the cost thereof under any subsequent contracts let by the department. The attorney general, in all cases of damages and of forfeitures arising under this chapter, shall commence and prosecute to final judgment all necessary actions for the recovery thereof with costs, which when collected shall be paid into the state treasury.
35.59 History History: 1979 c. 355; 1983 a. 27.
35.60 35.60 Reletting contracts. If a successful bidder fails to execute a printing contract under the bidder's preliminary agreement and accepted bid, the department shall let the contract to the next lowest bidder, unless in its opinion the interest of the state requires that new proposals be received, in which case the department shall immediately advertise for new proposals under this chapter. If the contractor refuses or neglects to execute the work according to law and the terms of the printing contract, the department shall declare the contract void and shall immediately advertise for new bids for the remainder of the contract period. Necessary emergency public printing while readvertising and reletting contracts may be procured by the department.
35.60 History History: 1983 a. 27, 192.
35.61 35.61 Delivery and billing.
35.61(1)(1)The printing specified in each order shall be performed separately and delivered to the destination specified on the order.
35.61(2) (2)Every contract printer shall file with the department immediately upon completion of an order a detailed and itemized invoice, together with one copy of the job.
35.62 35.62 Accounts. The department shall keep an account of all paper delivered to contract printers and prevent waste thereof and keep a record of costs of each job of public printing, grouping said records separately for each class of printing.
35.63 35.63 Expenses of printing, how charged. The costs of printing, plates, paper, binding, and the necessary services and materials shall be charged to the requisitioning agency unless excepted by statute.
35.64 35.64 Special purchases.
35.64(1)(1)Any material and labor necessarily required in doing public printing which is not provided for by this chapter and is not required of contract printers by existing contracts, may be procured by the department.
35.64(2) (2)The department may order specialty printing from suppliers when it proves to be more economical or practical. Specialty printing includes all types of graphic reproduction not required of contract printers by existing contracts.
35.65 35.65 Paper purchases.
35.65(1)(1)The department shall procure by state bid and purchase procedures such paper supplies as are necessary for production of public printing and shall have delivered quantities to the contract printer for current jobs or necessary stock piling.
35.65(2) (2)Contract printers are accountable for all paper assigned to them and shall report inventories periodically as prescribed by the department. Paper which has been wasted or converted to other uses shall be charged to the contract printer.
35.65(3) (3)Contract printers shall be allowed waste on all work performed according to specifications established in s. 35.56.
subch. II of ch. 35 SUBCHAPTER II
35.78 35.78 Distribution and sales costs and charges.
35.78(1)(1)Unless otherwise provided, the department shall charge the cost of distribution and sale of all publications authorized or directed by law to be published to the state agencies responsible for submitting the publications.
35.78(2) (2)The department may contract with state agencies for the distribution and sale of agency publications, for which publication is not required by law, on the basis of the cost of such operations. All such contracts shall authorize the department to sell publications on behalf of state agencies at the price fixed by law, or if no price is fixed, at a price determined by publishing agencies not to exceed cost. The department shall return unsold publications to state agencies if desired by the agencies.
35.78(3) (3)The department shall receive full payment for the cost of sale and distribution of all publications of state agencies from the appropriate agencies. The department shall deposit all revenues derived from the sale and distribution of publications into:
35.78(3)(a) (a) The general fund if financed from general purpose revenues;
35.78(3)(b) (b) The appropriate segregated fund if financed from corresponding segregated fund revenues; or
35.78(3)(c) (c) The appropriate program revenue or segregated revenue appropriation if financed from program revenue or corresponding segregated revenue derived from program receipts.
35.78(4) (4)In this section, cost shall be calculated as provided in s. 35.80.
35.78(5) (5)In this section, “state agencies" includes all departments as defined in s. 16.002 (2), the legislature, the courts, and the legislative service and judicial branch agencies. In this section, “state agencies" does not include the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System.
35.78 History History: 1979 c. 34; 1983 a. 189 s. 329 (27); 2015 a. 55.
35.80 35.80 Cost calculation. Costs for the sale and distribution of publications by the department include the cost of storage, handling, shipping and distribution.
35.80 History History: 1979 c. 34.
35.81 35.81 Definitions. In ss. 35.81 to 35.91:
35.81(1) (1)“Division" means the division for libraries and technology in the department of public instruction.
35.81(1m) (1m)“Legislative service agency" has the meaning given under s. 16.70 (6).
35.81(2) (2)“State agency" has the meaning given for “agency" in s. 13.172 (1), and for purposes of ss. 35.81 to 35.835 includes a committee, as defined in s. 15.01 (3), and a committee established by executive order under s. 14.019, except that “state agency" does not include the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System or an institution, as defined in s. 36.05 (9).
35.81(3) (3)“State document" includes every publication produced by a state agency in multiple copies or prepared for a state agency in multiple copies by a private individual or organization that is supported wholly or partly by any funds appropriated by this state, regardless of the format or process by which produced and regardless of the source of funds provided to the publisher, which is intended by the publisher to be disseminated or made accessible to the public or is required by law to be published, but does not include any publication of a state agency intended by the state agency to be used solely for internal purposes within the state agency or between that state agency and other state agencies and does not include the Wisconsin administrative code or the Wisconsin administrative register.
35.81(4) (4)“State document depository library" means a library designated under s. 35.82.
35.82 35.82 Designation of state document depository libraries.
35.82(1)(1)The state historical society, the legislative reference bureau and the resources for libraries and lifelong learning service of the department of public instruction are designated as state document depository libraries and shall receive state documents delivered under s. 35.83 (3).
35.82(2) (2)The library of congress and the Council of State Governments, Lexington, Kentucky, are designated as state document depository libraries outside this state.
35.82(3) (3)The division shall designate state document depository libraries in this state which agree to accept state documents delivered as directed by s. 35.83 (3), which are adequately staffed and which are capable of ensuring access to those state documents. The division may promulgate rules establishing criteria and the procedure for designation and termination of state document depository libraries under this subsection. The division shall designate not more than 10 libraries to serve as regional state document depository libraries which shall receive all state documents made available. The division shall designate not more than 35 libraries to serve as selective state document depository libraries which shall receive all state documents except those for which distribution is restricted under s. 35.835 (3).
35.825 35.825 Duties of state document depository libraries. Each state document depository library shall make freely available to inhabitants of the state all state documents retained by the library, shall keep state documents readily accessible for use and shall render assistance in their use to such inhabitants without charge.
35.825 History History: 1991 a. 285.
2017-18 Wisconsin Statutes updated through 2019 Wis. Act 18 and through all Supreme Court and Controlled Substances Board Orders filed before and in effect on August 19, 2019. Published and certified under s. 35.18. Changes effective after August 19, 2019, are designated by NOTES. (Published 8-19-19)