43.21   Consolidated public library systems.
43.24   State aid.
43.27   Distribution of materials from resources for libraries and lifelong learning collection to public library systems.
43.30   Public library records.
43.52   Municipal libraries.
43.53   Joint libraries.
43.54   Municipal library board composition.
43.57   Consolidated county libraries and county library services.
43.58   Powers and duties.
43.60   County appointments to municipal and joint public library boards.
43.64   County tax.
43.70   Common school fund.
43.72   Library exchanges.
43.001 43.001 Legislative findings and declaration of policy.
43.001(1)(1)The legislature recognizes:
43.001(1)(a) (a) The importance of free access to knowledge, information and diversity of ideas by all residents of this state;
43.001(1)(b) (b) The critical role played by public, school, special and academic libraries in providing that access;
43.001(1)(c) (c) The major educational, cultural and economic asset that is represented in the collective knowledge and information resources of the state's libraries;
43.001(1)(d) (d) The importance of public libraries to the democratic process; and
43.001(1)(e) (e) That the most effective use of library resources in this state can occur only through interlibrary cooperation among all types of libraries and the effective use of technology.
43.001(2) (2)The legislature declares that it is the policy of this state to provide laws for the development and improvement of public libraries, school libraries and interlibrary cooperation among all types of libraries.
43.001 History History: 1985 a. 177; 1997 a. 150.
43.001 Annotation Municipal libraries are a matter of statewide concern. Accordingly, home rule provisions will not justify local departures from the provisions of ch. 43. 76 Atty. Gen. 203.
43.01 43.01 Definitions. In this chapter:
43.01(1) (1)“Department" means the department of public instruction.
43.01(2) (2)“Division" means the division for libraries and technology in the department.
43.01(3) (3)“Municipality" means a city, village, town, tribal government or tribal association, or a school district that maintained and operated a public library facility prior to December 17, 1971.
43.01(4) (4)“Network" means a formal arrangement between libraries or other informational service organizations whereby materials, information and services are exchanged and made available to potential users.
43.01(5) (5)“Public library system" means a system established as either a federated public library system under s. 43.19 or a consolidated public library system under s. 43.21.
43.01(6) (6)“State superintendent" means the state superintendent of public instruction.
43.01(7) (7)“Tribal college" means an accredited college, operated or controlled by a federally recognized American Indian tribe or band in this state, that meets the requirements of 25 USC 1804.
43.03 43.03 General duties of state superintendent. The state superintendent shall:
43.03(1) (1)Promote, assist and plan the organization, development and improvement of school library media services to provide the resources needed for teaching and learning in the schools.
43.03(2) (2)Promote, assist, plan and coordinate the organization, development and improvement of public library services and public library systems to serve the needs of all citizens in the state.
43.03(3) (3)
43.03(3)(a)(a) Promote cooperation and resource sharing among public libraries, school libraries, other types of libraries and related agencies.
43.03(3)(b) (b) Plan, coordinate, evaluate and set statewide priorities for the development of networks to enable library cooperation and resource sharing within this state and between this state and resource providers in other states.
43.03(3)(d) (d) Submit to the council on library and network development a biennial report which describes the programs and policies carried out under pars. (a) and (b) in the preceding biennium and the programs and policies to be carried out under pars. (a) and (b) in the succeeding biennium.
43.03(4) (4)Plan and coordinate the provision of library services to groups with special needs, including institutional residents, the physically and mentally handicapped, the socially and economically disadvantaged and racial and ethnic minorities.
43.03(5) (5)Accept, on behalf of the state, grants from the federal government or any federal agency or gifts or grants from any other source to be used for the purposes designated under this chapter.
43.03(6) (6)Enter into an annual contract with the public library in a 1st class city for the provision of library services to physically handicapped persons, including the blind and visually handicapped, certified by competent authority as unable to read or use conventional printed materials as a result of physical limitations. For the purpose of this subsection, “competent authority" means any member of the medical or allied professions, and professional persons in the fields of public health, education, library service, rehabilitation, social work and public welfare.
43.03(7) (7)Contract for service with libraries and other resource providers in and outside of this state to serve as resources of specialized library materials and information not available from the resources for libraries and lifelong learning service under s. 43.05 (11).
43.03(8) (8)Establish procedures necessary for the internal administrative operation of the division.
43.03(9) (9)Develop and maintain a computer database containing bibliographic and library holding information for all types of library materials owned by libraries throughout the state to serve as a resource sharing tool and assist libraries in developing computerized bibliographic databases.
43.03(10) (10)Disseminate information regarding appropriate continuing education activities available to librarians, library board members, library support staff and other related professionals.
43.05 43.05 General duties of the division. The division shall:
43.05(1) (1)Coordinate and conduct continuing education programs for librarians of school library media programs, public libraries, public library systems and institutional library programs.
43.05(2) (2)As it deems appropriate, assist libraries in the identification and recruitment of qualified personnel.
43.05(3) (3)Provide professional and technical advisory, consulting and informational services to assist:
43.05(3)(a) (a) School districts establishing, maintaining or expanding school library media programs and facilities;
43.05(3)(b) (b) Public libraries, municipalities establishing, maintaining or expanding public libraries, counties establishing, maintaining or expanding public library services, public library systems and their governing bodies;
43.05(3)(c) (c) State agencies and officers; and
43.05(3)(d) (d) Institutional library programs.
