625.21(2)(b) (b) Its interpretation of any statistical data relied upon;
625.21(2)(c) (c) Descriptions of the actuarial and statistical methods employed in setting the rates; and
625.21(2)(d) (d) Any other relevant matters required by the commissioner.
625.21(3) (3)Expiration of rule. A rule promulgated under sub. (1) shall expire no more than one year after issue. The commissioner may renew it after a hearing and appropriate findings under sub. (1).
625.21(4) (4)Supporting information. Whenever a filing is not accompanied by the information the commissioner requires under sub. (2), the commissioner may so inform the insurer and the filing shall be deemed to be made when the information is furnished.
625.21 History History: 1979 c. 102; 1991 a. 316.
625.21 Cross-reference Cross-reference: See also s. Ins 6.54, Wis. adm. code.
625.22 625.22 Disapproval of rates.
625.22(1)(1)Order in event of violation. If the commissioner finds after a hearing that a rate is not in compliance with s. 625.11, the commissioner shall order that its use be discontinued for any policy issued or renewed after a date specified in the order.
625.22(2) (2)Timing of order. The order under sub. (1) shall be issued within 30 days after the close of the hearing or within such reasonable time extension as the commissioner may fix.
625.22(3) (3)Approval of substituted rate. Within one year after the effective date of an order under sub. (1), no rate promulgated to replace a disapproved one may be used until it has been filed with the commissioner and not disapproved within 30 days thereafter.
625.22(4) (4)Interim rates. Whenever an insurer has no legally effective rates as a result of the commissioner's disapproval of rates or other act, the commissioner shall on request specify interim rates for the insurer that are high enough to protect the interests of all parties and may order that a specified portion of the premiums be placed in an escrow account approved by the commissioner. When new rates become legally effective, the commissioner shall order the escrowed funds or any overcharge in the interim rates to be distributed appropriately, except that refunds to policyholders that are trifling shall not be required.
625.22 History History: 1979 c. 102 s. 236 (6), (21); 1979 c. 110.
625.22 Annotation Read together, ss. 625.11 and 625.22 provide that the insurance commissioner shall disapprove any rate that destroys competition, thus providing a regulatory remedy for rates that constitute restraints of trade and barring private rate-related suits for damages. Prentice v. Minnesota Title Ins. Co. 176 Wis. 2d 714, 500 N.W.2d 658 (1993).
625.23 625.23 Special restrictions on individual insurers. The commissioner may by order require that a particular insurer file any or all of its rates and supplementary rate information 15 days prior to their effective date, if and to the extent that he or she finds, after a hearing, that the protection of the interests of its insureds and the public in this state requires closer supervision of its rates because of the insurer's financial condition or rating practices. The commissioner may extend the waiting period for any filing for not to exceed 15 additional days by written notice to the insurer before the first 15-day period expires. A filing not disapproved before the expiration of the waiting period shall be deemed to meet the requirements of this chapter, subject to the possibility of subsequent disapproval under s. 625.22.
625.23 History History: 1979 c. 102.
625.31 625.31 Operation and control of rate service organizations.
625.31(1)(1)License required. No rate service organization shall provide any service relating to the rates of any insurance subject to this chapter, and no insurer shall utilize the services of such organization for such purposes unless the organization has obtained a license under s. 625.32.
625.31(2) (2)Availability of services. No rate service organization shall refuse to supply any services for which it is licensed in this state to any insurer authorized to do business in this state and offering to pay the fair and usual compensation for the services.
625.32 625.32 Licensing.
625.32(1)(1)Application. A rate service organization applying for a license as required by s. 625.31 shall include with its application:
625.32(1)(a) (a) A copy of its constitution, charter, articles of organization, agreement, association or incorporation, and a copy of its bylaws, plan of operation and any other rules or regulations governing the conduct of its business;
625.32(1)(b) (b) A list of its members and subscribers;
625.32(1)(c) (c) The name and address of one or more residents of this state upon whom notices, process affecting it or orders of the commissioner may be served;
625.32(1)(d) (d) A statement showing its technical qualifications for acting in the capacity for which it seeks a license; and
625.32(1)(e) (e) Any other relevant information and documents that the commissioner may require.
625.32(2) (2)Change of circumstances. Every organization which has applied for a license under sub. (1) shall thereafter promptly notify the commissioner of every material change in the facts or in the documents on which its application was based.
625.32(3) (3)Granting of license. If the commissioner finds that the applicant and the natural persons through whom it acts are competent, trustworthy, and technically qualified to provide the services proposed, and that all requirements of law are met, he or she shall issue a license specifying the authorized activity of the applicant. The commissioner may not issue a license if the proposed activity would tend to create a monopoly or to lessen or destroy price competition.
625.32(4) (4)Duration. Licenses issued pursuant to this section shall remain in effect until the licensee withdraws from the state or until the license is suspended or revoked.
625.32(5) (5)Amendments to constitution and bylaws. Any amendment to a document filed under sub. (1) (a) shall be filed at least 30 days before it becomes effective. Failure to comply with this subsection shall be a ground for revocation of the license granted under sub. (3).
625.32 History History: 1979 c. 102.
625.33 625.33 Binding agreements by insurers. No insurer shall assume any obligation to any person other than a policyholder or other companies under common control to use or adhere to certain rates or rules, and no other person shall impose any penalty or other adverse consequence for failure of an insurer to adhere to certain rates or rules.
625.33 Cross-reference Cross-reference: See also s. Ins. 6.25, Wis. adm. code.
625.34 625.34 Recording and reporting of experience. The commissioner shall promulgate or approve reasonable rules, including rules providing statistical plans, for use thereafter by all insurers in the recording and reporting of loss and expense experience, in order that the experience of such insurers may be made available to the commissioner. No insurer shall be required to record or report its experience on a classification basis inconsistent with its own rating system. The commissioner may designate one or more rate service organizations to assist the commissioner in gathering such experience and making compilations thereof, which shall be made available to the public.
625.34 History History: 1979 c. 102 s. 236 (21).
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