2012 Special Committee on 911 Communications

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  • The Special Committee is directed to review 911 public safety communications in Wisconsin and develop legislation as needed to strengthen and improve the system. The Special Committee shall study: (a) creation of a statewide entity to provide coordination and long-term planning for the system; (b) existing funding sources and projected costs of the system; (c) the training curriculum and requirements for 911 dispatch personnel; (d) establishment of a minimum 911 service standard; (e) methods to upgrade multi-line telephone system technology to enable responders to locate calls originating from large or multi-location facilities; and (f) best practices around the country for potential implementation in Wisconsin.

July 19, 2012 Meeting [ Agenda | Minutes ]

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August 16, 2012 Meeting [ Agenda | Minutes ]

September 27, 2012 Meeting [ Agenda | Minutes ]

October 25, 2012 Meeting [ Agenda | Minutes ]

December 13, 2012 Meeting [ Minutes ]

January 23, 2013 Mail Ballot

Recommendation to the Joint Legislative Council (February 13, 2013) [ Agenda ]

Results of February 13, 2013 Joint Legislative Council Meeting

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