815.01   Judgments enforced.
815.02   Judgments, enforced by execution.
815.03   Executions, kinds.
815.04   Execution, when issued.
815.05   Execution, how issued; contents.
815.06   Execution, when returnable.
815.07   To what county issued.
815.08   Sheriff to endorse date of receipt.
815.09   Execution against debtor's person.
815.10   Execution against body only remedy, exception.
815.11   Writs of assistance.
815.12   Execution; death of person arrested.
815.14   Execution after debtor's death.
815.15   Execution after judgment creditor's death.
815.17   Execution; who acts on sheriff's death or removal.
815.18   Property exempt from execution.
815.19   Levy on personal property; appraisal.
815.195   Levy on real property; how made.
815.20   Homestead exemption definition.
815.205   Certain property of spouse exempt from execution.
815.21   Homestead, how set apart after levy.
815.24   Indemnity may be required.
815.25   Money applied; negotiable instruments sold.
815.26   Equities sold.
815.29   Notice of sale of personal property, manner, adjournment.
815.31   Notice of sale of realty; manner; adjournment.
815.33   Execution; sale in parcels; limitation.
815.34   Execution sale without notice.
815.35   Execution; taking down notice.
815.36   Execution sale, want of notice, when immaterial.
815.37   Execution sale; officer not to purchase.
815.38   Execution, certificate of sale, recording.
815.39   Execution sale; redemption of real estate.
815.40   Execution sale; who may redeem.
815.43   Execution sale; redemption makes sale void.
815.44   Execution; purchaser's interest.
815.48   Execution sale; creditors may acquire title of preceding creditor.
815.52   Payment on acquisition of purchaser's or creditor's interest.
815.53   Execution sale; evidences of right of creditor to acquire title.
815.54   Execution sale, title when divested, action for injury to premises.
815.55   Execution sale; deed when to issue; limitation.
815.56   Sheriff's deed; grantee if purchaser dead.
815.57   Sheriff's deed, recovery of purchase price on eviction.
815.58   Execution sale; judgment, creditor's further remedy.
815.59   Contribution when lands of several are sold on execution.
815.61   Proceedings to recover contribution.
815.62   Lien, how preserved after execution sale; clerk's fee.
815.63   Sheriff's deed; writ of assistance.
815.64   Judgment lien, how discharged on redemption.
815.01 815.01 Judgments enforced. The owner of a judgment may enforce the same in the manner provided by law.
815.01 History History: Sup. Ct. Order, 67 Wis. 2d 585, 761 (1975); Stats. 1975 s. 815.01.
815.02 815.02 Judgments, enforced by execution. A judgment which requires the payment of money or the delivery of property may be enforced in those respects by execution. Where it requires the performance of any other act a certified copy of the judgment may be served upon the party, person or officer who is required to obey the same, and if he or she refuse he or she may be punished for contempt, and his or her obedience enforced.
815.02 History History: Sup. Ct. Order, 67 Wis. 2d 585, 761 (1975); Stats. 1975 s. 815.02; 1993 a. 486.
815.02 Annotation No provision in this chapter or case law prevents a land contract vendor from filing a strict foreclosure action or obtaining a judgment of strict foreclosure because a judgment lienholder has already filed an action for foreclosure of a judgment lien and sale of the property nor is there authority that suggests a circuit court has discretion to dismiss a strict foreclosure action for that reason. The land contract vendor may choose the remedy it wishes to pursue, including strict foreclosure. Republic Bank of Chicago v. Lichosyt, 2007 WI App 150, 303 Wis. 2d 474, 736 N.W.2d 153, 06-1578.
815.03 815.03 Executions, kinds. There are 3 kinds of executions: one against the property of the judgment debtor, another against the judgment debtor's person, and the 3rd for the delivery of property, or such delivery with damages for withholding the same. They are the process of the court, and shall be as prescribed by s. 815.05.
815.03 History History: Sup. Ct. Order, 67 Wis. 2d 585, 761, 781 (1975); Stats. 1975 s. 815.03; 1993 a. 486.
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