FOOD, lodging, AND recreation
97.01   Definitions.
97.02   Standards; adulterated food.
97.03   Standards; misbranding.
97.07   Interpretation.
97.09   Rules.
97.10   Prohibited acts.
97.12   Enforcement.
97.13   Sale of fish flour regulated.
97.17   Buttermaker and cheesemaker license.
97.175   Butter and cheese grader license requirements.
97.176   Butter; grading; label.
97.177   Cheese; grading; labeling.
97.18   Oleomargarine regulations.
97.20   Dairy plants.
97.21   Milk haulers and milk distributors.
97.22   Milk producers.
97.23   Drug residues in milk.
97.24   Milk and milk products.
97.25   Use of synthetic bovine growth hormone; labeling of dairy products.
97.27   Food warehouses.
97.28   Direct sale of eggs.
97.29   Food processing plants.
97.30   Retail food establishments.
97.305   Restaurants serving fish.
97.307   Average annual surveys.
97.32   Special dairy and food inspectors.
97.33   Certificate of food protection practices.
97.34   Bottled drinking water and soda water beverage; standards; sampling and analysis.
97.41   Retail food: agent status for local health departments.
97.42   Compulsory inspection of livestock or poultry, and meat or poultry products.
97.43   Meat from dead or diseased animals.
97.44   Identification of meat for animal feed; registration and records of buyers.
97.56   Kosher meat.
97.57   Planted or cultivated rice.
97.59   Handling foods.
97.60   Coordination; certification.
97.603   Motels.
97.605   Lodging and vending licenses.
97.607   Pre-licensing inspection.
97.61   Vending machine commissary outside the state.
97.613   Fees.
97.615   Agent status for local health departments.
97.617   Application; lodging and vending.
97.62   Health and safety; standard.
97.623   Hotel safety.
97.625   Powers of the department and local health departments.
97.627   Causing fires by tobacco smoking.
97.633   Hotelkeeper's liability.
97.634   Hotelkeeper's liability for baggage; limitation.
97.635   Liability of hotelkeeper for loss of property by fire or theft; owner's risk.
97.638   Hotel rates posted; rate charges; special rates.
97.639   Motel rates.
97.65   Enforcement.
97.67   Recreational licenses and fees.
97.70   Authority of department of safety and professional services.
97.703   Joint employment.
97.71   Suspension or revocation of license.
97.72   Penalties.
97.73   Injunction.
subch. I of ch. 97 SUBCHAPTER I
Subch. I of ch. 97 Cross-reference Cross-reference: See definitions in s. 93.01.
97.01 97.01 Definitions. In this chapter, unless inconsistent with context:
97.01(1g) (1g)“Bed and breakfast establishment" means any place of lodging that satisfies all of the following:
97.01(1g)(a) (a) Provides 8 or fewer rooms for rent to no more than a total of 20 tourists or transients.
97.01(1g)(b) (b) Provides no meals other than breakfast and provides the breakfast only to renters of the place.
97.01(1g)(c) (c) Is the owner's personal residence.
97.01(1g)(d) (d) Is occupied by the owner at the time of rental.
97.01(1g)(e) (e) Was originally built and occupied as a single-family residence, or, prior to use as a place of lodging, was converted to use and occupied as a single-family residence.
97.01(1r) (1r)“Butter" means the clean, nonrancid product made by gathering in any manner the fat of fresh or ripened cow's milk or cream into a mass, which also contains a small portion of the other milk constituents, with or without salt or added coloring matter, and contains not less than 80 percent of milk fat. Renovated or process butter is the product made by melting butter and reworking, without the addition or use of chemicals or any substances except milk, cream, or salt, and contains not more than 16 percent of water and at least 80 percent of milk fat.
97.01(3) (3)“Contaminated with filth" applies to any food not securely protected from dust, dirt and, as far as may be necessary by all reasonable means, from all foreign or injurious contaminations.
97.01(4) (4)“Department" means the department of agriculture, trade and consumer protection.
97.01(4m) (4m)“Distressed food" means food, or packages or containers of food, that may have been damaged, or rendered unsafe or unsuitable for sale or use as food while being transported, stored, handled or sold or the food the label of which has been lost, defaced or obliterated.
97.01(5) (5)“Federal act" means the federal food, drug and cosmetic act, as amended (Title 21 USC 301 et seq.) or the federal wholesome meat act, as amended (Title 21 USC 71 et seq.), or the federal poultry products inspection act, as amended (Title 21 USC 451 et seq.), or the federal fair packaging and labeling act (Title 15 USC 1451 et seq.) which may be applicable.
97.01(6) (6)“Food" means:
97.01(6)(a) (a) Articles used for food or drink by persons.
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