medical practiceMedical practice, see specific medical occupation
medical recordMedical record, see Hospitals; Privacy
medical serviceMedical service, see also Medical assistance; specific medical occupation
Ambulatory surgical center assessment: refund or recoup amounts or payments for which the federal government does not pay its share, DHS duties -  Act 191
Anesthesiologist Assistants, Council on, created in DSPS; licensure requirements and practice standards created  -  Act 160
Assisted births in nonhospital settings: GIB to study adding to state employee health insurance coverage [Sec. 9115 (6j)] -  Act 32
Authorized emergency vehicle: exemption from open door of a motor vehicle on a highway prohibition under certain conditions -  Act 184
Bodily substance thrown or expelled at a public safety officer: intent to cause bodily harm removed as an element to qualify as a felony; JRCCP report -  Act 72
Collective bargaining rights of U.W. System, UWHCA, and certain home care and child care provider employees eliminated -  Act 10
Concussion and head injury guidelines for youth athletic activities: DPI and WIAA directed to develop; civil liability immunity and health care provider provisions  -  Act 172
Confidentiality of information re health care services: residential care apartment complex included in ``health care provider" definition [Sec. 2646t] -  Act 32
Electronic medical records credits transferred from Comm.Dept to DOR; investment credits re dairy manufacturing, food processing plants and warehouse, meat processing facility, and woody biomass harvesting transferred from Comm.Dept to DATCP [Sec. 375g, 1835, 1837-1841, 1844, 1845, 1878, 1972, 1974-1978, 1981, 1982, 2008, 2084, 2086-2090, 2093, 2094, 2119, 2299r, 3355g, r, 3367, 3370, 3372, 9110 (7), (8q)] -  Act 32
Impersonating a fire fighter, EMT, or first responder: criminal penalties created; JRCCP report -  Act 276
Landlord-tenant relations: laws revised re disposal of tenant's personal property, security deposit, standardized check-in sheet, disclosure of uncorrected building code violations, repair or maintenance requests, voiding a rental agreement, damages for tenant's failure to vacate, and eviction for nonpayment of rent; local governments prohibited from enacting or enforcing an ordinance placing a moratorium on evictions  -  Act 143
Military instruction counts toward initial training requirement re application for credential issued by DSPS, a board under DSPS, or other specified credential; demonstration provision  -  Act 120
Patient health care records: DHS to set fees a health care provider may charge for copies [Sec. 2649x-2664, 3509, 9321 (4)]  -  Act 32
Self-defense resulting in death or great bodily harm: court presumption criteria created, civil liability immunity provisions, and criminal activity by the actor and public safety worker exceptions -  Act 94
Special distinguishing registration plates for fire fighters and their surviving spouses and EMTs and first responders: redesign and replacement plates [Sec. 3097m, 3099-3106m]  -  Act 32
Tort reform: actions against manufacturers, distributors, sellers, and promoters of a product; strict liability; noneconomic damages limited; punitive damages; frivolous claims; health care service reviews confidentiality; use of health care reports or employee statements; hospital quality indicators reporting; expert and lay witness testimony; crimes of abuse, homicide, or negligence re health care providers and treatment or residential care facilities in specified cases  -  Act 2
Volunteer health care provider: expansion of services that may be offered re outpatient surgery [Sec. 2664f-j]  -  Act 32
Wisconsin Quality Home Care Authority eliminated -  Act 10
medicineMedicine, see Drugs
memorial certificateMemorial certificate, see Legislature — Member; name of specific individual
memorial highwayMemorial highway, see Road — Marking
Community support programs and psychosocial services appropriation to include community recovery services [Sec. 654] -  Act 32
Electronic juvenile court records re Children's Code or Juvenile Justice Code proceedings made available to law enforcement, juvenile court, municipal court, court of criminal jurisdiction, and certain prosecutors, attorneys, and guardians ad litem; restrictions on information re physical and mental health and sensitive personal matters; Director of State Courts, CCAP, confidentiality, and forfeiture provisions  -  Act 270
mental health _ hospitals and institutesMental health — Hospitals and institutes