43.05(4) (4)Collect library statistics and conduct studies and surveys of library needs throughout the state and report and publish the findings. The research shall be coordinated with statewide library planning.
43.05(5) (5)Designate a librarian to serve as a coordinator of activities for state document depository libraries under ss. 35.81 to 35.835 and to fulfill its responsibilities under ss. 35.81 to 35.835.
43.05(6) (6)Recommend and distribute standards for school library programs and facilities to school library media programs, standards for public libraries to public library governing bodies and standards for institutional library programs to governing bodies and administrators of institutional library programs and to heads of departments, as defined under s. 15.01 (8), which administer institutional libraries.
43.05(7) (7)Establish standards for public library systems under s. 43.09 (2).
43.05(8) (8)Establish standards for and issue certificates to public librarians under s. 43.09 (1).
43.05(9) (9)Approve the establishment of public library systems under s. 43.13.
43.05(10) (10)Administer aids to public library systems under s. 43.24.
43.05(11) (11)Maintain a resources for libraries and lifelong learning service to supplement the collections of all types of libraries in this state by providing specialized materials not appropriately held and information sources not provided by local libraries or readily available from other area or state-level resource providers. The service shall provide specialized library and information services to state agency libraries and state employees, institution libraries, public library systems, public libraries, school libraries, and other types of libraries according to policies developed by the division. Library and information services may include development of collections of specialized materials, interlibrary loan services, reference services, provision of database search services, and maintenance of a statewide database of library materials. The service may contract with state agencies and libraries to provide library material cataloging and processing services.
43.05(12) (12)Assist the council on library and network development in the preparation of the descriptive and statistical report to be prepared by the council under s. 43.07 (5).
43.05(13) (13)Carry out such other programs and policies as directed by the state superintendent.
43.05(14) (14)
43.05(14)(a)(a) In this subsection, “participating municipality" has the meaning given in s. 43.18 (1) (ag).
43.05(14)(b) (b) Conduct a review of a public library system if at least 30 percent of the libraries in participating municipalities that include at least 30 percent of the population of all participating municipalities state in the report under s. 43.58 (6) (c) that the public library system did not adequately meet the needs of the library. If the division determines that the public library system did not adequately meet the needs of libraries participating in the system, it shall prepare an advisory plan suggesting how the public library system can so do in the future, including suggestions designed to foster intrasystem communications and local dispute resolution. The advisory plan shall be distributed to the public library system board, the boards of all libraries participating in the system and the county boards of all counties participating in the system.
43.06 43.06 Collection and maintenance of data.
43.06(1)(1)The division may perform any of the following activities to collect and maintain public library-related data, including all of the following:
43.06(1)(a) (a) Purchase licenses for data collection software.
43.06(1)(b) (b) Train library staff on the effective use of data in decision-making.
43.06(1)(c) (c) Establish digital processes for the efficient collection, analysis, and reporting of data to library patrons and staff.
43.06(1)(d) (d) Create dashboard tools for libraries to use internally in analyzing, and to report to the public about, library use.
43.06(1)(e) (e) Develop, implement, and maintain technology systems that allow for secure, interoperable data exchange and the automation of work processes.
43.06(1)(f) (f) Create an automated system for the initial certification and recertification of public librarians, as described in s. 43.09 (1).
43.06(1)(g) (g) Establish library user authentication systems.
43.06(2) (2)From the appropriation accounts under s. 20.255 (1) (e) and (ek), the division may fund the activities described in sub. (1).
43.06 History History: 2017 a. 142.
43.07 43.07 Council on library and network development. The state superintendent and the division shall seek the advice of and consult with the council on library and network development in performing their duties in regard to library service. The state superintendent or the administrator of the division shall attend every meeting of the council. The council may initiate consultations with the department and the division. The council shall:
43.07(1) (1)Make recommendations to the division in regard to the development of standards for the certification of public librarians and standards for public library systems under s. 43.09.
43.07(2) (2)Advise the state superintendent in regard to the general policies and activities of the state's program for library development, interlibrary cooperation and network development.
43.07(3) (3)Advise the state superintendent in regard to the general policies and activities of the state's program for the development of school library media programs and facilities and the coordination of these programs with other library services.
43.07(4) (4)Hold a biennial meeting for the purpose of discussing the report submitted by the state superintendent under s. 43.03 (3) (d). Notice of the meeting shall be sent to public libraries, public library systems, school libraries and other types of libraries and related agencies. After the meeting, the council shall make recommendations to the state superintendent regarding the report and any other matter the council deems appropriate.
43.07(5) (5)On or before July 1 of every odd-numbered year, transmit to the state superintendent a descriptive and statistical report on the condition and progress of library services in the state and recommendations on how library services in the state may be improved. The state superintendent shall include the report as an addendum to the department's biennial report under s. 15.04 (1) (d).
43.07(6) (6)Review that portion of the budget of the department relating to library service. Recommendations of the council in regard to the budget shall accompany the department's budget request to the governor.
43.07(7) (7)Receive complaints, suggestions and inquiries regarding the programs and policies of the department relating to library and network development, inquire into such complaints, suggestions and inquiries, and advise the state superintendent and the division on any action to be taken.
2017-18 Wisconsin Statutes updated through 2019 Wis. Act 184 and through all Supreme Court and Controlled Substances Board Orders filed before and in effect on March 28, 2020. Published and certified under s. 35.18. Changes effective after March 28, 2020, are designated by NOTES. (Published 3-28-20)