Period ending December 31, 2002
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S — Senate Journal
A — Assembly Journal
Table of Contents
addresses to the legislature
attorney general_s opinion
certificates by the legislature
chaplain _ assembly
chaplain _ senate
chief clerk _ assembly
chief clerk _ senate
claims board
committee on conference
committees _ appointment to _ assembly
committees _ appointment to _ senate
communication _ assembly
communication _ senate
elections board _ communication to assembly
elections board _ communication to senate
emergency bill
engrossed bills and joint resolutions
executive clemency
executive order
farrow, margaret a
hines, j.a
hoven, timothy t
kanavas, theodore j
lieutenant governor
list of lobbyists
lobbyists and lobbying organizations
majority leader _ assembly
majority leader _ senate
minority leader _ assembly
minority leader _ senate
president of the senate
president pro tem of the senate
reports to the legislature
administration, department of
agriculture, trade and consumer protection, department of
building commission
commerce, department of
corrections, department of
educational communications board
elections board
electronic government, department of
employment relations, department of
employment relations commission
environmental education board
financial institutions, department of
gathering waters conservancy
greater milwaukee committee
groundwater coordinating council
health and family services, department of
higher educational aids board
housing and economic development authority
ice age park and trail foundation
insurance, commissioner of
investment board
judicial selection, committee on
justice, department of
legislative audit bureau
legislative council
long term care, council on
medical college of wisconsin
milwaukee public schools
natural resources, department of
physical disabilities, council on
private employer health care coverage board
public defender
public instruction, department of
public service commission
racial profiling, task force on
regulation and licensing, department of
revenue, department of
revisor of statutes bureau
southeast wisconsin professional baseball park district
state treasurer
supreme court
technical college system board
technology for educational achievement in wisconsin board
transportation, department of
2001_03 biennial budget, senate committee on
university of wisconsin hospital and clincs authority
u.w. _ madison
u.w. system
urban open spaces foundation
veterans affairs, department of
wisconsin works state employment team
women_s council
workforce development, department of
rules _ assembly
rules _ joint
rules _ senate
ruling of the chair _ assembly
ruling of the chair _ senate
scocos, john a
seat assignments
secretary of state _ communication to assembly
secretary of state _ communication to senate
sergeant_at_arms _ assembly
sergeant_at_arms _ senate
speaker of the assembly
speaker pro tempore of the assembly
special session proclamation
spillner, joan wade
thompson, tommy g
veto message _ assembly
veto message _ senate
wade, joan
walker, scott k
addresses to the legislature Addresses to the Legislature, see also Governor
Begay, Erwin (Hometown Hero award recipient) - A 708
Brancel, Ben (former Secretary of the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection) - A 142
Carpenter, Kip (Olympic speedskating bronze medalist) - A 831
Chermak, Mike and Pat (Hometown Hero award recipients) - A 680
Coerper, Kate (sang "God Bless America") - A 404
Domnie, Walt (Hometown Hero award recipient) - A 680
FitzRandolph, Casey (Olympic speedskating gold medalist) - A 848
Groth, Mary (Hometown Hero award recipient) - A 680
Harmon, Katie (Miss America) - A 641
Herriot, Laura (Miss Wisconsin) - A 633
Hert, Mike and Julie (Hometown Hero award recipients) - A 680
Ho Chunk Youth Marathon Team, Black River Falls (Hometown Hero award recipients) - A 708
Jensen, Scott R. (Speaker of the Assembly) - A 6
Karr, Frank and Anna (Hometown Hero award recipients) - A 680
Kaufman, Katie (Hometown Hero award recipient) - A 708
Kornely, Chris ("Heart-a-Rama" of Manitowoc) - A 680
McCallum, Scott (Lieutenant Governor) - A 7
McCormick, Debbie (Olympic curling team) - A 831
Molzahn, Donald (Hometown Hero award recipient) - A 121
Peissig, Courtney (President, Wisconsin Future Farmers of America) - A 831
Raney, Catherine (Olympic speedskater) - A 831
Rasmussen, Sally ("Heart-a-Rama" of Manitowoc) - A 680
Riley, Chelsea (sang "God Bless America") - S 391
St. Agnes School choir and bell choir (performed "Star Spangled Banner")
 - A 775
St. Joseph Catholic School students (sang "God Bless the U.S.A.") - A 633
Stage Door Players (sang several patriotic songs) - A 611
Strickler, Palmer "Butch", "Mr. Bologna Bash" (Hometown Hero award recipient) - A 886
Thompson, Sue Ann (former First Lady of Wisconsin) - A 141
Wade, Joan (former Representative from 42nd Assembly District) - A 410
Westphal, Roxanne (Alice in Dairyland) - A 154
Wisconsin Conservatory of Lifelong Learning students (sang "Solidarity")
 - A 468
Wyldewood Christian School Young Men's Quartet (sang "Stars and Stripes Forever") - A 480
attorney general_s opinion Attorney general's opinion
Trapping license issuance to nonresidents: opinion re DNR rule-making authority and vulnerability to challenge under U.S. constitutional provisions - A 13
Interpretation of sec.13.04 (4), Wis.Stats, re compensation for Sen. Farrow if confirmed as Lieutenant Governor - S 149, 160
certificates by the legislature Certificates by the Legislature
Adamick, Alexander - S 211
Adams, Jay - S 367
Adams, Mark - S 699
Addison, Nathan - S 698
Alexander, Ryan - S 698
Alioto, Joseph - S 441
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority - S 544
Altenburg, Tom - S 212
Althoff, Jason - S 212
Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Day - S 827
Ament, Dave - S 599
American Society for Quality - S 476
Anders, Joel Matthew - S 544
Anderson, Barkley - S 736
Anderson, Gordon A. - S 111
Anderson, Irene "Rene" Beryl Walter - S 476