Employment discrimination based on conviction record: educational agency exempt re unpardoned felony conviction  -  Act 83
Indian tribe or band member placed in a mental health treatment facility: sunset removed re reimbursement of unexpected or unusually high-costs from Indian gaming receipts [Sec. 635j, 747c] -  Act 32
Nursing staff in correctional facilities report required; litigation loans to prisoners modified; video surveillance of mental health patients under Corr.Dept supervision provision [Sec. 1667g, 3014m, 9111 (1u)] [3014m — partial veto; 9111 (1u) — vetoed] -  Act 32
Pharmacy management services at state treatment facilities: request for proposals requirement eliminated [Sec. 1663] -  Act 32
mera _municipal employment relations act_MERA (Municipal Employment Relations Act), see Public employee
mercantile establishmentMercantile establishment
Brookfield, Town of, may use TIF for one project related to either a retail project or a purpose which a city or village may create a district -  Act 11
Retailers permitted to advertise that state and local sales taxes will be assumed by the retailer -  Act 18
Tobacco and nicotine products: prohibition on providing or purchasing cigarettes for minors expanded; definition and compliance investigations of retail outlets provisions  -  Act 249
metropolitan transportationMetropolitan transportation
Mass transit operating aids decreased [Sec. 2246-2254] -  Act 32
Overall length limit for vehicle combinations revised -  Act 243
Paratransit aids: supplemental funding, urban mass transit provision [Sec. 605t, 2255m] -  Act 32
RTAs eliminated; dissolution and winding down of existing RTAs [Sec. 751g, h, 772g, r, 922e-v, 1139m, 1679d-t, 1720b, 1727m, 1729g, r, 1745m, 1747r, 1754r, 1894r, 1895r, 2014r, 2177m, 2180m, 2183d-r, 2187d-n, 2237e-o, 3182g, r, 3471m, 3567m, 9148 (3u), 9448 (6u)] -  Act 32
Southeast Wisconsin Transit Capital Assistance Program eliminated [Sec. 622, 787, 2241, 2727] -  Act 32
Transit employees whose employer receives certain federal funding: collective bargaining unit, dispute settlement, and definition provisions [Sec. 2406gh, prm, rrm, 2407bt, ep, 2409jn, 3508v] -  Act 32
middleton, city ofMiddleton, City of, see Dane County
Active duty service member professional or occupational licensure renewal requirements revised, provisions for spouse added; DSPS or licensing board reciprocal license provisions extended to spouse -  Act 210
Creditable military service calculation for WRS participants revised re death or disability benefits; differential wage payments treated as earnings for WRS purposes; JSCRS appendix report -  Act 116
Identification requirement for voting in elections created, ``proof of identification" and noncompliant REAL ID provisions; use of corroborating electors to verify residence discontinued; DOT ID card fee may be waived and obtaining a card without a photo for religious reasons; special voting deputies to certain adult family homes and residential care apartment complexes permitted; GAB public informational campaign; signature requirement re voting in person; durational residency requirement increased; straight party ticket eliminated; deadline for late registration and absentee voting in person changed; GAB special registration deputies discontinued; voter registration information and list revisions; proof of residence modified re university, college, and technical college student IDs -  Act 23
Military instruction counts toward initial training requirement re application for credential issued by DSPS, a board under DSPS, or other specified credential; demonstration provision  -  Act 120
NRB membership: one member required to have an agricultural background and three required to have held a hunting, fishing, or trapping license; active duty in the military provision -  Act 149
Professional and occupational licenses: fee waiver program for qualified veterans -  Act 209
September primary date changed and renamed ``Partisan Primary"; absentee ballot changes and military and overseas electors provisions; fee exception for duplicate DOT issued ID for voting purposes -  Act 75
military propertyMilitary property
Vehicle manufactured for use in any country's military forces and does not meet federal motor vehicle safety standards: DOT cannot refuse to register -  Act 235
