Component Subject Component Topic LRB No.
Administrative Law Restore current law with respect to Act 369's provisions related to certain legislative powers and ch. 227. -1981
Agriculture Abandoned Tanks Program -1696
Agriculture Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations -2021
Agriculture Farm to school program -1773
Agriculture Farmer Mental Health Appropriation -2013
Agriculture Food, lodging, and recreation appropriation type change -1112
Agriculture Increase SWRM Bonding -1734
Agriculture Local grazing grants -2015
Buildings/Safety Eliminate sunset of the POWTS program -1956
Children - juvenile justice Act 185 changes -2156
Children - juvenile justice Age of juvenile court jurisdiction -1701
Children - juvenile justice Community youth and family aids; funding for 17-year-old juveniles and SRCCCYs -2064
Children - juvenile justice DOC juvenile daily rate and MJTC transfer -1844
Children - juvenile justice Juvenile placements at Mendota Juvenile Treatment Center -0607
Children - other Appropriation for subsidized guardianships, interim caretakers, and successor guardians -0700
Children - other Background checks for congregate care workers -1144
Children - other Caretaker of an infant program time limit -1940
Children - other Child care background check modifications -0693
Children - other DCF grants to support child care in Milwaukee -2077
Children - other Drug screening and testing for eligibility for certain training, work experience, and W-2 programs -1288
Children - other Expanding funding for runaway and homeless youth services -1052
Children - other Family first prevention services -0691
Children - other Foster care and kinship care rates -0965
Children - other Foster care youth driver's licensing program -0699
Children - other New appropriation for Transform Milwaukee -2028
Children - other Read to Lead program and Read to Lead Development Council -1588
Children - other Subsidy rates under Wisconsin Shares -0785
Children - other TANF reallocation approval -1934
Children - other Tribal Family Services Grants -1922
Children - other Update 49.175 allocations -2027
Children - other W-2 Education and training limit -1936
Children - other W-2 Internet assistance program -1939
Children - other W-2 lifetime limit -1311
Children - other W-2 TEMP changes -0654
Correctional System Eliminate report on reductions of sentence from 2017 Act 369 -2172
Courts - miscellaneous/other False claims private authority -1715
Criminal Law Decriminalize less than 25 grams of marijuana -1996
Discrimination Discrimination against job applicants based on conviction record -2040
Dom. Rel. - child support/maint. Child support custodial parent fee -0653
Dom. Rel. - miscellaneous Child support custodial parent fee -0653
Dom. Rel. - miscellaneous Eliminate birth cost recovery -1963
Econ. Development Grants to regional economic development corporations -1756
Econ. Development Grants to shipbuilding businesses for employee training -1980
Econ. Development Increased Requirements for Grants, Loans, or Tax Credits -2065
Econ. Development Restore and Increase Enterprise Zone Cap -1361
Econ. Development WEDC accountability provisions -1757
Econ. Development WEDC Board Membership (Act 369) -2175
Econ. Development WEDC Job Reporting -1363
Econ. Development WEDC Outsourcing and Job Loss Prevention -2066
Econ. Development WEDC reporting requirements -1797
Econ. Development WEDC-DOR data sharing -1796
Education After-school program grant -0776
Education Aid for pupil transportation -0733
Education Align Payment Indexing Drafts -1717
Education Bilingual-bicultural program compile -2139
Education Choice programs transparency and accountability compile -2163
Education DPI Fair Funding for Our Future Proposal -0522
Education Drivers education aid -0796
Education Early College Credit Changes -0974