895.01 What actions survive; actions not to abate.
895.02 Measure of damages against executor.
895.03 Recovery for death by wrongful act.
895.031 Recovery from estate of wrongdoer.
895.035 Parental liability for acts of minor child.
895.037 Abortions on or for a minor without parental consent or judicial waiver.
895.038 Partial-birth abortions; liability.
895.04 Plaintiff in wrongful death action.
895.045 Contributory negligence.
895.048 Recovery by auto or motorboat owner limited.
895.05 Damages in actions for libel.
895.052 Defamation by radio and television.
895.055 Gaming contracts void.
895.056 Recovery of money wagered.
895.057 Action against judicial officer for loss caused by misconduct.
895.06 Recovery of divisible personalty.
895.10 Tobacco product agreement.
895.14 Tenders of money and property.
895.20 Legal holidays.
895.22 Wisconsin family month, week and Sunday.
895.23 Indian Rights Day.
895.28 Remedies not merged.
895.33 Limitation of surety's liability.
895.34 Renewal of sureties upon becoming insufficient and effects thereof.
895.345 Justification of individual sureties.
895.346 Bail, deposit in lieu of bond.
895.35 Expenses in actions against municipal and other officers.
895.36 Process against officer.
895.37 Abrogation of defenses.
895.375 Abrogation of defense that contract was champertous.
895.38 Surety, how discharged.
895.41 Employee's cash bonds to be held in trust; duty of employer; penalty.
895.42 Deposit of undistributed money and property by administrators and others.
895.43 Intentional killing by beneficiary of contract.
895.435 Intentional killing by beneficiary of certain death benefits.
895.437 Use of lodging establishments.
895.44 Exemption from civil liability for furnishing safety inspection or advisory services.
895.46 State and political subdivisions thereof to pay judgments taken against officers.
895.47 Indemnification of the Wisconsin State Agencies Building Corporation and the Wisconsin State Public Building Corporation.
895.48 Civil liability exemption; emergency care, athletic events health care, hazardous substances and information concerning paternity.
895.481 Civil liability exemption; equine activities.
895.482 Civil liability exemption; ski patrol members.
895.483 Civil liability exemption; regional and county emergency response teams and their sponsoring agencies.
895.485 Civil liability exemption; agencies, foster parents, treatment foster parents and family-operated group home parents.
895.486 Civil immunity exemption; reports of insurance fraud.
895.487 Civil liability exemption; employment references.
895.49 Certain agreements to limit or eliminate tort liability void.
895.495 Safety devices on farm equipment, ordinary negligence.
895.50 Right of privacy.
895.505 Disposal of records containing personal information.
895.51 Liability exemption: food donation, sale or distribution.
895.515 Liability exemption; equipment or technology donation.
895.517 Liability exemption: solid waste donation or sale.
895.52 Recreational activities; limitation of property owners' liability.
895.525 Participation in recreational activities.
895.527 Sport shooting range activities.
895.53 Liability exemption; tests for intoxication.
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