Academic fees remission for certain veterans and their dependents enrolled in the U.W. System or a technical college: full remission without regard for assistance from federal ROTC Program, Veterans Vocational Rehabilitation Act, or New GI Bill [Sec. 995g-999e, 1096bg-1101g, 1239x, 1240x, 9346 (1), 9352 (1), 9446 (1q), 9452 (1)] -  Act 32
Military instruction counts toward initial training requirement re application for credential issued by DSPS, a board under DSPS, or other specified credential; demonstration provision  -  Act 120
milwaukee _ cityMilwaukee — City, see also Milwaukee County
Conduit revenue bonds laws revised [Sec. 1720d-pm] -  Act 32
Law enforcement and fire fighting personnel: retirement, health care, and arbitration provisions revised for populous county and first class city; ``public safety employee" definition [Sec. 1139r, 1145s, 1684p, 1715p, 2406d, 2408cv, cx, 2409cy, it, iv, 2424hr, jp, 9332 (1r), (2r)] [2406d — partial veto]  -  Act 32
Noncompetitive appointment program for disabled veterans applies to all classified service positions; number of veterans on a 1st class city civil service certification list expanded -  Act 211
TID number 72 in City of Milwaukee: DOR required to proceed and not certify a value increment before certain date  -  Act 12
Tourism marketing GPR made a biennial appropriation; earmarked grants for promoting multicultural events and the Milwaukee Public Museum [Sec. 603g, 1167g, h]  -  Act 32
WRS required contribution rates and annuity multiplier revised and employer may not pay any employee required contributions, city and county of Milwaukee and local government defined benefit pension plan provisions; JSCRS appendix report -  Act 10
milwaukee _ city councilMilwaukee — City council
City-owned property used for school purposes: Milwaukee Common Council may sell or lease unused or underused property, underutilized criteria required; proceeds deposited in school operations fund and use specified  -  Act 17
milwaukee _ policeMilwaukee — Police
Discharge or suspension of police officer in a first class city: payment of salary or wages [Sec. 1715h, k] [vetoed]  -  AB-40
milwaukee _ schoolMilwaukee — School
Categorical school aid programs and grants eliminated re AODA prevention and treatment, preschool to grade 5, nursing services, advanced placement courses, English instruction for Southeast Asian children, STEM, and improving MPS pupil academic achievement [Sec. 527, 531-534, 538, 539, 2438-2443, 2451, 2457, 2482m, 2533, 2552, 3512-3517, 3519-3525] -  Act 32
City-owned property used for school purposes: Milwaukee Common Council may sell or lease unused or underused property, underutilized criteria required; proceeds deposited in school operations fund and use specified  -  Act 17
Employment discrimination based on conviction record: educational agency exempt re unpardoned felony conviction  -  Act 83
MPCP and independent charter school per pupil payment revised [Sec. 2499, 2500, 2542] -  Act 32
MPCP and parental choice program for eligible school districts: revisions re verification of income eligibility, approved accrediting and preaccrediting organizations, a school's retention of a disqualified person, fees and tuition, and certificates of occupancy -  Act 47
MPCP participating private school: revisions re family income requirement, additional tuition and fees, participation open to any private school, accrediting agency, pupil assessments, family applications, auditing standards, payments directly to the private school, enrollment cap, and DOR duties [Sec. 2488pt, 2536-2536g, 2536p-2541m, 2542c-2549u, 9337 (3)-(5r)] [2536g — partial veto]  -  Act 32
MPCP program changes: DPI required to notify participating private schools prior to start of the school year [Sec. 2550, 2551] -  Act 32
Public education law revisions re pupil expulsion, teacher evaluations, SAGE contracts, special education services, pupil transportation costs, school libraries, MPS teaching days, law enforcement records re conduct of a pupil, physical education credits, and tax levy -  Act 105
School district's use of a pupil's law enforcement and juvenile court records for athletic code disciplinary actions re 2011 WisAct 105 expanded; reductions in cost of compensation or fringe benefits to Milwaukee school districts without modifying existing collective bargaining agreements re 2011 WisAct 10 and 2011 WisAct 32 -  Act 165
milwaukee area technical collegeMilwaukee Area Technical College, see Technical college
milwaukee countyMilwaukee County
Alternative responses pilot program re child abuse or neglect reports: cap on participating agencies or county departments removed [Sec. 1342] -  Act 32